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The AI-Era is Rising in ASEAN


The demand for data and artificial intelligence (AI) continues to accelerate. An executive survey on big data and AI found that 99 per cent of firms have now made investments in these critical areas. A survey by EDBI and Kearney of the ASEAN countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines found that if applied and executed well, AI could add $1 trillion to the region's GDP by 2030. However, despite the rush to embed data, analytics and AI into organisations' day-to-day operations, enterprises must realise that a radically different approach to data architecture is needed if they are to successfully put intelligence at the heart of their response to every business moment. Currently, just a fraction of data is properly used in analysis.

Asian farmers turn to drones and apps for labor amid climate challenges

The Japan Times

BAN MAI, Thailand – As a child, Manit Boonkhiew watched his grandparents plow their rice farm near Bangkok with water buffaloes, and harvest by hand. His parents switched to tractors and threshers, while he now uses a zippy drone to spray pesticide on his field. Manit, who grows rice, orchids and fruit trees on about 40 acres (16 hectares) of land in Ban Mai, is part of a community enterprise that recently acquired a drone under a Thai government program to digitize agriculture. Drones to plant seeds, and spray pesticide and fertilizers are growing in popularity in the Southeast Asian country as it grapples with a labor shortage that worsened during the coronavirus pandemic, with restrictions on movement of workers. "Labor is the biggest challenge for us -- it's hard to get, and it's expensive," said Manit, 56, a leader of the Ban Mai Community Rice Center farm that comprises 57 members with nearly 400 acres of land.

Thai PM to visit Saudi Arabia as diplomatic relations thaw

Al Jazeera

Thailand's prime minister will visit Saudi Arabia next week in what will be the first high-level meeting between the two countries since a diplomatic row over a jewellery theft nearly 30 years ago. Saudi Arabia downgraded its diplomatic relations with Bangkok following the theft in 1989 of about $20m worth of jewels by a Thai janitor working in the palace of a Saudi prince. The theft triggered a feud between the countries dubbed the "Blue Diamond Affair" that has yet to be resolved. Thai police later returned some of the jewels but Saudi officials claimed most were fake, while the whereabouts of the most precious gem – a rare 50-carat blue diamond – remains unknown. The invitation to Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha for a two-day visit beginning Tuesday was issued by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the Thai government said in a statement.

Artificial intelligence intended to prevent abuse of state welfare


As a new round of registration is set to commence, the Ministry of Finance is planning to use artificial intelligence to ensure that the state welfare cards issued this year are given only to eligible low-income earners. The Ministry plans to implement new technology to cut down on fraud and to keep urgent financial assistance money from going to those who are not in need at the expense of those who are. The new artificial intelligence system will connect the systems of multiple state agencies to do real-time verification of anyone who applies for state welfare. The Deputy Finance Minister says that linking and cross-referencing all these agencies will easily filter out applicants who do not qualify for benefits. The state welfare is intended for only the lowest earners without significant savings to support them in lean times.

Data Analyst - Loyalty, Partnership and Monetization


About the Role If you're looking to be a part of a dynamic, highly analytical team who enjoys working with data, look no further. GoClub is a Gojek loyalty product part of the Loyalty, Partnership & Monetisation (LPM) group. As a Data Analyst specializing in GoClub, you will be building data products to support the team in achieving its business objectives. You are expected to help drive data strategies and business initiatives in GoClub. In addition to this, this role is expected to be a thought partner for leaders across the Gojek group in all things loyalty and retention.

Tech to offer better health outcomes


These new technologies could help save lives, reduce medical personnel workloads and support precision medicine. These opinions were shared at Bangkok Post's virtual conference entitled: "Shaping Tomorrow: Power of 5G and Technology Convergence". Cherdchai Nopmaneejumruslers, deputy director of Siriraj Hospital, said new technologies will support telemedicine, allowing patients to receive remote medical advice. "Within the next few years, patients suffering from diabetes and blood pressure may forget their last visit to the hospital," he said. "Many people now forget the last time we went to a bank counter."

Data Scientist - Logistics


Climb on board and fasten your helmet if you're ready to be our Data Scientist. In this role, you will get to mine insights from the sea of data, build data products, and design experiments with the ability to see the real-time impact of your contribution. You will be analyzing data, developing and deploying Data Science solutions to improve GoLogistics products. You will not be alone in this journey though! We have Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence, Design, and Business folks that are eager to work with you.

Data Scientist - GoFood


About the Role They say no man is an island - a notion that holds particularly true for this role. As a Data Scientist, you'll be an instrumental cog in the Marketplace wheel of Gojek that directly impacts GoFood's revenue and user experience. Your main objective will be to utilize various quantitative techniques, such as Machine Learning, Optimization, Simulation, and Bayesian Techniques, to drive asymmetric values for our business at Gojek. The folks over at the Data Science Platform team will be your companions during this ride, as they help to bring your models to production. Best yet, you'll have the opportunity to flex and hone in on your skills in ideation, research, and building prototypes!

Artificial Intelligence in Thailand as a Multifaceted Tool - BORGEN


The rise of artificial intelligence heralds a new era, one where a web of algorithms rather than a network of people performs both complex and rudimentary tasks. Thailand plans to capitalize on this new technology to address important social and developmental challenges. The possibilities of artificial intelligence in Thailand could usher in the vision of Thailand 4.0: a Thailand with a value-based economy driven by innovation, technology and creativity. The Asian Development Bank published a report about how artificial intelligence and machine learning software could revolutionize the way countries track poverty. The bank coordinated a research collaboration between the World Data Lab and the governments of the Philippines and Thailand.

Japanese language opens doors for Thai students

The Japan Times

Bangkok – When the "Demon Slayer" movie hit cinemas in Japan late last year, its box-office success reverberated beyond the archipelago -- all the way to Thailand. According to Major Cineplex, one of the leading chains of cinemas and theaters in Thailand, the film topped the list of 2020's top-grossing foreign movies with revenue of 115 million baht (about ¥400 million) even though it was shown for just two months of the year. For decades, the latest Japanese manga and anime releases have topped Thai youngsters' must-read and must-watch lists. Yet the influence of Japanese culture has not stopped there. These media are acting as steps to the door of language learning, which is allowing Thai people to gain a better understanding of another culture.