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Gain the tech skills you'd need to become a software engineer at Google for under $40


As of July 25, get the 12-course bundle for $39.96. Aspiring to be a software engineer is admirable. Aspiring to be a software engineer at Google is extraordinarily ambitious -- but that doesn't mean it's impossible to achieve. Just like any other dream job, the only way to get there is by simply taking the first step. And this 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Prep Bundle offers the perfect stepping stone.

How to Handle/Detect Outliers for machine learning?


Why It is important to identify outliers? Often outliers are discarded because of their effect on the total distribution and statistical analysis of the dataset. This is certainly a good approach if the outliers are due to an error of some kind (measurement error, data corruption, etc.), however often the source of the outliers is unclear. There are many situations where occasional'extreme' events cause an outlier that is outside the usual distribution of the dataset but is a valid measurement and not due to an error. In these situations, the choice of how to deal with the outliers is not necessarily clear and the choice has a significant impact on the results of any statistical analysis done on the dataset.

Scaling Enterprise Machine Learning Through Governance & MLOps


In my roles as a customer success and business development executive covering Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML) at leading tech companies, I've spoken with executives, data scientists and IT managers across startups, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies about their AIML needs. After discussing what is AIML, platform features or API services easiest to use for non-specialist, companies get stuck on an equally important component of enterprise AIML, governance of operations. Companies get caught up in the hype led by consultants and industry media outlets that promote AIML led digital transformation is happening across every industry, in companies of all sizes with millions of models being deployed to production weekly. AIML software vendors promise adoption of their solution enables instant production readiness enabling their customers to, "Build and deploy a machine learning model in 9 minutes," with limited or no expertise. The reality is not quite as advertised but I'll help you on your journey by discussing why deploying ML in production can be difficult, provide a way to assess your return on investment (ROI) with AIML, how to create a comprehensive ML platform and provide a framework for assessing your organization's AIML maturity to better determine the capabilities you need to acquire to improve your org's proficiency. There are many definitions for Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and governance but to keep things simple, I'll define governance and MLOps as the best practices and policies for businesses to run AIML successfully.

How AI is powering the future of financial services


Financial institutions are using AI-powered solutions to unlock revenue growth opportunities, minimise operating expenses, and automate manually intensive processes. Many in the financial services industry believe strongly in the potential of AI. A recent survey by NVIDIA of financial services professionals showed 83% of respondents agreeing that AI is important to their company's future success. The survey, titled'State of AI in Financial Services', also showed a substantial financial impact of AI for enterprises with 34% of those who replied agreeing that AI will increase their company's annual revenue by at least 20%. The approach to using AI differed based on the type of financial firm.

New FinTech Innovations that Will Change How Clients View Wealth Management – FINCHANNEL


Innovations within FinTech are causing major changes to the dynamic between clients and wealth management providers. With technology as a driving force behind industry changes, understanding how client perspectives are shifting is crucial. For the wealth management sector, there are three key innovations that institutions need to be paying close attention to. These are artificial intelligence, open banking, and agile distribution. Understanding these will be the foundation for meeting new customer demands in the coming years.

USC researchers enable AI to use its "imagination." - USC Viterbi


The new AI system takes its inspiration from humans: when a human sees a color from one object, we can easily apply it to any other object by substituting the original color with the new one. Now, imagine the same cat, but with coal-black fur. Now, imagine the cat strutting along the Great Wall of China. Doing this, a quick series of neuron activations in your brain will come up with variations of the picture presented, based on your previous knowledge of the world. In other words, as humans, it's easy to envision an object with different attributes.

Is GitHub Copilot worth the cockpit?


One month ago, GitHub announced its latest, shiny product: an artificial intelligence tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI to assist users of Visual Studio Code by autocompleting code, but on the next level. It's a machine learning-powered software that can write code by itself, generating quite impressive programming functions. Here is the catch, there are a lot of dislikes going on for this cute little fellow. And I don't get why so much hate for this, how can you not like something like this in the market, and that too for free. Let's address them one by one So many articles are flooding to criticize, just for the sake of writing something.

A Machine Learning Approach for Tracing Tumor Original Sites With Gene Expression Profiles – Digital Health and Patient Safety Platform


Some carcinomas show that one or more metastatic sites appear with unknown origins. The identification of primary or metastatic tumor tissues is crucial for physicians to develop precise treatment plans for patients. With unknown primary origin sites, it is challenging to design specific plans for patients. Usually, those patients receive broad-spectrum chemotherapy, while still having poor prognosis though. Machine learning has been widely used and already achieved significant advantages in clinical practices.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Brain


Intelligence, in simpler words, can be explained as the mental ability of reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. Intelligence comes with perception, attention, and planning. Humans are the only resource of intelligence on this planet and this is what makes us stand out from all the natural god-gifted resources on this planet. The human brain has the capability of making decisions, remembering things of the past, and calculating for the future. Artificial intelligence as the name itself suggests it is a man-made intelligent machine.

What Should be Done to Make the Best of Data?


Every possible organization that one can think of relies on data to achieve the set objectives. On that note, having access to data that isn't smart enough to get goals accomplished poses a hurdle. It is thus important to have data that is transformed in a manner that can cater to the needs and objectives of the organization. With most organizations relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the necessity of dealing with the right data is all the more important for the sole reason that the models employed aim at obtaining meaningful insights. No wonder data is vast and one shouldn't ideally fall short of it while aiming at the objectives.