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The cartoon gorilla that taught a generation to not click 'download'


In the early 2000s, a purple, talking gorilla named BonziBuddy was billed as a free virtual assistant, ready for all your internet needs. It could talk, search for you, sing, send emails -- and anyone with a computer could download it for free. Turns out, that was the big problem. Bonzi wasn't your friend; it was malware, and it was released at the perfect time. Following the burst of the dot com bubble, investors pulled their money from the web and online companies needed a new way to profit.

Google's Nest Audio smart speaker hits new low of $75


At $100, Google's impressive Nest Audio was already good value for money, but a 25 percent discount has now brought it down to an even more affordable $75. Perhaps, it's a case of Google countering Amazon's early Prime Day deals on Echo speakers with a new all-time low price. Whatever the reasons behind the latest promo, it's always nice to have another option when shopping for tech. The Nest Audio is a solid bet for music fans on a budget. As we noticed in our tests, it's slightly louder than Apple's HomePod Mini and packs stronger bass, too. Inside the speaker is a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter, while the Google Home and Nest Mini make do with single drivers.

Das researching use of artificial intelligence


Sanmay Das, Professor, Computer Science, is conducting an exploratory study in the use of techniques from artificial intelligence (AI) to improve early screening and the delivery of targeted assistance to households that are at risk of future homelessness and child maltreatment. Das and the other members of the research team seek to develop novel methods for allocation of scarce housing support to at-risk households, taking into account considerations of both overall efficiency and fairness. This work will necessitate novel problem formulation and algorithm development in AI as well as creating new ethical methods for deciding on how to effectively deliver social services while considering the vast complexity of human behavior. Das is collaborating with Patrick J. Fowler, Associate Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, on this project. The researchers will explore the feasibility of using novel algorithmic techniques to inform societal decision-making on the allocation of scarce resources, with the specific goal of improving service system outcomes for both homelessness and child welfare.

6 Reasons to Spend More Time Thinking About Labels


Quite a few of the issues should be addressed as part of an established machine learning operations. Some issues may be resolved through support functions such as legal, people, general data management and smart procedure design -- more on that at a later post. For now, let's focus on the all important labels, as opposed to the features.

The latest Beats buds are the new AirPods come early

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

You won't find it written anywhere in the press materials, but the Beats Studio Buds may as well be called the AirPods 3. From their funky new design and minimalist theme to Apple-ready features like voice-activated Siri, these are immediately the obvious choice right now for AirPods fanatics who don't want to spend up for the AirPods Pro. Wisely, though, Apple has crafted these buds to be nearly as useful for either side of the mobile aisle, including native one-touch pairing for Android or iPhone, a simple but useful Android app, and quick access to alternative voice assistants. The result is a pair of buds that easily outdo the aging AirPods, no matter which phone you choose. The beats have a new pill-like design at their exterior for controls as well as easy insertion. The last Beats earbuds, the Powerbeats, were simply a step-down version of the Powerbeats Pro, chaining the clip-ons together for a more affordable workout option.

Google's Nest Audio smart speaker just hit a new all-time-low price at Walmart


As of June 14, the Google Nest Audio is on sale at Walmart for just $74.98 -- that's 25% off its suggested retail price of $99.99. We interrupt your usual Alexa-packed programming this Prime Day season to bring you an amazing deal on one of the Amazon Echo's closest rivals. Meet the Google Nest Audio, a well-rounded smart speaker introduced last fall as the long-awaited heir to the throne of 2016's original Google Home. Normally $99.99 -- the same price as the Echo -- Walmart just slashed its price by a whole 25% to bring it down to only $74.98. All shades of the Google Nest Audio except for Sand (second from left) are up for grabs at Walmart -- choose from Sage, Sky, Chalk, or Charcoal.

Build Real World Data Science And Machine Learning Projects


According to Stanford Researcher, John McCarthy, "Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. Artificial Intelligence is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable." Simply put, AI's goal is to make computers/computer programs smart enough to imitate the human mind behaviour. Knowledge Engineering is an essential part of AI research. Machines and programs need to have bountiful information related to the world to often act and react like human beings.

Closed-loop AI Enables Autonomous Process Manufacturing


The move from automated to autonomous process manufacturing is right around the corner. This article comes from the May 2021 issue of Intech Focus: Process Control and Safety. For process manufacturing, the ultimate promise of Industry 4.0 is autonomous manufacturing. Autonomous control of manufacturing processes is required, not to eliminate human workers, but to build resilient and highly responsive manufacturing supply chains. Resilience is required to enhance the top and bottom lines of a manufacturing enterprise.

Amazon Echo Show 8: How one big feature changes everything


Last week, Amazon sent me a brand new, second generation Echo Show 8. I've been an Echo Show user since nearly the beginning, and have been closely watching the evolution of all the Alexa devices. The original Echo Show, introduced almost exactly four years ago, had a 7-inch 1024x600 screen. The first generation Echo Show 8, introduced in November of 2019, had an 8-inch 1280x800 screen. Technically, the screen on that first generation Echo Show 8 was a bit bigger, and the resolution a bit better than the original Echo Show, but if you look at the one that lives on top of our water heater in the laundry room and then look at the one that lives on top of our microwave, the only way you'd be able to tell is take out a ruler and measure it. Speakers were better on the first generation Echo Show 8 than they were on the original Echo Show. Oddly enough, the camera on the Echo Show 8 was a measly 1 megapixel camera, a big step down from the original Echo Show's 5 megapixel imager.

"Unconditional Belief in Heat," by Anna Journey

The New Yorker

I would've stabbed the man's hand had he not jerked it away--this is what I usually say toward the end of the story. I've told for almost twenty years, I'm a junior in college towelling my wet hair as I walk from my bathroom through the hall, headed to my bedroom, at two in the morning. I see you, motherfucker, and the hand jerks back. When I call 911 and reach, incredibly, a busy signal, I phone Ed instead, who will drive over, remove his old A.C. unit, take it to his new place. I would've stabbed the hand that tried to steal my A.C.