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Top AI Conferences and Virtual Events of 2021


This event, presented by the Global Big Data Conference in Seattle, features discussions, case studies and in-depth workshops to help industry leaders initiate and expand AI practices in their organizations. Specialty areas of interest at the conference include IoT, data mining, data analytics, representation learning, cognitive computing and speech recognition.

Applying Regression-based Machine Learning to Web Scraping


Whenever we begin dealing with machine learning, we often turn to the simpler classification models. In fact, people outside of this sphere have mostly seen those models at work. After all, image recognition has become the poster child of machine learning.

Grab the Opportunity: Top AI and Data Science Jobs to Apply Today


Artificial intelligence is a promising technology, that has made significant changes in the 21st century. Starting from self-driving cars and robotic assistants to automated disease diagnosis and drug discovery, the stronghold of artificial intelligence is no joke. Along with artificial intelligence, data science has also shifted the way we live and work. With the demand for data science and artificial intelligence spiralling, the job market is opening its door to AI and data science jobs. The tech sphere has ensured that artificial intelligence jobs and data science jobs provide limitless opportunities for professionals to explore cutting edge solutions.

Free Machine Learning Tutorial - New in Big Data: Apache HiveMall - Machine Learning with SQL


Elena works in the field of Natural Language Processing. She graduated with a degree from Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia first and then acquired PhD from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, where she works currently. Now she applies theoretical concepts developed in the field of Natural Language Processing to solve business problems of different big and small enterprises. As an early adopter of BigData tools and concepts she finds existing BigData frameworks to be attractive means of working with data. She started using such tools and advising other people to adopt BigData concepts way before Hadoop, Spark and other related technologies became "must to know" tools for many IT professionals.

Industry 4.0 Era & how we could benefit from that ? 😉


Hello!!!, Nice to see you again!! & Welcome to our ArtificaLab Medium Page!! Today, let's dicuss about the Hottest topics right now, Industry 4.0. So, we all see in newspaper, social media articles, facebook posts about the current Industry 4.0, their technologies in these days?? right…. In simplest terms, Industry 4.0 refers to the Unified Communication of Machines & Technologies (such as Cloud, IOT, AI, Big Data) in order to produce effective output, qualified products to consumers than ever before. In fact, "Industry 4.0" has a long history, in which it is called "Fourth Industrial Revolution". This has been back to the previous ages before, where it started from Industry 1.0 "First Industrial Revolution".

Top Data Science Software You Must Know in 2021


The data explosion in the tech-driven world has instigated reputed organizations to utilize useful Data Science software to transform multiple sets of complex data into meaningful business insights against competitors worldwide. The emergence of the data-driven culture has provided a plethora of job opportunities in the field of Data Science where the professionals implement data visualization tools for effective data management. Data management is a long process of cultivating real-time data into in-depth outcomes with predictive analytics. Let's look at some of the top Data Science software available in 2021 to boost productivity efficiently. Tableau is one of the popular Data Science software that guides users to have a better understanding of the complex raw data.

How to Stay Compliant with Data Privacy Laws While Using AI


The best organizations have integrated all their data onto a single base. This allows them to unify the data and understand their customers across the sea of touch points. Though chatbots, customer support lines, and online chats are all good ways to help your customer find the information and answers they need, they can still cause stress if not integrated. With data integration, employees can easily check a customer's past conversations right away, without asking them redundant questions. Automated messaging systems can be enhanced.

Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on AI (June 2021)


Here's the Thinkers360 live leaderboard for our top 50 global thought leaders and influencers on AI for June 2021. Congratulations to all our thought leaders and experts who participated! Know others who should be on this live leaderboard? Help us grow the Thinkers360 community by inviting them to participate (free) by sharing their own content today! Individuals: To join our thought leadership community, participate in our leaderboards, showcase your own profile and portfolio, build your media kit and have us amplify on social media sign-up today for free!

Speed up Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence


AI-powered technologies have transformed the way organizations do business with the trading partner network. In fact, these solutions have powered up digital transformation across different industries including, retail, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and more. Not only artificial intelligence has made a powerful impacted business but also the life of humans. In other words, it has turned out to be pervasive in improving the quality of life. Suffice to say, it plays an important role in unlocking new therapies in life sciences, minimizing risks of fraud in business and delivering personalized customer experiences (CXs).

Databricks cofounder's next act: Shining a Ray on serverless autoscaling


A decade ago, Ion Stoica and his colleagues at UC Berkeley's school of computing identified the roadblock to performing advanced analytics. The challenge at the time was what we then called Big Data. Cheap storage and compute could be tapped, courtesy of the Hadoop project, but the jobs tended to take hours or days. Stoica and colleagues worked on a solution that exploited memory, and the result was the Apache Spark project. Created at UC Berkeley's AMPLab, it has become the de facto standard for large-scale batch data processing, not to mention the technology that birthed a company currently valued at $28 billion.