The Future: Instructional Materials

Here's a free AI class that'll prepare you for the robot takeover


The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence now offers a free six-part online course, The Elements of AI, available to anyone. I like free stuff: Especially when there's no catch. Sign up is quick and simple, and there's no application process. Completion of the course will earn you a LinkedIn certificate and, if you're enrolled in a Finnish university, you can get a couple credits. It's happening, Join 15k digital minds to shape what's next for your business More importantly, you'll get a free education designed to introduce students to the basic concepts surrounding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Looking to the Future of AI: A Capstone Course


In fruition the advances in artificial intelligence have been significant in many fields (and obviously in tech) such as medicine, education, the arts etc. The potential for artificial intelligence in the future is huge and the discourse surrounding its impact on society is hotly debated by governments small and large. Where Do I Think We Are Going? The potential for the Internet of Things will probably explode in the next five years. Medicine (bio medics) has just started to tap the potential for large scale analytics/pipeline. Let the discourse continue, but I personally am excited to see what artificial intelligence brings to the world in the next ten years.