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Council Post: Where Is Artificial Intelligence Now, And Where Should Your Company Be?


We are near the end of the hype cycle for artificial intelligence (AI). The human champion of the game of Go decided to retire, saying AI cannot be beaten after AlphaGo defeated him. Domain-specific chatbots are engaging with customers and providing them with the answers they need. AI is about to revolutionize our broken health-care system. Is your company ready for AI? Anyone with deep data claims to be using AI.

How nine digital front-runners can lead on AI in Europe


Globally, researchers are working to discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can be usefully applied across a range of commercial and public-sector situations. Much of the most exciting work is taking place in tech clusters, particularly in China and the United States, which are attracting some of the brightest global talent. Europe is also seeing rising levels of engagement, but not on the same scale. The onus is now on European companies and policy makers to ensure that the continent keeps pace with its peers and realizes AI's benefits across societies. If Europe is to make the most of AI, it must find a way to bring together stakeholders from across the continent.

FEATURE: "Healing robots" help ease COVID-19 isolation – IAM Network


While many people have learned to stay in touch with loved ones, friends, and colleagues through videoconferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reduction of face-to-face interaction has boosted a market for robots providing substitutes for physical human contact. "Healing robots," such as the cuddly humanoid Lovot developed by Groove X Inc., Sony Corp.'s Aibo robotic dog, and Qoobo, a furry cushion with a tail that moves in reaction to strokes developed by Yukai Engineering Inc., are seeing sharp sales rises, the companies say. Lovot and Aibo can gather data on the well-being of their owners and report it remotely, which is why some people are gifting the automatons to their elderly parents living far away whom they are refraining from visiting due to infection risks. "When people feel uneasy or lonely, they tend to yearn for a sense of physical touch," Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor of intelligent robotics at Osaka University, said in explaining the reason behind the trend. "Through healing robots, they must be trying to confirm the actual existence of others, which is hard to really feel on the telephone or through videoconferencing," he said.

Five9's stock rises as it beats earnings targets yet again - SiliconANGLE


Call center software provider Five9 Inc. has come up a winner yet again, comfortably beating Wall Street's targets with its third-quarter financial results and delivering strong guidance on top of that. The company reported a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of 27 cents per share on revenue of $112 million, up 34% from a year ago. That was well ahead of Wall Street's forecast of 18 cents per share in earnings and $101 million in revenue. Five9 sells cloud-based contact center software and services for enterprises that enable them to keep track of and manage their interactions with customers. Its software covers traditional phone calls, as well as video calling services, emails and social media interactions.

How the pandemic boosted Apple: Company sold more Macs this summer than ever before

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Apple just sold more Macs than ever before, a beneficiary of the work and learning from home shift fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. The first Apple Macintosh computer was released in 1984, but 2020 was the winning year for the product line. During its quarterly earnings call Thursday, Apple said it sold $9 billion worth of Macs, up from $6.9 billion in the year ago quarter. "These are tremendous numbers," said Apple CEO Tim Cook on the call with investors. The company reported a fiscal fourth-quarter net income of $12.67 billion.

Google Parent's Stock Soars on Gangbuster Earnings WSJD - Technology

Google blasted through the coronavirus pandemic with gangbuster earnings, just a week after U.S. prosecutors sued the company for operating a purported illegal monopoly in its flagship search business. Alphabet Inc. reported a third-quarter profit of $11.2 billion, well outstripping analyst estimates. As importantly, digital advertising revenue of $37.1 billion was up compared with last year, marking a turnaround from a quarter earlier, when the company recorded the first drop in the category in company history. Cogs across the Alphabet empire were clicking. Helped by stay-at-home trends, YouTube pulled in more than $5 billion in advertising for the first time, gaining 32% over the same period a year earlier.

How AI, Machine Learning and SAP Drive the Healthcare Industry


There has been a spike in healthcare concerns and crisis throughout 2019. So much that the World Health Organization's has implemented a 5-year strategic plan, the 13th General Programme of Work, to resolve some of these major issues in our society. The healthcare industry is extremely important for the well-being of our world and is constantly evolving and improving over time. While the changes in technology over the past decade are impressive, there is one in particular making its way to the top and will define the way we look at health care data. ERP systems have an extremely important role in data collection.

Busy Week for Google: Search Enhancements, Followed by an Antitrust Suit - AI Trends


Google has had an eventful couple of weeks, announcing enhancements to its search and map capabilities at its virtual "Search On" event on Oct. 15, and on Oct. 20 being accused by the US Justice Department of engaging in anti-competitive practices in order to preserve its search engine business. At the Search On event, Google detailed how it has tapped AI and machine learning techniques to make improvements to Google Maps as well as Search. In an expansion of its search "busyness metrics," users will be able to see how busy locations are without identifying the specific beach, grocery store, pharmacy or other location. COVID-19 safety information will also be added to business profiles across Search and Maps, indicating whether the business is using safety precautions such as temperature checks or plexiglass shields, according to an account in VentureBeat. An improvement to the algorithm beneath the "Did you mean?" features of search, will enable more accurate and precise spelling suggestions.

Edge to Core AI Futures for OEMs


The ability of computers to autonomously learn, predict, and adapt using massive datasets is driving innovation and competitive advantage across many industries and applications. The artificial intelligence (AI) is budding faster and prompting businesses to hop aboard the next big wave of computing to uncover deeper insight, quickly resolve their most difficult problems, and differentiate their products and services. Whether the goal is to build a smarter city, power an intelligent car, or deliver personalized medicine, we've only just begun to understand the real potential of AI. For the implementation of AI, HPE OEM has the expertise, edge to core technologies and partner ecosystem to help explore different use cases, experiment with AI and data technologies, and build the solution to be enterprise-ready. HPE OEM will benefit at all stages of the journey from formulating a roadmap through implementation and data migration.

Harnessing AI To Reset The Future: How To Channel AI For Social Good?


This article is co-authored with Jonathan Wong, Chief of Technology & Innovation, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). Electronic medical records are examined by a doctor, a demonstration of remote medicine. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution evolves, frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping our economies, societies and the environment. AI is opening up economic opportunities with companies large and small empowered to grow their businesses. From a social perspective, AI provides a host of benefits.