Apple acquires AI startup that uses machine learning to make pictures crisper

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Apple is working on technology for the perfect selfie. The tech giant acquired Spectral Edge, a UK-based AI startup that uses machine learning to make smartphone pictures crisper, with more accurate colors. The system captures and blends an infrared shot with a standard shot to enhance a photograph's overall depth, detail and color. The startup uses a process that completely relies on machine learning that can be combined with both hardware and software to improve pictures. The news was first revealed by Bloomberg, which obtained secret documents'that Apple now controls Spectral.'

Where are the opportunities for medtech and pharma in 2020?


It's that time when we start to look ahead to what next year holds for the life science sector...Lu Rahman outlines 2020s big medtech players A decade ago the healthcare advances create by AI would have seemed the stuff of dreams. But back in 2018 Theresa May announced plans to use artificial intelligence and data to transform the way certain diseases like cancer. The technology is moving at a pace – this year we heard that a team led by the University of Surrey had filed the first ever patent for inventions autonomously created by AI without a human inventor. Professor Ryan Abbott explained the implications this had for the life science sector: "These filings are important to any area of research and development as well as any area that relies on patents. Patents are more important in the life sciences than in many other areas, particularly for drug discovery. These tasks can be the foundation for patent filings. "As AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is likely to play an increasing role in R&D including in the life sciences.

Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry


Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips right now. It is the fastest growing branch of the high-tech industry. The German government sees AI as a key strategy for mastering some of the greatest challenges of our time, such as climate change and pollution. It is difficult to establish a clear differentiation of Artificial Intelligence or even a precise definition. AI is often used in connection or sometimes even synonymous with the terms machine learning, big data, or deep learning.

How IIoT enables the factory of the future


Trillion-dollar projections on the expanding size of the market are urging companies to capitalize on the Industrial IoT (IIoT). For many, however, it remains unclear how industries should apply IIoT to begin making the hyper-efficient and agile factory of the future a reality. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution transforms manufacturing and material handling, enterprises continue to look for ways to create value from converging technologies. But what are the steps that companies need to take to put together an effective agenda of action? I find it essential that the implementation of the industrial internet is incorporated into the company's strategy and business development.



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Millions for AI Customer Service – GTAI – Markets Germany


The online-platform Gruenderszene reports that Munich startup E-bot7 has raised a cool 5.5 million euros in fresh capital to advance and develop its smart customer-service software. The basic idea is to integrate artificial intelligence into companies' existing customer support service, for instance, by suggesting answers to client questions. Founded in 2016, the company presently has 36 employees but plans for expansion are underway. E-bot7 is set to open offices in Paris and London and has its sights set even further from home. "For example, we want our software to be able to understand Asian languages quite soon," says E-bot7 co-founder Fabian Berlinger.

BAM Nuttall uses AI to test concrete strength - UK Construction Online


In carrying out these concrete strength tests, BAM Nuttall collaborated with the technology company Converge who, using funding from an Innovate UK grant in 2018, have developed a concrete strength prediction engine using a performance data set. Going into further detail, Converge's prediction engine can calculate the time at which the critical strength will be reached for concrete that has been poured within a matter of hours, with predictions being accurate within a margin of five per cent over or five per cent under the exact time. The calculations that are involved apply machine learning techniques to local weather data, a database of historical concrete curing data, and the Converge concrete monitoring platform's real-time measurements from the concrete pour. Converge state that predictions that can be produced increase productivity on building sites and both they and BAM Nuttall are encouraged by the results at the London City Airport. The Head of Innovation at BAM Nuttall, Colin Evison stated: "This advancement in construction technology is a game changer. The Converge prediction engine gives us insight into material performance we did not think possible. We are delighted to be Converge's industry partner in bringing this exciting new tool to market."

Putting The Art In Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation With Sougwen Chung


Sougwen Chung is an internationally renowned multi-disciplinary artist and researcher, whose work explores the dynamics of humans and systems. Chung is a former research fellow at MIT's Media Lab and a pioneer in the field of human-machine collaboration. In 2019, she was selected as the Woman of the Year in Monaco for achievement in the Arts & Sciences. For the uninitiated, what is human-machine collaboration? Sougwen Chung: Human-machine collaboration is a perspective of technology not as a tool, but as a collaborator.

AI in Action E59: Marco Braun, Transformation Lead at Akelius


Welcome to the episode 59 and the penultimate AI in Action podcast of 2019, the show where we break down the hype and explore the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives. Powered by Alldus International, our goal is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is being done within AI in the United States and Europe. Today's guest is Marco Braun, Transformation Lead at Akelius. Akelius provides Better Living by acquiring, upgrading and managing residential properties. Akelius upgrades residential units to a quality level with newly constructed apartments.

Here's How This AI Automates Content Generation In 110 Languages


AX Semantics an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, natural language generation (NLG) company said it could create AI-produced content in more than 110 languages. The Stuttgart-based company which launched in the US today, 12 December 2019 already works with hundreds of customers, including several Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte for BSS reporting, Porsche and Nestlé. The demand for digital content continues to rise. And technology like AI is considered to be instrumental in helping companies keep pace. The global NLG market size is expected to reach $1,150.9