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How to code Logistic Regression from scratch with NumPy


Let's first think of the underlying math that we want to use. In the above equations, X is the input matrix that contains observations on the row axis and features on the column axis; y is a column vector that contains the classification labels (0 or 1); f is the sum of squared errors loss function; h is the loss function for the MLE method. So, this is our goal: translate the above equations into code. We plan to use an object-oriented approach for implementation. We'll create a LogisticRegression class with 3 public methods: fit(), predict(), and accuracy().

Are You Making the Most of Your Relationship with AI?


Businesses everywhere are recognizing the power of AI to improve processes, meet customer needs, enter new spaces, and, above all, to gain sustainable competitive advantage. With this recognition has come an increased adoption of--and investment in--AI technologies. A global survey of more than 3,000 executives revealed that more than half of respondents are deploying AI: six out of ten have an AI strategy in 2020, up from four out of ten in 2018. AI solutions are more prolific and easier to deploy than ever before, and companies around the globe are seizing on the opportunity to keep up with this exciting trend. Yet despite their efforts--to hire data scientists, develop algorithms, and optimize processes and decision making--most companies aren't seeing a significant return on their investments.

Semantic Segmentation


Deep learning is helping Facebook draw value from a larger portion of its unstructured datasets created by almost 2 billion people updating their statuses 293,000 times per minute. Most of its deep learning technology is built on the Torch framework that focuses on deep learning technologies and neural networks. One of the most useful tools used by Facebook is Deeptext Deep Text uses unsupervised machine learning to understand humans and interpret what they say. Deeptext, which decodes the meaning of the content posted to find the relative meaning. Facebook then helps brands to generate leads with this tool by directing people to advertisers based on the conversations they are having.

Making The Internet Of Things (IoT) More Intelligent With AI


According IoT Analytics, there are over 17 Billion connected devices in the world as of 2018, with over 7 Billion of these "internet of things" (IoT) devices. The Internet of Things is the collection of those various sensors, devices, and other technologies that aren't meant to directly interact with consumers, like phones or computers. Rather, IoT devices help provide information, control, and analytics to connect a world of hardware devices to each other and the greater internet. With the advent of cheap sensors and low cost connectivity, IoT devices are proliferating. From 1 to 5 April, everything at Hannover Messe will revolve around networking, learning machines and the Internet of Things.

Calculating where artificial intelligence can do business


Some recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, though striking, can seem of mainly theoretical interest. It is one thing to generate impressive results in a research setting, quite another to apply them in practice. For many businesses, the reality of machine learning has not lived up to the theory. Preparing and cleaning the data, training the models, generating consistent, usable results: all are often harder than they are made out to be. But the AI era also has the power to surprise, and the advances can come in unpredictable leaps.

Student party prompts Marblehead High School to suspend in-person learning

Boston Herald

Marblehead High School will return to all-remote learning for at least two weeks after police broke up a "large" student party over the weekend where revelers were gathered "without social distancing or face coverings, sharing drinks," school officials said. "In choosing to ignore the rules set down by the Governor and our community in the pandemic, however, we are not just endangering individuals… we are also potentially harming the community at large," Superintendent John J. Buckey wrote in a letter to families. Many students "scattered" when police responded to break up the party on Friday, making it impossible to identify and quarantine individuals involved, Buckey said. Buckey pointed to a "troubling pattern of behavior in play" in Marblehead and other school districts and said the Friday party was not a singular event. "We all know this is not a new thing for teenagers. However, these are not ordinary times," Buckey said in the letter.

Egypt's Sisi orders applying AI technology in constructions projects - Politics - Egypt


El-Sisi called for upgrading post offices nationwide, as well as automating the litigation system as per the "Digital Egypt Justice" strategy, presidential spokesman Bassam Rady said in a statement following the meeting. El-Sisi demanded the "immediate" start of the "Digital Egypt" initiative, which he said would directly contribute to the country's efforts in digital transformation, and enhance the digital skills of human resources to provide Egyptians with quality digitised services. Minister Talaat reviewed the latest developments concerning launching a platform for urban community models that are meant to govern the construction system in Egypt and deter building violations and land transgressions. The meeting also touched upon the latest domestic projects in electronic design and manufacturing, which is part of the state's vision to assist companies that work in the field to reach international markets, attract direct foreign investments and enhance electronic trade, according to the statement. The meeting also discussed the situation of other national projects in the communications and information technology sectors.

Everything you need to know about Neural Networks and Backpropagation -- Machine Learning Made Easy…


I find it hard to get step by step and detailed explanations about Neural Networks in one place. Always some part of the explanation was missing in courses or in the videos. So I tried to gather all the information and explanations in one blog post (step by step). I would separate this blog in 8 sections as I find it most relevant. Artificial Neural Network is computing system inspired by biological neural network that constitute animal brain.

The Rise of the Planet of the AI


I am just another Tech writer having conversational texture and conversional ability in writing. Humans never got chill and will never get. Constantly striving to reach the future faster, we made AI. Artificial Intelligence is the product of Human Intelligence. It is a wide branch of computer science that works in the development of machines, which can perform tasks associated with human intelligence.

Underwater Object Segmentation Using MonkAI


This project focuses on segmenting different objects such as animals, plants, plastic, and ROV(Remotely Operated Vehicle) using a low code wrapper Monk [2]toolkit via Unet[1]. It is essential to understand the sea garbage collection. For employing an automatic river or sea trash cleaner system should have a proper understanding of different objects present in the water. This project helps to develop such a system on small scale. Through this blog, I will share some insights about MonkAI, and how it can be used to simplify the process of object segmentation and build other computer vision applications.