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New framework for cooperative bots aims to mimic high-performing human teams


A Georgia Institute of Technology research group in the School of Interactive Computing has developed a robotics system for collaborative bots that work independently to achieve a shared goal. The system intelligently increases the information shared among the bots and allows for improved cooperation. The aim is to model high-functioning human teams. It also creates resiliency against bad or unreliable team bots that may hinder the overall programmed goal. "Intuitively, the idea behind our new framework -- InfoPG -- is that a robot agent goes back-and-forth on what it thinks it should do with their teammates, and then the teammates will update on what they think is best to do," said Esmaeil Seraj, Ph.D. student in the CORE Robotics Lab and researcher on the project.

IKEA made a Matter-ready hub with a new smart home app to match


IKEA continues its foray into smart home devices with the launch of a Google Matter-ready hub called DIRIGERA and a new IKEA Home smart app. With the new device and app, the Swedish company is promising to handle more smart device segments while making device integration easier. It says the app will be "convenient, easy to navigate and user-friendly" for anyone just getting into smart home tech. "With the new DIRIGERA hub for smart products, users will be able to onboard all IKEA smart products to the system and steer them individually, in sets or in groups in the new IKEA Home smart app. This enables users to create different scenes with pre-set functions of the smart products and increases the personalisation options for the smart home," according to the company.

Pixy drone hands-on: A flying robot photographer for Snapchat users


Drones are everywhere these days, filming dramatic reveals and awe-inspiring scenery for social media platforms. The problem is, they're not exactly approachable for beginners who have only ever used a smartphone. Last month, Snap debuted the $230 Pixy drone exactly for those people. It requires very little skill and acts like a personal robot photographer to help you produce nifty aerial shots. You don't need to pilot the Pixy.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence Technology to Drive the Commercial Drones Industry


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Dyson's been secretly working on robots that do household chores


Dyson has been getting into more and more offbeat products these days, like the Zone noise-canceling headphones that blow purified air at your face. Now, the company has revealed that it has an entire division that's secretly been developing robot prototypes that do household chores. The company didn't detail any of the models in particularly, but many look like regular robot arms adapted to do specialized home chores like cleaning and tidying. One appeared to be designed to vacuum out the seat cushions, mapping an armchair out in detail to do the job. "So this means I'll never, ever find crisps around the back of my sofa again?" the company's chief engineer, Jake Dyson, asked a researcher in a video (below).

GrAI Matter Labs Unveils Life-Ready AI with GrAI VIP at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE


GrAI Matter Labs, a pioneer of brain-inspired ultra-low latency computing, announced that it will be unveiling GrAI VIP, a full-stack AI system-on-chip platform, to partners and customers at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, May 17th-20th, 2022. "GML's'Life-Ready' AI provides solutions that here-to-fore were simply impossible at such low footprint and power." At GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, GML will demonstrate a live event-based, brain-inspired computing solution for purpose-built, efficient inference in a real-world application of robotics using the Life-Ready GrAI VIP chip. GrAI VIP is an industry-first near-sensor AI solution with 16-bit floating-point capability that achieves best-in-class performance with a low-power envelope. It opens up unparalleled applications that rely on understanding and transformations of signals produced by a multitude of sensors at the edge in Robotics, AR/VR, Smart Homes, Infotainment in automobiles and more.

Keelvar Raises $24 Million to Usher in Next Generation of Intelligent Sourcing Technology


Keelvar, a global pioneer of intelligent sourcing and automation solutions, announced it has raised $24 million in Series B funding to simplify and radically improve procurement, the world's most inefficient trillion-dollar marketplace. Keelvar's sourcing technology – which leverages AI, data science and smart sourcing bots that run on autopilot – empowers customers to make crucial supply chain decisions quickly and confidently amidst ongoing change and disruption. Costs are out of control, capacity is scarce and disruptions are everywhere. This dynamic makes it incredibly difficult for buyers and suppliers to remain agile, manage risk and strike deals" The investment – which brings Keelvar's total capital raised to $43 million – was led by 83North. Series A investors Elephant, Mosaic and Paua doubled down on their investment. Bastian Nomichacher, the co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis, also joined as a minority investor. Keelvar's Series B builds off a period of rapid growth and expansion for the company, which increased its headcount by 200% since the start of 2021 and grew ARR by 113% last year. Costs are out of control, capacity is scarce and disruptions are everywhere. This dynamic makes it incredibly difficult for buyers and suppliers to remain agile, manage risk and strike deals," said Alan Holland, founder and CEO of Keelvar.

NASA just showed us why its Mars lander will soon run out of power


After detecting over 1,300 Martian quakes, NASA's InSight lander will soon run out of power. A thick layer of red dust has coated the landmark robot's solar panels, depriving the geologic sleuth of the power it needs to continue investigating Mars' interior. The space agency expects to shut down InSight's science mission, notably the use of its temblor-detecting seismometer, over the summer. By year's end, InSight's successful, nearly four-year mission will likely end. "InSight is probably coming to the end of its scientific life pretty soon," Bruce Banerdt, InSight's principal investigator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said at a press briefing on May 17. A GIF NASA shared this week gives a vivid look at why InSight's power is diminishing.

Forget vacuum cleaners! Dyson is secretly developing ROBOTS to carry out household chores

Daily Mail - Science & tech

While Dyson is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, the tech giant has revealed that it is secretly developing a range of futuristic robots. The robots are designed to carry out a variety of household chores, including tidying up toys and doing the dishes. Dyson has given a glimpse of the new robot prototypes in a video released at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia today. Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at Dyson, said: 'There's a big future in robotics and saving people time, performing chores for people, and improving daily lives. 'I'm a parent, I spend half my life cleaning up after my kids, and it's pretty tedious.'

Automotive Cybersecurity Market - Insights, Forecast to 2026


The global Automotive Cybersecurity Market size is projected to grow from USD 2.0 billion in 2021 to USD 5.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 21.3%. Increasing incidents of cyber-attacks on vehicles and massive vehicles recalls by OEMs have increased awareness about automotive cybersecurity among OEMs globally. Moreover, increasing government mandates on incorporating several safety features, such as rear-view camera, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning system, and electronic stability control, have further opened new opportunities for automotive cybersecurity service providers globally. As a result, there are various start-ups present in the automotive cybersecurity ecosystem. Government initiatives toward building an intelligent transport system have also further escalated the demand for cybersecurity solutions all over the world.