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Japan agriculture crunch -- can AI-powered autonomous tractors help? - Tech Wire Asia


Japan's farming market is possibly undergoing its twilight years with a significantly greying community, and that's why smart, autonomous tractors being developed by machine maker Kubota Tractor Corporation could hold commercial appeal. According to Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing, the number of Japanese engaged primarily in farming dropped to 1.7 million in 2014 from 1.86 million in 2011. About 515,000 farmers were 75 years or older in 2014. By comparison, only 83,000 were 39 years old or younger -- and that number was down by 7,000 from just three years earlier, reports USA Today. To make matters more pressing, Japan's population is shrinking by a quarter of a million people a year, and the number of births in 2014 was the lowest since record-keeping began in 1899, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment will boost diversity and ultimately – innovation


Innovation is a lodestar term used to help companies advance unscathed and resilient from the current economic and social uncertainties. The aim is to evolve and gain some sort of competitive edge in whatever'new normal' emerges. Yet innovation is often overused under-actualised. It is true that the last three months we have come together in collectives and as collaborators to produce hugely innovative solutions to very real and sudden challenges. From rapid PPE production to remote working, we have been highly ingenious.

AI Service Transformed Thousands Of Women's Photos Into Fake Nudes Without Consent


A computer tool led to the creation of thousands of fake nude photos of women -- some of them underage -- without their consent that were then uploaded to the messaging app Telegram, The Washington Post reported. Sensity, a visual threat intelligence company headquartered in Amsterdam, discovered the Telegram network. There are 101,080 members in the network, and 70% of the group resides in Russia or Europe. About 104,852 images derived from pictures of more than 680,000 women were posted publicly to the app, with 70% of the photos coming from social media or private sources. A small number of victims appeared to be underage.

Advancement of AI and Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention


In June 2020, Visa announced the launch of a digital tool that would help the US financial services institutions with their efforts to counter new account fraud. According to Visa, new account frauds are estimated to be around $10 billion a year. What is that tool, and why is it needed? In this article, we explore what is new from the AI and ML desk to help FIs in fraud detection and prevention.

5 Must-Read Data Science Papers (and How to Use Them) - KDnuggets


Data science might be a young field, but that doesn't mean you won't face expectations about having an awareness of certain topics. This article covers several of the most important recent developments and influential thought pieces. Topics covered in these papers range from the orchestration of the DS workflow to breakthroughs in faster neural networks to a rethinking of our fundamental approach to problem solving with statistics. The team at Google Research provides clear instructions on antipatterns to avoid when setting up your data science workflow. This paper borrows the metaphor of technical debt from software engineering and applies it to data science.

TensorFlow - Hands-on Machine Learning with TensorFlow


Created by The Click Reader Preview this Udemy Course - GET COUPON CODE Learn how to build Machine Learning projects in this TensorFlow Course created by The Click Reader. In this course, you will be learning about Scalar as well as Tensors and how to create them using TensorFlow. You will also be learning how to perform various kinds of Tensor operations for manipulating and changing tensor values. You will be performing a total of three Machine Learning projects while learning through this TensorFlow full course: 1. Linear Regression from Scratch You will be learning how to create a Linear Regression model from scratch using TensorFlow. You will be preparing the data, building the model architecture as well as training the model using a custom-made loss function as well as an optimizer.

Pandemic speeds up human vs. machine standoff over jobs, study says

The Japan Times

GENEVA – As automation and online work gain ground, organizers of the annual Davos forum are projecting employers will split work equally between machines and people by 2025, with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating changes in the labor market. The World Economic Forum, in a report released Wednesday on the future of jobs, expects that a new division of labor between humans and machines will upend and eliminate some 85 million jobs globally across 15 industries. But it also expects that 97 million new roles will emerge in sectors like artificial intelligence, content creation and "the care economy" involving children and the elderly. Two years ago, the forum predicted more jobs created 133 million -- and fewer lost -- 75 million. "In essence, the rate of job destruction has gone up and the rate of job creation has gone down," said WEF managing director Saadia Zahidi.

Regulating AI – is the current legislation capable of dealing with AI? -- FCAI


How law regulates Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How do we ensure AI applications comply with existing legal rules and principles? Is new regulation needed and if yes, what type of regulation? These questions have gained increasing importance as AI deployment has increased across various sectors in our societies. Adopting new technological solutions has raised legislators' concern for the protection of fundamental rights both nationally in Finland and at the EU level. However, finding these answers is not easy. And the answers we find may be frustrating: varying from typical "it depends" to the self-evident "it's complicated", followed by the slightly more optimistic "we don't know yet".

Artificial Intelligence Enables Zero-Trust for Data - AI TechPark


With AI, companies can now secure the millions of files and documents their users create and manage every day. Accurate and automated unstructured data security is here! Karthik Krishnan, Co-founder and CEO at Concentric AI explains how enterprises need to leverage it. Zero-trust and least-privileges access – two of cybersecurity's most useful frameworks – are also relevant for unstructured data security. But both approaches are typically thought of in terms of the network.