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We need to change the debate around AI ethics - here's how


Increasingly, this message is finding a platform and it's beginning to shape AI's development meaningfully. The latest proposed regulations from the European Union, for example, take significant steps in the right direction by defining high-risk use cases, for example. The data science community wants to build models that align to societal values and improve outcomes. This well thought-out proposal from the EU will enable innovation and industry growth by standardising expectations among practitioners.

Can Machine Behaves As A Human Being?


Either machine can behave like a human being or not? it was the question that came to human minds for centuries. But the 1st successful practical experiment under specific conditions is done by "British Computer Scientist Alan Turing" in 1950. Researchers set up the 3 terminals in which there were 2 human beings and 1 was a machine. One human being was a questioner who asked questions to both of them and was responsible to distinguish between the answers of human and machine. The questioner human was not able to distinguish the responses of human and machine more than half the time. That's how that machine was referred to have Artificial Intelligence.

Mathematics For Machine Learning Course (FREE)


Fabio Mardero is a data scientist from Italy. He graduated in physics and statistical and actuarial sciences. He is currently working at a well-known Italian insurance company as a data scientist and Non-Life technical provisions evaluator. Linear Algebra and Mathematical Foundation: This course covers machine learning key elements, vector space, matrices, linear independence and basis and linear maps. Analytic Geometry: This course covers Lengths and Distances, Angles and Orthogonality, Orthogonal Projections and Rotations.

Fun with Markov Chain Chatbots - Growth Tech News


Markov chains provide an easy way to generate plausible-sounding nonsense in a chatbot. They aren't particularly useful for serious purposes, but they can be used for an entertainment bot or to lighten the conversation with occasional silliness. A Markov chain is a statistical process built on a state machine. In computational theory, a state machine is a physical or virtual machine that has some number of discrete states. In a Markov process, the rules are based on probabilities. Given the machine's current state, there's a specified probability for one or more states that it will go there next.

Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing


Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics Techniques for Marketing, Digital Media, Online Advertising, and More Created by Lazy Programmer Inc. PREVIEW THIS COURSE - GET COUPON CODE  Free Coupon Discount Udemy Online Courses

Are these AI robots going to replace farmers?


Robots powered by artificial intelligence could farm more sustainably than traditional agriculture, claims one Silicon Valley company. Agricultural technology start-up Iron Ox says that its mission is to make the global agriculture sector carbon negative. And they have just secured €47 million ($53 million) from investors including Bill Gates. CEO Brandon Alexander can't be accused of lacking experience when it comes to food production. He spent every summer of his childhood on his grandparent's farm, picking cotton, potatoes, or peanuts under the Texas sun.

Drones May Help Replant Forests--If Enough Seeds Take Root


Last year's Castle Fire in California's Sierra Nevada is estimated to have killed more than 10 percent of the world's giant sequoias, the tallest trees on earth. Sequoias can live through many fires over life spans that last thousands of years; their bark is fire-resistant and they rely on fire to reproduce. But as climate change intensifies, wildfires are growing larger and more intense. According to state officials, six of the seven largest wildfires in California history took place roughly within the past year. To help restore fire-ravaged forests and temper the effects of climate change, a handful of young companies want to scatter seeds from drones.

GitHub - tom-doerr/zsh_codex


You just need to write a comment or variable name and the AI will write the corresponding code. This is a ZSH plugin that enables you to use OpenAI's powerful Codex AI in the command line. OpenAI Codex is the AI that also powers GitHub Copilot. To use this plugin you need to get access to OpenAI's Codex API.

How a portfolio approach to AI helps your ROI


Instead of computing the success or failure of AI initiatives on a project-by-project basis, companies using the portfolio approach compute the ROI for all their AI initiatives. A portfolio approach works in other areas of business, and the same principles apply here. Take a look at three relevant examples and the lessons for AI. In the pharmaceutical world, developing a new drug takes an average of at least ten years and costs over $2.6 billion. Literally thousands and even millions of molecules and investigative drugs are studied during the initial drug discovery and preclinical trial phases of the R&D process.

Tomato Disease Classification with CNN Architecture


The aim of this project is to identify various diseases on tomatoes based on their leaves. It is very important in agriculture to identify diseases immediately. To detect the problem in real-time, we develop a Deep Learning model that can be installed on embedded devices and can be used in greenhouses, or by adding the model to some apps people can manually upload a photo of tomato leaves and check how healthy it is. Our model is able to find healthy tomatoes and 9 different diseases. The public dataset, which is available on Kaggle has been used to train and test the model.