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Fortnite Uses Apple's Own '1984' Ad Against It In Dispute Over Payments

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Epic Games, the video game developer behind the mega popular online game Fortnite, just posted a video criticizing Apple for removing the game from its App Store. Using imagery directly referencing Apple's own iconic "1984" ad, Epic Games's video (titled "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite") positions Apple as a soulless corporate entity, shouting from a screen and demanding obedience from a black and white crowd. That is, until a woman in color shows up, and throws a Fortnite axe at the screen and shatters it. The following copy reads, "Epic Games has defied the App Store Monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite from a billion devices. Join the fight to stop 2020 from becoming '1984.'"

Fortnite maker sues Apple over removal of popular video game from App Store

The Guardian

Apple on Thursday removed the enormously popular video game Fortnite from its App Store for violating its in-app payment guidelines, in a move likely to escalate debate over the tech giant's grip over the industry. Its removal from the App Store came after Fortnite circumvented Apple's in-app payment system and 30% fee, encouraging users to pay the gaming company directly. Epic Games responded to the removal by announcing legal action against the iPhone maker, and calling on supporters to "join the fight" against Apple in a video spoof of the tech giant's famous "1984" commercial. Fortnite's dramatic move represents one of the most public challenges yet of Apple's allegedly monopolistic practices. "Apple's removal of Fortnite is yet another example of Apple flexing its enormous power in order to impose unreasonable restraints and unlawfully maintain its 100% monopoly over the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market," Epic said in a statement.

Building social cohesion between Christians and Muslims through soccer in post-ISIS Iraq


It has been theorized that positive intergroup relations can reduce prejudice and facilitate peace. However, supporting empirical evidence is weak, particularly in the context of real-world conflict. Mousa randomized Christian Iraqi refugees to soccer teams that were composed of either all Christian players or a mixture of Christian and Muslim players (see the Perspective by Paluck and Clark). Playing on the same team as Muslims had positive effects on Christian players' attitudes and behaviors toward Muslims within the context of soccer, but these effects did not generalize to non-soccer contexts. These findings have implications for the potential benefits and limits of positive intergroup contact for achieving peace between groups. Science , this issue p. [866][1]; see also p. [769][2] Can intergroup contact build social cohesion after war? I randomly assigned Iraqi Christians displaced by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to an all-Christian soccer team or to a team mixed with Muslims. The intervention improved behaviors toward Muslim peers: Christians with Muslim teammates were more likely to vote for a Muslim (not on their team) to receive a sportsmanship award, register for a mixed team next season, and train with Muslims 6 months after the intervention. The intervention did not substantially affect behaviors in other social contexts, such as patronizing a restaurant in Muslim-dominated Mosul or attending a mixed social event, nor did it yield consistent effects on intergroup attitudes. Although contact can build tolerant behaviors toward peers within an intervention, building broader social cohesion outside of it is more challenging. [1]: /lookup/doi/10.1126/science.abb3153 [2]: /lookup/doi/10.1126/science.abb9990

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is the perfect accessory for your desk

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

You can choose from a variety of customizable clock faces to match your home's décor. Amazon's Echo Show 5 may be small, but it's loaded with many of the same features as bigger and more expensive models like the 2nd-generation Echo Show and Echo Show 8. The Echo Show 5 is great for tight spaces like desks, nightstands, and other books of the home. It comes with a front-facing camera so you can video chat with friends and family. The screen is bright and the resolution, while lower than other small smart displays, is pretty sharp given its petite size.

Council Post: How Artificial Intelligence Can Add Value To Your Personal Life And Business


Harro has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and early stage investments in disruptive products, processes and services. In many of the conversations with our (potential) customers, we discuss the power of artificial intelligence. In many publications the usage of AI is almost promoted as "the land of milk and honey" -- but those with a bit of experience will be able to tell you that using AI is not always the answer, and it's not as easy to implement as many try to make you believe. But with the right use-cases defined, it can help your company -- or you as a person -- make life easier or create specific added value. I'd like to tell you about how AI improved my personal life in five examples.

Why To Choose Python Development In 2020?


Recently, Python has become the most chosen language for data science and Artificial intelligence--two technological innovation patterns for worldwide organizations to remain competitive in today's era. Truth be told, Python is the quickest developing programming language today, as indicated by Stack overflow's 2019 developer Survey. Known for its meaningfulness and flexibility, every organization, regardless of its size, is using this language. New businesses may upgrade a small design group's workflow by using Python's proficient syntax structure and utilizing its many package libraries. Big organizations may go to python to process mammoth datasets utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Is GPT-3 the big leap forward for AI?


Artificial intelligence (AI) has made enormous progress over the past decade. But we've never seen AI researchers as giddy with excitement as they are now. A new system named GPT-3 is blowing minds, left, right and centre. So what is GPT-3 and what does it do? The GPT stands for "generative pre-training" and it's a language model, which means that it processes text.

A connected Rubik's Cube will let speed cubers compete remotely


In-person competition is a no-go in many disciplines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but speed cubers will be still able to battle opponents remotely in the Rubik's Cube World Cup. Rubik's has revealed the Connected Cube, which links to your phone or tablet and tracks your solve times and progress in real-time. It's more of a traditional cube than GoCube, which is largely a STEM-focused toy. Both use the same platform and can connect to the Rubik's Arena community, which has almost 47,000 players. As such, amateur and professional cubers can take part in this year's World Cup without having to travel, as long as they have a Connected Cube or GoCube. Qualifiers start August 15th and run through October 10th.

4 Hard-To-Ignore Reasons Why You Should Use AI To Make More Intelligent Products


Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and advances in sensor technology, a whole host of everyday products are getting smarter. We have smart TVs and smartwatches. We have smart running shoes – or rather, smart insoles – that gather data on your running performance. You can even get smart nappies that send an alert to your phone when your baby's nappy needs changing. For product manufacturers, there's no doubt we've reached a tipping point in the smart product trend, meaning it's no longer possible (or wise) to ignore consumer demand for smart, AI-loaded products.

Xbox Series X console officially confirmed to launch in November

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Microsoft has confirmed its fourth-generation Xbox, the Xbox Series X, will be released this November to square up with Sony's PlayStation 5 in the gaming market. The new games console, which Xbox has described as its'most powerful ever', will feature processing power twice that of the current generation Xbox One X. Xbox Series X will also have backwards compatibility technology, which allows games from older consoles to be played on the new system. There are 50 new games planned for launch this year, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Gears Tactics, and Watch Dogs: Legion. However, the release of the new console's flagship game, Halo Infinite, will be delayed until 2021, giving Microsoft more time'to finish critical work'. The Xbox Series X release will coincide with the arrival of Sony's new console, the PlayStation 5, which is expected to launch in the last three months of the year.