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The Biggest Technology Trends In Wine And Winemaking


It is not often that I am able to combine two of my life's passions: future tech and wine. When we think about the wine business, the images that come to mind might be more of vineyards stretching across the French countryside than of robots and digital transformation. But the fact is that the industry has always been driven by science, technology and innovation. Today, things are no different. The latest wave of technology-driven change is focused on artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things, augmented reality and blockchain.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, for when flagship isn't flagship enough


It's called the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, which just rolls off the tongue, and Qualcomm says it'll offer 10 percent faster CPU performance, 10 percent faster GPU clocks, and -- get this -- use 15 percent less power for "nearly 1 hour" of extra gameplay or, say, 50 minutes of social media browsing. Technically, Qualcomm says it's achieved "up to 30 percent" better power efficiency from both the CPU and GPU, and 20 percent better AI performance per watt, but that doesn't necessarily all transfer into more battery life -- some of it's about performance, too. Qualcomm is particularly touting better sustained performance from the new chip too -- theoretically maintaining its clockspeed for longer as it heats up while gaming or tapping into 5G. Of course, that all depends on how phone manufacturers decide to cool the chip. The company's not breaking down where the extra performance and efficiencies are coming from, but you can see some of the chip's other features in the slide above, even though many of them (like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 10Gbps of theoretical 5G, and 8K HDR video capture) haven't changed from the original Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Qualcomm says it'll live alongside that older chip, so you can probably expect a price premium. Qualcomm's also announcing a new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 today, suggesting to journalists that it's aimed at gamers with a 20 percent graphics performance boost over the prior gen and the trickle-down of features like its "Adreno Frame Motion Engine" to make games see smoother by interpolating frames.

Why Artificial Intelligence Creates an Unprecedented Era of Opportunity in the Near Future


Take the challenge of demographic shifts. A.I., in conjunction with hybrid cloud, is helping many companies automate certain routine business activities, and move people to higher-value work. In manufacturing, a factory floor operator can now rely on A.I. to detect defects that are invisible to the human eye. In health care, A.I.-enabled virtual agents can handle millions of calls at once. In the energy sector, autonomous robots can use cloud and A.I. to analyze data at the edge to improve equipment uptime and prevent power outages.

ML Tools to Accelerate your work with Cassie Breviu


Want to ensure your app developers can create secure and smooth login experiences for your customers? With Curity you can protect user identities, secure apps and websites, and manage API access. Welcome to the InfoQ podcast. My name is Roland Meertens and today, I am interviewing Cassie Breviu. She is a senior program manager at Microsoft and hosted the innovations in machine learning systems track at QCon London. I am actually speaking to her in person at the venue of QCon London Conference. In this interview, I will talk with her on how she got started with AI and what machine learning tools can accelerate your work when deploying models on a wide range of devices. We will also talk about GitHub Copilot and how AI can help you be a better programmer. If you want to see her talk on how to operationalize transformer models on the edge, at the moment of recording this, you can still register for the QCon Plus Conference or see if the recording is already uploaded on Welcome, Cassie to QCon London. I'm very glad to see you here. I hope you're happy to be at this conference. I heard that you actually got into AI by being at the conference. I am thoroughly enjoying this conference. It's really put together really well and I really enjoy it. So what happened was I was at a developer conference. I was a full stack C# engineer and I'd always been really interested in AI and machine learning, but it always seemed scary and out of reach. I had even tried to read some books on it and I thought, "Well, this might be just too much for me or too complicated or I just can't do this." So I went to this talk by Jennifer Marsman and she did this amazing talk on, Would You Survive the Titanic Sinking? She used this product that's called Azure Machine Learning Designer.

An Artificial Intelligence Remedy to Ease Traffic Jam Madness This Summer


With road trips and domestic travel set to boom this summer, everyone is anticipating to see record levels of people on the road in 2022. While traffic jams seem inevitable in response to pent-up travel demand, a new machine-learning and artificial intelligence-based technology, comprised of a network of video and radar sensors, is proposing a solution to traffic congestion. When traffic management company NoTraffic realized that the traffic light technology used today is severely outdated, it wanted to see if there was a better way of doing things -- starting by combining the current hardware with a smarter software platform. NoTraffic's new technology system is currently being sold to local governments and their departments of transportation, as they work with traffic engineers in the area to address specific needs of intersections and provide oversight to adjust visual meteorological condition algorithms as needed. The company is privately held and does not disclose financials.

Are There a Lot of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Jobs Right Now?


A new breakdown shows that A.I. remains a highly specialized field with relatively few job openings--but that will almost certainly change in coming years. CompTIA's monthly Tech Jobs Report reveals that states with the largest tech hubs--including California, Texas, Washington, and Massachusetts--lead when it comes to A.I.-related job postings. It's true that companies don't need nearly as many machine-learning experts as, say, software developers or data scientists. Smaller organizations might not even have the budget to fill out an A.I. division. But CompTIA's job numbers keep growing month after month, indicating a sustained appetite for A.I. talent, especially among larger companies with the money to actually afford researchers and specialists.

AI 100: The most promising artificial intelligence startups of 2022 - CB Insights Research


The AI 100 is CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising private AI companies in the world. This year's winners are working on diverse solutions designed to recycle plastic waste, improve hearing aids, combat toxic online gaming behavior, and more. CB Insights has unveiled the winners of the sixth annual AI 100 -- a list of the 100 most promising private AI companies across the globe. Some of this year's winners are advancing the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) across specific industries -- such as healthcare, gaming, and agriculture. On the other hand, some are developing applications to support sales, engineering design, cybersecurity, and other functions across a wide range of industries.

AI in insurance - How is artificial intelligence impacting the insurance sector?


What is data labeling in machine learning and how does it work? Data is the new wealth for today's businesses. With technologies such as artificial intelligence progressively taking over most of our day-to-day activities, the right usage of any data has been influencing society positively. By segregating and labeling data efficiently, ML algorithms can discover the issues and provide practical, and relevant solutions.

The EU AI Act could help get to Trustworthy AI, according to the Mozilla Foundation


George Anadiotis got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them. One year after the first draft was introduced, details about the EU AI Act remained few and far between. Despite the fact that this regulatory framework is not still finalized -- or rather, precisely because of that reason -- now is the time to learn more about it. Previously, we covered some key facts about the EU AI Act: who it applies to when it will be enacted, and what it's about. We embarked on this exploration alongside Mozilla Foundation's Executive Director Mark Surman and Senior Policy Researcher Maximilian Gahntz.

The Spendy Somnox 2 Robot Sends You to Slumberland


As I lie in bed spooning my wee robot, one hand on its gently undulating belly as it slows my breathing, I'm struck by the memory of co-sleeping with my kids when they were babies. It can be soothing to share your bed. Research suggests we report better sleep when bed-sharing, even when objective measures reveal sleep quality has worsened. Somnox 2 is a limbless bean-shaped torso designed to gradually slow your breathing, as you unconsciously match its rhythm. It can adjust to your breathing rate to calm you and help you drop off.