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What's on TV this week: HBO Max, 'Space Force' and 'Uncut Gems'


This week HBO makes its assault on streaming with the new HBO Max service. At launch it will include tons of archival content like the back catalog of Friends, Rick & Morty and 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as a fleet of new original shows, movies and specials hoping to get your attention on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the new Looney Tunes Cartoons, as well as the comedy/drama series Love Life with Anna Kendrick, but there's a lot more to choose from. Of course, Netflix is the current giant in streaming and it's not laying down for the newcomer. This week it already added Uncut Gems for viewers in the US, and later this week it will premiere a Jeffrey Epstein documentary series and the new show Space Force starring Steve Carell.

'The lads were buzzing to kick a ball about with their mates' - Championship resumes training

BBC News

Players at Championship clubs were allowed to return to training on Monday - the first step towards the potential resumption of the second-tier season. On Friday, the English Football League provided safety protocols and guidance for clubs to follow upon their return. Players took part in non-contact sessions and trained in small groups. A total of 1,014 Championship players and staff were tested for coronavirus towards the end of last week, with two people testing positive. Hull City confirmed on Sunday that the two positive cases were from their club.

Hull City confirm two coronavirus cases

BBC News

Championship side Hull City have confirmed two people at the club have tested positive for coronavirus. The English Football League earlier said there were two positive cases out of more than 1,000 players and staff tested at the 24 second-tier clubs. In a statement, Hull said the pair were asymptomatic and feeling no ill effects, but would self-isolate for seven days in line with EFL guidelines. They will both be tested again at a later date. The Tigers did not confirm whether the positive tests were from players or staff.

Physically realistic attacks on deep reinforcement learning


Deep reinforcement learning (RL) has achieved superhuman performance in problems ranging from data center cooling to video games. RL policies may soon be widely deployed, with research underway in autonomous driving, negotiation and automated trading. Many potential applications are safety-critical: automated trading failures caused Knight Capital to lose USD 460M, while faulty autonomous vehicles have resulted in loss of life. Consequently, it is critical that RL policies are robust: both to naturally occurring distribution shift, and to malicious attacks by adversaries. Unfortunately, we find that RL policies which perform at a high-level in normal situations can harbor serious vulnerabilities which can be exploited by an adversary.

Players say 'Valorant' won't kill the Overwatch League. But 'Overwatch' might.

Washington Post - Technology News

Perhaps more concerning for the nascent Overwatch League (OWL), the players departing are league superstars. Last year's League MVP, one of the OWL's highest paid players, is now gone, opting to pursue a career in a new esports circuit that doesn't fully exist yet. The team captain of the Washington Justice followed suit. The entire roster of last season's runner up in the Grand Finals had a falling out with team management after traveling to their homes in Korea; the players were subsequently released en masse. Taken individually, the events would be stunning developments for an esports circuit with ambitions of replicating traditional sports leagues by developing localized fan bases in cities and regions around the globe.

Sunday's NASCAR Racing Results If There Were Self-Driving Cars Included


NASCAR race when fans were in the seats, which will happen again soon, and meanwhile let's consider ... [ ] adding self-driving cars to the mix too. "Drivers, start your engines" was the battle cry this weekend. NASCAR racing is back underway after a ten-week halt due to the pandemic, and Sunday's winner was long-time race car driver Kevin Harvick, also known as The Closer or Happy Harvick. He certainly did the closing on Sunday and indubitably seemed quite happy with the outcome. There were forty race cars and each of the 40 drivers expressed elation to be racing once again after the lengthy furlough.

Amazon's first game has a lot to prove. 'Crucible' gets a lot right.

Washington Post - Technology News

On the surface, "Crucible" looks like an average third-person arena online shooter that mixes elements of "Overwatch," (characters with different skill sets) with those other familiar titles. "Crucible" is an attempt to fuse the chaos of a hero shooter with the pacing and strategy of a multiplayer online battle arena, like "League of Legends." And much like "Fortnite" distilled the satisfaction of loot grinds to a single match, "Crucible" allows players to level up within a game, turning matches into dynamic power plays with explosive crescendos. That process is made easier thanks to every game being filled with AI-controlled enemy aliens, meaning you don't have to best the living to increase your abilities.

The Call of Duty League takes a first step into 'Warzone'

Washington Post - Technology News

Among the challenges endured, the league has drawn criticism for its poor server performance as competitions moved to online-only from its usual lag-less LAN format. Its own players said playing conditions were unfair due to lag in which competitors saw different response times from servers, which impacted their gameplay. Dallas Empire's Ian "Crimsix" Porter called servers during matches held between April 10-12 "unplayable." Minnesota RØKKR's Justin "SiLLY" Fargo-Palmer also made light of the situation during that same weekend's event.

Raidel 'Joke' Brito wins Madden Bowl title ... with Tress Way at QB?

Washington Post - Technology News

Brito's roster-building strategy worked to perfection. Despite the fact that his opponents knew he was going to run the ball on every play, they couldn't stop Sayers, who found holes behind a strong and fast offensive line and then used his 99-speed rating to break away. Brito's defense, led by pass rushers Dwight Freeney and Frank Clark, was dominant. He shut out Daniel "Dcroft" Mycroft, 17-0, in the championship game to win his first Madden Bowl belt.

Two esports companies received upward of $2.1 million in PPP loans. Should they have?

Washington Post - Technology News

In 2019, both companies compensated executives with total sums that exceeded the amounts received through the PPP loans. Three top executives at Super League Gaming received a combined $1,455,000 in compensation in 2019. In that same year, four top executives at Allied Esports saw a total compensation of $3,793,766, including a bonus in excess of $1.7 million to a president and director at the company. Over the past few months, a number of executives at major public companies, including Boeing and Columbia Sportswear, have committed to forego or dramatically cut their salaries in response to the crisis. Both Allied Esports and Super League Gaming declined to comment on potential cost-saving measures, including cuts to executive compensation.