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AI: Experts Voice Concerns Over Its Ethical Design And Focus On Profits, Social Control


Artificial intelligence can "understand" and shape much of what happens in people's lives. AI apps like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant answer questions and converse with people who call out their name. In navigation apps, they help people drive from one location to another. Models also can scan platforms for the use of fraudulent credit cards, and help diagnose cancer. Still, experts and advocates have voiced concerns about the long-term impact and implications of AI applications.

Interview with Gianluca Manzo, Computational & Analytical Sociologist


You work with a computer simulation technique called agent-based computational models. Could you explain how these work? How do you create artificial societies using this technique? In principle, the research path is straightforward. First, I identify some macroscopic patterns that I want to explain, say educational inequalities across socio-economic groups.

Jennifer Aniston explains why she 'absolutely' will not try online dating

FOX News

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. Jennifer Aniston is still looking for love -- but she refuses to find it online. The "Friends" alum, 52, said in an interview published on Wednesday that she "absolutely" will not try dating apps to find a new partner. "Absolutely no," she told People.

The Workforce of the Future: Powered by AR & AI-Built Knowledge Networks


According to a 2020 report by Emergence, 80% of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk. According to a 2020 report by Emergence, 80% of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk. That’s an overwhelming majority of workers who are deskless and increasingly reliant on technology to do their jobs in industries impacted by factors like the growing skills gap and, most recently, a global pandemic. While employers have done much to address the needs of deskless workers over the past year, there’s untapped opportunity to make these workers – and, in turn, the industries they support – more efficient, resilient, and safe in the current working environment and beyond. On Wednesday, June 23, Rolls Royce’s XXX will join industry experts YYY from PwC and ZZZ from Librestream to teach enterprises about the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable deskless workers around the world and build knowledge networks capable of sustaining the deskless workforce for decades to come. In this webinar, you will learn: Why traditional deskless worker solutions have fallen short at a time when effective remote collaboration is of peak importance How AR plus AI can improve knowledge sharing among distributed workforces, reduce knowledge loss, eliminate inefficiencies, enhance safety, improve sustainability, lower costs, and more Real-world use cases of AR and AI on devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens and the generated ROI Why organizations with large deskless workforces prefer solutions like Librestream’s AI Connected Expert Vision: Broad device support, specialized accessories, etc. Realizing true IoT: Where AI and AR converge to create the fully connected, deskless worker of tomorrow

Xiaomi launches Mi Watch Revolve Active with SpO2 & Amazon Alexa


Xiaomi has released Mi Watch Revolve Active yesterday. The device comes with the addition of an oxygen sensor and Alexa support, but less premium materials make it 15% cheaper than the original. To remind, Mi Watch Revolve is essentially a rebranded version of Mi Watch Color that is meant for India and a few other countries. There are no significant differences between the two timepieces apart from the name. To make things even more confusing, Mi Watch Revolve Active seems to be a rebranded version of Mi Watch Color Sports Edition.

Voice-Based Screening For SARS-CoV-2 Exposure In Cardiovascular Clinics


Artificial intelligence (A.I) driven voice-based assistants may facilitate data capture in clinical care and trials; however, the feasibility and accuracy of using such devices in a healthcare environment are unknown. We explored the feasibility of using the Amazon Alexa ('Alexa') A.I. voice-assistant to screen for risk-factors or symptoms relating to SARS-CoV-2 exposure in quaternary care cardiovascular clinics. We enrolled participants to be screened for signs and symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 exposure by a healthcare provider and then subsequently by the Alexa. Our primary outcome was interrater reliability of Alexa to healthcare provider screening using Cohen's Kappa statistic. Participants rated the Alexa in a post-study survey (scale of 1 to 5 with 5 reflecting strongly agree).

Soffos – AI-powered conversational corporate L&D platform


The intricate detail is extremely complex and a patentable secret, but it's all about the use of algorithms that combine computational linguistics, contextual memory, deep learning. The AI parses words as input from voice or text from resources, so that it'understands' the relationship between words (as concepts or things) not just by simple keyword association (e.g. car transport) but by well-defined meta-labels, which refer to relationships between language, concepts, objects and questions from an infinite number of possible (and impossible) relationships. A limited set of relation types are used, using global identifiers with unambiguous denotations. This is combined with semantic'Extraction Transformation and Load' (ETL) processes from structured databases, forming strong associations and disassociations during the AI's training. An example of a Knowledge Graph (KG) to draw upon vast amounts of varied information might be a recommendation system for TV shows, movies, songs and albums from an online entertainment provider, to help find relationships between actors, artistes, titles and series.

Digital assistants: Driving a paradigm shift for retail organizations - AskSid - AskSid


Retail has always been extremely competitive, and never more so than in this post-pandemic scenario. Over the next year or so, retailers will have to make good their losses from 2020 and accelerate their growth so as to continue being relevant in a world of evolving choices. At the same time, customers continue to expect on-demand service that balances efficiency with empathy – a challenging task.

Dating app takes a swipe at pandemic burnout by giving staff a paid week off

Washington Post - Technology News

The past year has been a busy one for Bumble, which grew to more than 700 employees worldwide and launched its initial public offering in February. The nearly seven-year-old dating app in which women must initiate the first message remained busy during the pandemic, reporting that "virtual dating" through video chats increased 70 percent on the app since shutdowns began in March 2020.

Weak Supervision in Biomedicine


We discuss Jason's path into machine learning, empowering doctors and scientists with weak supervision, and utilizing organizational resources in biomedical applications of Snorkel. This episode is part of the #ScienceTalks video series hosted by the Snorkel AI team. Jason: Originally, during my undergraduate days, I intended to go into medicine. However, I enjoyed engineering classes way more than biology classes, so I shifted and majored in Computer Science and English. I also worked with a research group at the University of Iowa to track infections in hospitals.