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Michigan developing driverless car corridor

The Japan Times

San Francisco – Michigan announced an initiative to explore the development of a more than 40-mile (64-kilometer) stretch of road dedicated to connected and autonomous vehicles between the cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit. The project will be led by Cavnue, a subsidiary of Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, and will be supported by an advisory committee that includes General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp., as well as autonomous driving startups Argo AI and Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo. "We are taking the initial steps to build the infrastructure to help us test and deploy the cars of the future," Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a statement. Michigan said the dedicated autonomous vehicle (AV) corridor is the first of its kind and eventually will improve safety and transit access for communities along the road. The first two years of the project will focus on testing technology and exploring the viability of a highway dedicated to vehicles that drive themselves.

Oracle brings the Autonomous Database to JSON


Long synonymous with relational databases, Oracle wants to tell developers that it's not only for SQL programmers or priced just for enterprises. And so, it's announcing a new JSON-only document database service on the Oracle Cloud on its most accessible platform – the Autonomous Database – to appeal to developers looking at JSON as their default. And it is pricing it very aggressively. The Oracle Autonomous JSON Database is exactly what the name states – it's the document-based edition of the Oracle Database that stores data natively as JSON documents and collections. And while you can query JSON documents using SQL (this is Oracle, remember?), You can run all the core create-read-update-delete (CRUD) functions through Java, JavaScript, Node.js,

This mesh WiFi system is on sale — and includes a free Amazon Echo Show


TL;DR: You can buy the convenient eero AC dual-band mesh WiFi system three-pack for only $199.99 at Best Buy as of Aug. 13. You save $50 and receive a free Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display valued at $89.99. A solid internet connection is our most important resource when working, studying, or doing almost anything from home. But it's harder to maintain these days if your home WiFi network is a constant battle for bandwidth between streaming, online gaming, virtual learning, or working from home, if you have that luxury. To guarantee a strong signal in every corner of your house, then it's time to invest in a discounted but powerful WiFi mesh system at Best Buy. Get a three-pack of the eero AC dual-band mesh WiFi system for just $199.99 at Best Buy.

Alexa, have you been hacked? New research finds major security flaws in Amazon’s virtual assistant


"Alexa, is a hacker listening to everything I say to you?" Cybersecurity firm Check Point just published its latest research into Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa. The report details major vulnerabilities allowing hackers to access your Alexa account and, in turn, your personal data. "Our findings show that certain Amazon/Alexa subdomains were vulnerable to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) misconfiguration and Cross Site Scripting," reads the report. "Using the XSS we were able to get the CSRF token and perform actions on the victim's behalf." Translation: The flaws allowed malicious actors to install and delete skills -- anything from legitimate news apps to malicious skills developed by the hackers to steal your info -- on your Alexa account and obtain your personal information through those skills.

Facebook AI Chief Pushes the Technology's Limits WSJD - Technology

As babies drop spoons and cups from their high-chairs, they come to understand the concept of gravity. To a parent, it might seem like the process takes forever, but babies typically grasp the idea in a few months. Algorithms require much more data and time to learn much narrower lessons. A handful of scientists are pushing the furthest limits of artificial intelligence by training it to better learn by itself, more like a baby. "This is the single most important problem to solve in AI today," says Yann LeCun, chief artificial intelligence scientist at Facebook Inc.

Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning


The growth of the internet due to social networks such as facebook, twitter, Linkedin, instagram etc. has led to significant users interaction and has empowered users to express their opinions about products, services, events, their preferences among others. It has also provided opportunities to the users to share their wisdom and experiences with each other. The faster development of social networks is causing explosive growth of digital content. It has turned online opinions, blogs, tweets, and posts into a very valuable asset for the corporates to get insights from the data and plan their strategy. Business organizations need to process and study these sentiments to investigate data and to gain business insights(Yadav & Vishwakarma, 2020).

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is the perfect accessory for your desk

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

You can choose from a variety of customizable clock faces to match your home's décor. Amazon's Echo Show 5 may be small, but it's loaded with many of the same features as bigger and more expensive models like the 2nd-generation Echo Show and Echo Show 8. The Echo Show 5 is great for tight spaces like desks, nightstands, and other books of the home. It comes with a front-facing camera so you can video chat with friends and family. The screen is bright and the resolution, while lower than other small smart displays, is pretty sharp given its petite size.

Verizon details network enhancements aimed at improving GPS accuracy


Verizon on Thursday released details around its initiative to enhance the GPS accuracy of the phones, drones, and IoT devices that run on its network. The company said it's been building and deploying Real Time Kinematics (RTK) reference stations to its network that are meant to provide hyper-precise location information for connected devices. Verizon said RTK's pinpoint-level location data is a building block to bring to scale emerging technologies like driverless cars, drone delivery, and IoT. As part of its efforts, Verizon is also working with mapping provider HERE Technologies and automated mobility specialist Renovo on scaling autonomous vehicle technology that can address future autonomy needs and pedestrian safety issues. On the mapping side, the companies are pairing HERE's HD Map and HD Positioning technologies with intelligent RTK algorithms, and making that scalable.

Top 10 Influential Tools For Sentiment Analysis in 2020


The internet is flooded with numerous opinions, reviews, suggestions, making brands need a way to categorize them into the good, the bad, the ugly, the emergency and the neutral sections. To prioritize whom to respond to first, and understand how the consumers feel about certain services or products. For this, businesses need the right metrics to understand why customers react positively or negatively with their brand. Hence, brands are paying more attention to sentiment analysis, which basically uses AI and machine learning to study customer feedback. Sentiment analytics tools help in measuring the brand health by analyzing KPIs like brand awareness, brand reputation, and brand's share of voice.

DHL's IDEA to make warehouse processes more effective


August 13, 2020: DHL Supply Chain is aiming to optimise e-fulfilment for online shops with IDEA, a solution specifically designed for warehouses. IDEA algorithm can significantly improve order-picking processes in DHL-operated warehouses. The costs involved are comparatively low since the software, developed by DHL, is compatible with most traditional warehouse management systems and can be integrated easily into existing IT infrastructure. In its first commercial deployments, the solution has reduced distance travelled by warehouse employees by up to 50 percent and increased productivity of individual DHL locations by up to 30 percent. "The Covid crisis has shown us that unforeseen volume fluctuations for individual products can put enormous stress on supply chains. Lack of clarity regarding stock levels and incorrect data on availability can lead to bottlenecks for individual products and then delays in delivering to end customers," said Markus Voss, CIO & COO at DHL Supply Chain.