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The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About - KDnuggets


Machine learning is rapidly evolving and the crucial focus of the software development industry. The infusion of artificial intelligence with machine learning has been a game-changer. More and more businesses are focusing on wide-scale research and implementation of this domain. Machine learning provides enormous advantages. It can quickly identify patterns and trends and the concept of automation comes to reality through ML.

6 business risks of shortchanging AI ethics and governance


Depending on which Terminator movies you watch, the evil artificial intelligence Skynet has either already taken over humanity or is about to do so. But it's not just science fiction writers who are worried about the dangers of uncontrolled AI. In a 2019 survey by Emerj, an AI research and advisory company, 14% of AI researchers said that AI was an "existential threat" to humanity. Even if the AI apocalypse doesn't come to pass, shortchanging AI ethics poses big risks to society -- and to the enterprises that deploy those AI systems. Central to these risks are factors inherent to the technology -- for example, how a particular AI system arrives at a given conclusion, known as its "explainability" -- and those endemic to an enterprise's use of AI, including reliance on biased data sets or deploying AI without adequate governance in place.

Why Artificial Intelligence Creates an Unprecedented Era of Opportunity in the Near Future


Take the challenge of demographic shifts. A.I., in conjunction with hybrid cloud, is helping many companies automate certain routine business activities, and move people to higher-value work. In manufacturing, a factory floor operator can now rely on A.I. to detect defects that are invisible to the human eye. In health care, A.I.-enabled virtual agents can handle millions of calls at once. In the energy sector, autonomous robots can use cloud and A.I. to analyze data at the edge to improve equipment uptime and prevent power outages.

ML Tools to Accelerate your work with Cassie Breviu


Want to ensure your app developers can create secure and smooth login experiences for your customers? With Curity you can protect user identities, secure apps and websites, and manage API access. Welcome to the InfoQ podcast. My name is Roland Meertens and today, I am interviewing Cassie Breviu. She is a senior program manager at Microsoft and hosted the innovations in machine learning systems track at QCon London. I am actually speaking to her in person at the venue of QCon London Conference. In this interview, I will talk with her on how she got started with AI and what machine learning tools can accelerate your work when deploying models on a wide range of devices. We will also talk about GitHub Copilot and how AI can help you be a better programmer. If you want to see her talk on how to operationalize transformer models on the edge, at the moment of recording this, you can still register for the QCon Plus Conference or see if the recording is already uploaded on Welcome, Cassie to QCon London. I'm very glad to see you here. I hope you're happy to be at this conference. I heard that you actually got into AI by being at the conference. I am thoroughly enjoying this conference. It's really put together really well and I really enjoy it. So what happened was I was at a developer conference. I was a full stack C# engineer and I'd always been really interested in AI and machine learning, but it always seemed scary and out of reach. I had even tried to read some books on it and I thought, "Well, this might be just too much for me or too complicated or I just can't do this." So I went to this talk by Jennifer Marsman and she did this amazing talk on, Would You Survive the Titanic Sinking? She used this product that's called Azure Machine Learning Designer.

The EU AI Act could help get to Trustworthy AI, according to the Mozilla Foundation


George Anadiotis got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them. One year after the first draft was introduced, details about the EU AI Act remained few and far between. Despite the fact that this regulatory framework is not still finalized -- or rather, precisely because of that reason -- now is the time to learn more about it. Previously, we covered some key facts about the EU AI Act: who it applies to when it will be enacted, and what it's about. We embarked on this exploration alongside Mozilla Foundation's Executive Director Mark Surman and Senior Policy Researcher Maximilian Gahntz.

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Top 6 CRM Software Solutions in 2022


Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a critical component of any sales or marketing team's lead generation, nurturing, and converting strategies. It automates tedious processes, like creating groups of leads to email, which removes some of the manual work from marketers. CRM software also allows teams to design their own workflows, customized for their team's operations. It helps them to store and view information that would otherwise be scattered between programs and papers. A navigable CRM platform with plenty of features for any customer-facing teams should be a priority for all businesses.

A Brief Overview of Machine Learning


As we randomly search terms on the internet, we often encounter "machine learning" and "deep learning" and how they are revolutionizing the way in which we live our lives. At present, machine learning is almost used everywhere from self-driving cars, email spam detection, recommender systems that we see in Netflix and Amazon, credit card fraud detection used by banks and so on. The list goes on and on with potential new applications being created. Therefore, it is very important to stay updated with the latest trends and understand what machine learning actually is and get a good broader understanding of some of the types of machine learning. In this article, I would explain machine learning and the different categories of machine learning.

Nvidia leaves a 'paper' trail


Groundbreaking research has always been an important aspect of SIGGRAPH, as scientists and researchers present the latest industry advancements to conference-goers. So, the fact that Nvidia, in collaboration with top academic researchers at 14 universities, will be presenting a record number (16) of research papers at this year's conference is astounding. When a reinforcement learning model is used to develop a physics-based animated character, the AI typically learns just one skill at a time: walking, running, or perhaps cartwheeling. But researchers from UC Berkeley, the University of Toronto, and Nvidia have created a framework that enables AI to learn a whole repertoire of skills--demonstrated with a warrior character who can wield a sword, use a shield, and get back up after a fall. Achieving these smooth, lifelike motions for animated characters is usually tedious and labor-intensive, with developers starting from scratch to train the AI for each new task.

Democratic lawmakers want FTC to investigate controversial identity firm


A group of Democratic lawmakers led by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate, the controversial identification company best known for its work with the Internal Revenue Service. In a letter addressed to FTC Chair Lina Khan, the group suggests the firm misled the American public about the capabilities of its facial recognition technology. Specifically, lawmakers point to a statement made at the start of the year. After CEO Blake Hall said the company did not use one-to-many facial recognition, an approach that involves matching images against those in a database, backtracked on those claims. It clarified it uses a "specific" one-to-many check during user enrollment to prevent identity theft.