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AI Engineers Need to Think Beyond Engineering


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the biggest drivers of technological change, impacting industries and creating entirely new opportunities. From an engineering standpoint, AI is just a more advanced form of data engineering. Most good AI projects function more like muddy pickup trucks than spotless race cars -- they are a workhorse technology that humbly makes a production line 5% safer or movie recommendations a little more on point. However, more so than many other technologies, it is very, very easy for a well-intentioned AI practitioner to inadvertently do harm when they set out to do good. AI has the power to amplify unfair biases, making innate biases exponentially more harmful.

Decision Trees Explained With a Practical Example


A decision tree is one of the supervised machine learning algorithms. This algorithm can be used for regression and classification problems -- yet, is mostly used for classification problems. A decision tree follows a set of if-else conditions to visualize the data and classify it according to the conditions. Before we dive deep into the working principle of the decision tree's algorithm you need to know a few keywords related to it. Attribute Subset Selection Measure is a technique used in the data mining process for data reduction.

Five9's stock rises as it beats earnings targets yet again - SiliconANGLE


Call center software provider Five9 Inc. has come up a winner yet again, comfortably beating Wall Street's targets with its third-quarter financial results and delivering strong guidance on top of that. The company reported a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of 27 cents per share on revenue of $112 million, up 34% from a year ago. That was well ahead of Wall Street's forecast of 18 cents per share in earnings and $101 million in revenue. Five9 sells cloud-based contact center software and services for enterprises that enable them to keep track of and manage their interactions with customers. Its software covers traditional phone calls, as well as video calling services, emails and social media interactions.

Australians have low trust in artificial intelligence and want it to be better regulated


Every day we are likely to interact with some form of artificial intelligence (AI). It works behind the scenes in everything from social media and traffic navigation apps to product recommendations and virtual assistants. AI systems can perform tasks or make predictions, recommendations or decisions that would usually require human intelligence. Their objectives are set by humans but the systems act without explicit human instructions. As AI plays a greater role in our lives both at work and at home, questions arise.

The Supreme Court's Conservatives Sure Are Pushing Some Crazy Legal Theories Lately


In an ideal world, the Supreme Court would provide stability in the run-up to a presidential election, imposing uniform rules based on long-accepted principles of election law. We do not live in that world. One week out from the 2020 election, four Supreme Court justices have launched a scorched-earth mission against voting rights. They teed up a Bush v. Gore reprise that could hand Donald Trump an unearned victory. These justices are in open revolt against voting rights, abandoning the pretense of "voter fraud" and embracing state legislatures' right to disenfranchise their constituents.

Create a SHMUP with Unity 3D


Udemy Online Courses - Create a SHMUP with Unity 3D, Build a Shoot em up game for mobile with C# and Unity 3D 4.7 (50 ratings), Created by Romi Fauzi, English [Auto-generated] Create a complete SHMUP game like Skyforce Upgrade (include timed upgrades) and Save features. Upgrade (include timed upgrades) and Save features. In this course we will create a full Shoot Em Up game (Skyforce, Raiden) from scratch in Unity. You will learn about object oriented programming and have an overall better understanding of C#. We will provide you with all the assets needed to create the game (including 3d models, audio), feel free to use these assets in your own games.

Edge to Core AI Futures for OEMs


The ability of computers to autonomously learn, predict, and adapt using massive datasets is driving innovation and competitive advantage across many industries and applications. The artificial intelligence (AI) is budding faster and prompting businesses to hop aboard the next big wave of computing to uncover deeper insight, quickly resolve their most difficult problems, and differentiate their products and services. Whether the goal is to build a smarter city, power an intelligent car, or deliver personalized medicine, we've only just begun to understand the real potential of AI. For the implementation of AI, HPE OEM has the expertise, edge to core technologies and partner ecosystem to help explore different use cases, experiment with AI and data technologies, and build the solution to be enterprise-ready. HPE OEM will benefit at all stages of the journey from formulating a roadmap through implementation and data migration.

Services Australia has a JobKeeper data exchange arrangement with the ATO


Services Australia has a data exchange program underway with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that flags people who are on the federal government's JobKeeper scheme. "There are some people who haven't declared JobKeeper payments as income on their record," Services Australia deputy CEO, customer service delivery Michelle Lees said. "Based on the data exchange information, we're aware there are approximately 135,000 people who were receiving a social security payment who were identified by an employer as being eligible for JobKeeper. It doesn't necessarily mean, in some instances when we contact them, they might actually say they haven't received a JobKeeper payment, whereby we'd refer that back to the ATO to follow up." Lees said in the event that there was a recalculation of entitlement required, because someone has updated their details, the program could flag that there was a provisional debt.

Five9 Q3 results top expectations, shares surge


Call center software maker Five9 this afternoon reported third-quarter revenue and profit that comfortably surpassed analysts' expectations, and forecast this quarter's results much higher as well, driving its shares sharply higher in late trading. Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope remarked that "positive industry trends continue to accelerate and help drive our performance." Trollope added that "the premise to cloud transition and digital transformation trends will accelerate, and demand for AI driven automation will increase." Revenue in the three months ending in September rose 34%, year over year, to $112 million, yielding EPS of 27 cents. The Street had been modeling $101 million and 18 cents per share.

The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 in Europe and North America


The history of how severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) spread around the planet has been far from clear. Several narratives have been propagated by social media and, in some cases, national policies were forged in response. Now that many thousands of virus sequences are available, two studies analyzed some of the key early events in the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Bedford et al. found that the virus arrived in Washington state in late January or early February. The viral genome from the first case detected had mutations similar to those found in Chinese samples and rapidly spread and dominated subsequent undetected community transmission. The other viruses detected had origins in Europe. Worobey et al. found that early introductions into Germany and the west coast of the United States were extinguished by vigorous public health efforts, but these successes were largely unrecognized. Unfortunately, several major travel events occurred in February, including repatriations from China, with lax public health follow-up. Serial, independent introductions triggered the major outbreaks in the United States and Europe that still hold us in the grip of control measures. Science , this issue p. [571][1], p. [564][2] Accurate understanding of the global spread of emerging viruses is critical for public health responses and for anticipating and preventing future outbreaks. Here we elucidate when, where, and how the earliest sustained severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) transmission networks became established in Europe and North America. Our results suggest that rapid early interventions successfully prevented early introductions of the virus from taking hold in Germany and the United States. Other, later introductions of the virus from China to both Italy and Washington state, United States, founded the earliest sustained European and North America transmission networks. Our analyses demonstrate the effectiveness of public health measures in preventing onward transmission and show that intensive testing and contact tracing could have prevented SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks from becoming established in these regions. [1]: /lookup/doi/10.1126/science.abc0523 [2]: /lookup/doi/10.1126/science.abc8169