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The Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell bundle is on sale for under £50


SAVE 53%: The Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell (Wired) bundle is on sale for £49.99 this Prime Day, saving you over £50 on list price. We're into the second day of Prime Day, which is kind of an oxymoron. Listen, we all know that these major shopping events last for much longer than advertised. That's just the way it works nowadays. Black Friday goes on for about a month, so we think you should forgive Prime Day for stretching out for 48 hours.

Toyota trains its robots to wipe down tables while taking selfies


Apparently, c, and that's a problem companies designing machines for household chores need to overcome. Toyota has developed a solution for the issue and has released a video demonstrating its robot wiping down tables and other surfaces -- all while taking the video itself. As the company explains, "most robots are programmed to react to the objects and geometry in front of them" and can't differentiate between an actual object and its reflection. Something as common as a drinking glass or a shiny toaster could prevent robots made to work in homes from doing their tasks properly. Toyota says it overcame that problem by developing a novel training method that allows robots to "perceive the 3D geometry of the scene while also detecting objects and surfaces." In the video, you'll see Toyota's robot seeing the 3D geometry of various elements in a house, allowing it to recognize all kinds off wipeable surfaces, like tables and counters.

Machine Learning Project – How to Analyze and Clean Data, Create an ML Model, and Set Up an API


In this article, we'll use Data Science and Machine Learning tools to analyze data from a house prices dataset. We will begin by performing Exploratory Data Analysis on the data. We'll create a script to clean the data, then we will use the cleaned data to create a Machine Learning Model. Finally we use the Machine Learning model to implement our own prediction API. The full source code is in the GitHub repository with clear instructions to execute this end-to-end project.

What is Adversarial Machine Learning?


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Patients to get easier access to medical data through NHS App


Patients are set to get easier access to their medication lists and care plans through the NHS App under the government's new data strategy. New requirements for data sharing across the entire health and care system are also set to come into place, with new legislation to be introduced to require all adult social care providers to provide information about the services they fund. Published today (June 22), the NHSX draft strategy'Data Saves Lives: Reshaping health and social care with data', aims to capitalise on the work undertaken using data during the pandemic to improve health and care services. In a bid to establish openness, the government committed to publishing the first transparency statement setting out how health and care data has been used across the sector by 2022. Under the proposals, patients are set to gain more control over their health data, while data will also be used to improve care and treatment.

The role of artificial intelligence in digital commerce


Before we get into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and where it is set to take digital commerce, I think we should begin by unpacking a definition of digital commerce – what does it mean? It can be defined as the process of selling and buying products and/or services using digital channels. It includes the people, processes and technologies necessary to execute the offering of product, promotions, pricing, analytics, customer acquisition plus retention, and customer experience at all touchpoints throughout the buying journey. This definition can be applied to all sectors of business irrelevant of area of operations, so it includes banking, retail, automotive, etc. Sector is irrelevant in a world of digital transformation at the speed of COVID – all businesses seek digital channels to market their goods. Today, digital channels have been expanded to relate to digital transformation that is inclusive of people, processes and technologies used throughout the customer buying excursion.

5 big takeaways from the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct


For many gamers, E3 2021 hasn't churned out as many big announcements as expected. Many would say it was a disappointment so far, but Nintendo changed that with a bevy of game reveals and updates that was enough to satisfy fans. No, Nintendo didn't reveal an updated Switch as many predicted; instead, they surprised fans with the announcement of "Metroid Dread," a remake of its "Advance Wars" series, a new "WarioWare" entry and a Game & Watch for "The Legend of Zelda's" 35th anniversary. Oh, franchise supervisor Eiji Aonuma also showed off clips from a "Breath of the Wild" sequel. "Metroid Dread" was the biggest piece of news coming from the showcase -- While everyone was predicting a "Mario Kart 9" or "Pikmin 4," few were expecting a return of the the classic "Metroid" 2D gameplay.

6 Steps Companies Can Take to Strengthen Their Cyber Strategy - InformationWeek


While these technical skills are certainly important, we're also now looking more holistically at candidates to test their abilities to think critically and creatively as well as uncover new solutions. As we face new and unprecedented challenges in cyber protection, it's critical that cyber leaders hire team members who think outside-the-box, have intellectual curiosity, employ bold thinking, and are natural problem solvers. Protecting an organization against advanced cyber threats requires innovative thinking and techniques; people, process and technology capabilities are needed to properly defend ourselves against sophisticated attackers, such as nation states. Cyber threats will continue to evolve, as will the new techniques described above to enable cyber resiliency. Ariel Weintraub is currently the Head of Enterprise Cyber Security at MassMutual. Ariel first joined MassMutual in the fall of 2019 as the Head of Security Operations & Engineering, responsible for the Global Security Operations Center, Security Engineering, Security Intelligence, and Identity & Access Management. Prior to joining MassMutual, Ariel served as Senior Director of Data & Access Security within Cybersecurity Operations at TIAA where she led a three-year business transformation program to position IAM as a digital business enabler. Prior to TIAA, Ariel held the position of Global Head of Vulnerability Management at BNY Mellon and was part of the Threat & Vulnerability Management practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Five Ways AI and VHA Agents Can Upgrade Retail and Convenience Stores


Virtual Human Agents (VHA) can assist customers and staff in a multitude of ways. In retail and convenience stores, the AI-powered VHAs will help make shopping easier and more enjoyable on both sides of the counter. Imagine entering a convenience store. It's crowded, and the staff is overworked. You walk around the aisles for a while and finally find the things you need.

Deep Learning in the Cloud


As massive amounts of data are stored every second, it allows for the opportunity to create meaningful and revolutionizing models. This data comes in several forms, including text, images and videos, all allowing for advanced models to be created using techniques such as Deep Learning. Further, using the extensive amount of data, applications using technologies such as computer vision are being used in products such as self-driving cars and facial recognition in phones. When creating a Deep Learning application, one of the first decisions to be made is where the model will be trained, either locally on a machine or through a third-party cloud provider. This is an important decision to be made as it could significantly impact the training time of a model.