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What if we get tech right? 10 experts respond


COVID-19 accelerated the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies – reshaping how we work, shop, learn, socialize, even visit the doctor in ways likely to stick around long after the virus is under control. Even when we are able to safely return to "normal" life, continued acceleration of these innovations will be critical to recovery and making progress on our global goals. However, the pandemic also underscored the need for public and private sector governance to address emerging challenges and ensure tech works for everyone. As a recent World Economic Forum report explained, the pandemic "exposed even more clearly the gaps that still exist in digital access." Responsible technology governance is needed to protect against discriminatory algorithms, unethical use of data and job displacement.

Top 10 AI Innovation Trends for You to Experience in 2021


AI is the hottest trend when it comes to technology and innovation that transforms the daily lives of people across the world. On one hand, there is an emergence of AI innovation trends and on the other hand, it has created a plethora of job opportunities for humans. AI innovation trends are expected to drive massive breakthroughs in multiple industries such as healthcare, automotive, manufacturing finance and so on in these recent years. It has become an essential component to boost productivity and assist employees through machine learning algorithms, RPA, cybersecurity and many more. The rapid growth of advanced technologies with the implementation of AI can transform the foreseeable future of the tech-driven world.

Understand CNN Basics with a Keras Example in Python


In this article, we will try to implement the basic CNN model with the Keras framework. The benefit of the convolutional neural network is that it reduces or minimizes the dimension and parameters of images by retaining maximum information so that the training process becomes fast and takes less computation power. We will try to implement the code in google colab with a step-by-step process. Why we are using CNN? The main concern of using the convolutional neural network is for the images that previous algorithms are not so much suitable for bulk images dataset and retaining the image information.

The Future of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Will Help In Business Transformation?


The Future of AI: Probably, you are aware of Artificial intelligence and even interact with this technology daily. Many people still think that AI is a science fiction story, but it is becoming more commonplace in our daily lives. Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, and personalized social media feeds are some common AI examples. In business, artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications and usages. From boring to exciting, AI is already disrupting virtually every business process in every industry.

Clickbait headlines might not lure readers as much, may confuse AI


Clickbait might not lure readers as before – and using artificial intelligence to detect fake news might be much more complex than previously thought, a team of researchers suggest. Clickbait headlines might not be as enticing to readers as once thought, according to a team of researchers. They added that artificial intelligence – AI – may also come up short when it comes to correctly determining whether a headline is clickbait. In a series of studies, the researchers found that clickbait – headlines that often rely on linguistic gimmicks to tempt readers to read further – often did not perform any better and, in some cases, performed worse than traditional headlines. Because fake news is a concern on social media, researchers have explored using AI to systematically identify and block clickbait.

Facebook Open-Sources Expire-Span Method for Scaling Transformer AI


Facebook AI Research (FAIR) open-sourced Expire-Span, a deep-learning technique that learns which items in an input sequence should be remembered, reducing the memory and computation requirements for AI. FAIR showed that Transformer models that incorporate Expire-Span can scale to sequences of tens of thousands of items with improved performance compared to previous models. The research team described the technique and several experiments in a paper to be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). Expire-Span allows sequential AI models to "forget" events that are no longer relevant. When incorporated into self-attention models, such as the Transformer, Expire-Span reduces the amount of memory needed, allowing the model to handle longer sequences, which is key to improved performance on many tasks, such as natural language processing (NLP).

P-Glycoprotein Removes Alzheimer's-Associated Toxin From the Brain - Neuroscience News


Summary: P-glycoprotein, a critical toxin pump in the body, has the ability to remove amyloid plaques from the brain. Researchers say increasing P-gp in the blood-brain barrier of those at risk for Alzheimer's could postpone or prevent the onset of the neurodegenerative disease. A team of SMU biological scientists has confirmed that P-glycoprotein (P-gp) has the ability to remove a toxin from the brain that is associated with Alzheimer's disease. The finding could lead to new treatments for the disease that affects nearly 6 million Americans. It was that hope that motivated lead researchers James W. McCormick and Lauren Ammerman to pursue the research as SMU graduate students after they both lost a grandmother to the disease while at SMU.

I just watched McDonald's new AI drive-thru and I've lost my appetite


I wanted it to be clever. I wanted it to be surprising, enticing, well, at least a little bit human. After all, AI companies are always telling us how much better than the human equivalent their creations truly are. So when McDonald's revealed it was testing the idea of replacing humans at the drive-thru with robots, I was filled with cautious optimism. Would customers be greeted with a surprisingly chirpy voice, redolent of a young person who really enjoys high school?

Is Kirby the best Super Smash Bros character? USA TODAY staff sounds off

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Nintendo recently hosted Nintendo Direct live stream during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, revealing several video games coming to the company's popular video game console. Among the announcements, the company revealed the character Kazuya of "Tekken" fame is the latest brawler to step into battle as a new character in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, Nintendo didn't specify when Kazuya would make its Smash Bros. debut. In honor of the announcement, we asked USA TODAY staffers to give us their favorite Smash Bros. character main. He's from my favorite Legend of Zelda franchise game: "Ocarina of Time," and made his Smash debut in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Council Post: Making The Generic AI Trend Work For Your Business


The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is perpetually growing and changing, and its evolution gives rise to numerous rumors about the next "big idea." Some of the trends we see in the news become big business, like the Siri and Alexa personal assistants produced by Apple and Amazon. Others are mere flashes in the pan of AI technology, like the automated restaurants that have become interesting novelties but have hardly revolutionized the dining industry. One big trend I have been hearing about often over the past year is the idea of "generic" AI models. Generic AI is alluring to companies and consumers because it is backed by hugely powerful technology giants like Google -- in fact, a great example of generic AI is Google Vision.