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New Amazon robots could enable 'safer' exploitation of warehouse staff


Weeks after a study revealed that Amazon warehouse workers are injured at higher rates than staff at rival firms, the company has revealed it's testing new robots designed to improve employee safety. The e-commerce giant has ingratiatingly named two of the bots after Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie. Bert is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that's built to navigate through Amazon facilities. In the future, the company envisions the bot carrying large and heavy items or carts across a site, reducing the strain on its human coworkers. Ernie, meanwhile, is a workstation system that removes totes from robotic shelves and then deliveries them to employees.

Facebook's NetHack Challenge 2021 is open for entries


NetHack is an open source roguelike game which only supports a single player environment. It includes permadeath and procedure wise level generation, It is known as the hardest video game to ace. NetHack was launched in July 1987, it was relaunched on 8 March 2020. Facebook has launched the NetHack Challenge at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. The NetHack Challenge at Neur IPS 2021 will be the most accessible AI challenge that will pave the way for further research in AI.

Ways to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2021


These days, the task of marketing your business must include a huge digital component as the world increasingly transitions to online from real interactions. For most modern businesses, budgets demonstrate the transition to digital. For instance, digital ad spending increased by 12% in 2020, despite the pandemic. No business can afford to ignore the digital landscape and e-commerce these days. So if you're looking for ways to upgrade your digital marketing for 2021 to take advantage of recent changes, you're in the right place.

A revolution in sales is taking place with AI - Really? (via Passle)


I've just read this article about how a revolution in sales is going to take place with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is this really the case or is the author selling AI? In this 2 minute video I explain what social selling is about, it's about being human on social. Let's imagine, tomorrow I pick you up and drive you to a place where all your prospects and customers hang out. All you have to do is have conversations with them and be human.

Vision Guided Robotics & Artificial Intelligence: An Explanation for the Non-Technical


The automation industry is experiencing an explosion of growth and technology capability. To explain complex technology, we use terms such as "artificial intelligence" to convey the idea that solutions are more capable and advanced than ever before. If you are an investor, business leader, or technology user who seeks to understand the technologies you are investing in, this article is for you. What follows is an explanation of vision-guided robotics and deep-learning algorithms. That's right, the article is titled "artificial intelligence" and yet by the end of the first paragraph, we've already switched to deep-learning algorithms!

Facebook AI can mimic text styles with a photo of a single word


Ever wish you could mimic a font or handwriting just by taking a snapshot? Facebook has unveiled an AI research project, TextStyleBrush, that copies the text style in a photo just by looking at one example word. While past AI could do this in a narrow set of conditions, the Facebook technology can recognize a wide variety of handwriting and type styles, even with less-than-ideal angles and backgrounds. The technology works much like style brush tools from word processor apps, just applied to images. Where previous approaches depended on specific criteria like typefaces, Facebook's method tries to "disentangle" the text from its appearance.

Can AI Design AI?: Responding to Google's Latest Tech


Could it design a bigger and better computer? A team at Google says yes. According to a recent article at NewScientist, Google has begun using AI to design AI. "Engineers at Google have tasked an artificial intelligence with designing faster and more efficient processors – and then used its chip designs to develop the next generation of specialised computers that run the very same type of AI algorithms," writes Matthew Sparkes. Sparkes continues by explaining Google's chip design, and introducing the reader to Google's Anna Goldie, a member of the team at the front of this effort that tasks computers with making better computers. "It is conceivable," says Sparkes, "that this new AI-designed chip will be used in the future to design its successor, and that successor would in turn be used to design its own replacement."

Decrease Fraud by Over 80% with AI


The power of avoiding and detecting fraud in advance is clear: a few hours can have a major impact on losses. There are a host of challenges in all industries – from financial services to retail and healthcare – that need to be addressed to detect fraudulent behavior and suspicious activities. The risk especially to B2C companies is large considering the acceleration of global e-commerce. This is why companies at risk of fraud invest in machine learning as a preemptive approach to tackling this problem. As a business leader, you ask yourself: how can I start implementing this AI initiative in my organization? What are the initial steps? What should I prioritize? How to measure the outcomes? In this virtual event, we will go over fraud detection and prevention across various industries with real-world examples, demonstrating how has helped some of its customers, such as AT&T and PayPal. The goal is to provide our audience with a playbook on general relevant actions on how to detect and prevent fraud using AI.



Implementation of Machine learning algorithms to assist consumers in discovering new products and services is new form of digital marketing on e-commerce website. When you shop online, a recommendation system directs you to the product that is most likely to be purchased.Users are often frustrated by options and need assistance discovering what they're looking for, so recommender systems are an important element of our digital environment. Customers will be happier, and profits will increase as a result. Recommender systems are similar to salespeople who know what you want based on your history and interests. In this blog, I am going to show different approaches for Recommendation system that can built on Brazilian e-commerce public dataset.



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