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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Business Right Now


Here are five reasons more than half of the employers are interested in artificial intelligence. Through AI, you can train more people and improve their learning experience. Gaps in knowledge can be identified and resolved efficiently through AI assessments and training (i.e., turning downtime into productive learning-time). Your team will be more confident in doing their jobs and more prepared than ever. Creating credibility is the key to successful AI implementation.

Council Post: Where Is Artificial Intelligence Now, And Where Should Your Company Be?


We are near the end of the hype cycle for artificial intelligence (AI). The human champion of the game of Go decided to retire, saying AI cannot be beaten after AlphaGo defeated him. Domain-specific chatbots are engaging with customers and providing them with the answers they need. AI is about to revolutionize our broken health-care system. Is your company ready for AI? Anyone with deep data claims to be using AI.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education


Of all the areas of life where artificial intelligence will have an impact, the biggest might well be education. This is because learning is so important, and also because current provision often leaves a lot to be desired. This is not generally the fault of teachers. They are the active ingredient in today's education system, but they are expensive, and not scalable. In most countries they are under-valued, and burdened by absurd paperwork.

2020 is Conversational AI -- trends into the future


Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers enterprises to employ chatbots, messaging applications or virtual assistants to build highly engaging and valuable relationships with customers. This cutting-edge technology is spreading rapidly across every industry and more excitingly, providing enterprises with a huge potential to accelerate their growth and innovation. From whatever little it has seen of AI assistants so far, the enterprise world has built great expectations. They are visualizing a future full of bots, so smart and powerful, that they help humans with almost any kind of support required very substantially. No wonder conversational AI has become the much-awaited technology in today's enterprise world and attracting the attention of business leaders across the globe. But how much of it is hype, and how much is really closer to reality?

Amazon's Echo Show and Fire TV devices hit all-time lows in Alexa birthday sale


Now may be a great time to pick up that Amazon device you've been eyeing, because the e-commerce giant is selling several Echo Show and Fire TV models at deep discounts to celebrate Alexa's birthday. Amazon first announced the voice assistant in 2014, and it's celebrating its sixth birthday on November 6th -- think of these deals as an extended sale that makes the devices available at much lower prices, some of them being all-time lows. The Echo Show 8, to start with, now only costs $65, or half what it usually costs. It's out of stock at the moment and won't start shipping until November 20th, but purchasing it now means you can get it at the lowest price it's ever been. We gave the 8-inch version of the company's line of smart displays a score of 85 in our review, praising it for delivering crisp and vibrant images and for having an impressive audio quality.

What Is Conversational AI and How Does It Work?


Customer support is an integral part of every business; without offering support services, it is difficult to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To ensure the same, businesses hire professionals who work round the clock to deliver support services. No matter how efficiently a business handles this segment, they might have to face problems such as "delay in responding customers' queries" or "making a customer wait to connect with the support professionals", and more. A Conversational AI is a perfect solution to this most common challenge that manufacturing, FMCG, retail, e-commerce, and other industries are facing. Never heard of this term?

Are Banking Chatbots Vulnerable to Attacks?


The entire world is going cashless and banking activities and services seem to have moved online. Most customers perform their banking activities by adopting online services. Conversational AI is playing a significant role in attending to bank-related tasks and enabling the smooth functioning of the banks despite Covid constraints. Chatbot acts as a friendly banking assistant and enhances the overall financial services regime. Conversational AI in the financial sector usually deals with confidential user data including credit/ debit cards, bank accounts, sensitive personally identified information, and social security numbers.

Apple Acquires AI Startup Vilynx to Improve Siri


Apple earlier this year acquired artificial intelligence startup Vilynx with the aim of improving the Siri voice assistant built into Apple devices, reports Bloomberg. The Vilynx website is now defunct, but the company described itself as "AI for media," and it developed tools to help media companies compete against Netflix and other major media giants. Vilynx had a tool that catalogued raw video to make it searchable, providing metadata for video, text, and images. It processed video and then provided relevant content tags. The service also generated rich, motion previews of content offerings, and provided search tools for surfacing content across videos, articles, and images.

The brand-new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers are already on sale--here's how to save

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The all-new Echo just got a price cut. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. There's no better entry-point into the wide world of smart homes than a smart speaker--and Amazon has a few brand-new models to shop with its all-new Echo and Echo Dot 4th generation speakers. Both devices are on sale when you add more than one of each to your cart. While supplies last, you can get two Amazon Echo 4th gens, $99.99 each, to your cart and enter coupon code ECHO2PK at checkout to save $30, dropping your subtotal for both from $199.98 to $169.98.

The dawn of AI is upon Insurance industry - ET CIO


We've all experienced pesky calls from strangers trying to sell us insurance. If you've noticed, such calls are already on the decline and it is rare to get unsolicited emails, messages etc for an insurance offering for a car when you don't even own one. No, the insurance companies haven't stopped doing business, they've just got smarter, all thanks to artificial intelligence, which is helping them understand you better, sell in more innovative ways and serve the customers better. AI is also helping improve claims disbursements and fraud detection. Take for instance, Max Life Insurance, which is using a number of AI technologies including vision, speech and NLP to develop a host of predictive models and cognitive applications.