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How artificial intelligence will reshape our lives


"Over the next 20 years approximately 44 per cent of Australia's jobs, that's more than 5 million jobs, are at risk of being disrupted by technology, whether that's digitisation or automation," he said. "The sort of job losses that we did see in the manufacturing sector in Australia -- the car manufacturing sector -- are going to get into the administrative services and financial services sector in downtown CBD postcodes and that's the big challenge that lies in front of us," he said. Mr Thorpe agrees, adding that white-collar workers in Australia were "the big growth sector over the last 30 years". Mr Hajkowicz said the technology behind digital currency bitcoin -- known as blockchain -- also threatens to seriously shake up the industry.

The impact of AI on jobs is larger than you think


In March this year, PWC released a report saying that 10 million UK jobs are at risk of being replaced by AI within 15 years. Insurance companies are already dinosaurs and while we will still need insurance, we don't need our current insurance companies. Those expensive on-site skilled jobs are gone forever, replaced by massive automation and AI from mining operations to plant operations to administration. Australia, as a home of the corporate oligopoly, suffers the associated elitism, complacency, lack of innovation and resistance to change which are characteristics of all oligopolies.

Australia to play role in IBM cognitive eye health project


Researchers at IBM Australia will play a role in building a "cognitive assistant" the IT giant hopes will help ophthalmologists diagnose eye conditions from medical image data. "IBM research is building the next generation cognitive assistant with advanced multi-media capability for early detection and management of diseases that can affect both the eyes and overall health of a person," the firm said in a now closed advertisement. Participating full and part-time interns would apply their clinical knowledge to analyse retinal image data and come up with "novel ideas and insights for cognition on this type of data". Back in June, IBM Australia revealed agreements with organisations including Melanoma Institute Australia to "apply cognitive computing to dermatology images" in the hope of earlier detection and identification of skin cancer.


New Scientist

The first ever death in an autonomous car happened in May this year, the US road safety administration revealed yesterday. In a press release, Tesla said the incident was a tragic loss, but noted that it was the first fatality in 130 million miles of Autopilot driving. "There will be questions as to why these semi-autonomous driving features are allowed in beta testing mode into consumers' hands, and whether they have been adequately developed and certified before being added as an option in vehicles – even with the disclaimers which drivers have to accept before activating the feature," he says. Instead, the software will run in the background, jumping in to prevent accidents that come from human error.



Domino's Pizza Enterprises will from Monday be tracking customers en route to in-store pickup, when it launches its On Time Cooking concept Australia-wide. Speaking in Sydney on Thursday, Domino's Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said the idea behind On Time Cooking was to ensure food is not sitting around in store getting cold before the customer is able to collect it. When placing their order, the customer will tell Domino's how they are getting to the store and their order will only commence when the customer has entered the "Cook Zone" -- a dynamically updated virtual zone around the store that represents the current store lead time. If the customer has told Domino's when ordering that they will be walking to the store, Domino's will receive a notification when the customer has entered the Cook Zone, with their smartphone or smartwatch device communicating via GPS location tracking to the store. According to Meij, the concept builds on the company's existing GPS Driver Tracker initiative, which Domino's launched early last year in partnership with Navman Wireless.

Artificial Intelligence Research in Australia -- A Profile

AI Magazine

A superficial look at the artificial intelligence (AI) research being done here could give that impression. General awareness of the Australian AI research community has been growing slowly for some time. AI was once considered a bit esoteric -- the domain of an almost lunatic fringe- but the large government -backed programs overseas, as well as an appreciation of the significance of AI products and potential impact on the community, have led to a reassessment of this image and to concerted attempt to discover how Australia is to contribute to the world AI research effort and hoe the country is to benefit from it. The results of this study were published by DOS in the Handbook of Research and Researchers in Artificial Intelligence in Australia (Department of Science1986).