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Sky internet down: Broadband outage hits customers across UK

The Independent - Tech

Sky internet appears to have been hit by network problems, causing issues for people trying visit websites and use other online services. Hundreds of reports were registered by Down Detector, while users also complained of problems on social media. "Can someone stick 50p in the meter or reconnect the wires?" one customer wrote on Twitter. "Sky internet is down again!" Similar outage reports spread online last month, after network issues in Cornwall left people unable to connect to the internet.

Minecraft Dungeons review – hours of fun for locked-down families

The Guardian

When the idea to make a Minecraft spinoff was first batted around at Mojang Studios, a dungeon crawler game must have been one of the first suggestions. From Gauntlet to Diablo, this genre has always featured dank subterranean lairs, treasure chests and warrior skeletons – all beloved Minecraft components. The signature blocky visuals also work well, ensuring that Minecraft Dungeons will look familiar to fans as they hurtle through dioramas of hack-and-slash fun that rearrange themselves each time you play. The plot is paper thin: a vengeful loner discovers a treasure that turns him into a powerful mage and duly begins a reign of terror over the Minecraft kingdom. The game can be played alone, but it is most enjoyable to play its co-op mode, which can be enjoyed on a console or online.

'Trials of Mana' is a perfect little escapist fantasy with simple rules and immediate rewards

Washington Post - Technology News

That's not to say "Trials of Mana" offers little. On a normal difficulty, it offers at least 20 hours of gameplay, including a new chapter. And like the original game, it offers you six heroes to choose from, all with their own stories, abilities to learn and weapons to gain. You can take up to three of the characters through the whole game. And each character comes with at least six different classes, only widening the combat possibilities.

Seven Key Dimensions to Understand Any Machine Learning Problem


Tackling a machine learning problem might feel overwhelming at first. What model to choose?, which architecture might work best? In a process that is mostly driven by trial and error experimentation, those decisions result incredibly important. One aspect that really helps to navigate that universe of decisions is to clearly understand the nature of the problem. In machine learning scenarios, an important part of understanding the problem is based on understanding its environment.

How Neural Network Can Be Trained To Play The Snake Game


At the present scenario, video games portray a crucial role when it comes to AI and ML model development and evaluation. This methodology has been around the corner for a few decades now. The custom-built Nimrod digital computer by Ferranti introduced in 1951 is the first known example of AI in gaming that used the game nim and was used to demonstrate its mathematical capabilities. Currently, the gaming environments have been actively utilised for benchmarking AI agents due to their efficiency in the results. In one of our articles, we discussed how Japanese researchers used Mega Man 2 game to assess AI agents.

How Britain's oldest universities are trying to protect humanity from risky A.I.


Oxford and Cambridge, the oldest universities in Britain and two of the oldest in the world, are keeping a watchful eye on the buzzy field of artificial intelligence (AI), which has been hailed as a technology that will bring about a new industrial revolution and change the world as we know it. Over the last few years, each of the centuries-old institutions have pumped millions of pounds into researching the possible risks associated with machines of the future. Clever algorithms can already outperform humans at certain tasks. For example, they can beat the best human players in the world at incredibly complex games like chess and Go, and they're able to spot cancerous tumors in a mammogram far quicker than a human clinician can. Machines can also tell the difference between a cat and a dog, or determine a random person's identity just by looking at a photo of their face.

What's on TV this week: HBO Max, 'Space Force' and 'Uncut Gems'


This week HBO makes its assault on streaming with the new HBO Max service. At launch it will include tons of archival content like the back catalog of Friends, Rick & Morty and 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as a fleet of new original shows, movies and specials hoping to get your attention on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the new Looney Tunes Cartoons, as well as the comedy/drama series Love Life with Anna Kendrick, but there's a lot more to choose from. Of course, Netflix is the current giant in streaming and it's not laying down for the newcomer. This week it already added Uncut Gems for viewers in the US, and later this week it will premiere a Jeffrey Epstein documentary series and the new show Space Force starring Steve Carell.

'The lads were buzzing to kick a ball about with their mates' - Championship resumes training

BBC News

Players at Championship clubs were allowed to return to training on Monday - the first step towards the potential resumption of the second-tier season. On Friday, the English Football League provided safety protocols and guidance for clubs to follow upon their return. Players took part in non-contact sessions and trained in small groups. A total of 1,014 Championship players and staff were tested for coronavirus towards the end of last week, with two people testing positive. Hull City confirmed on Sunday that the two positive cases were from their club.

PAC-MAN Recreated With AI


The team used a farm of four computers, each featuring a Quadro GV100 workstation-grade GPU, and imported 50,000 hours of Pac-Man gameplay. After studying the game, the AI model developed its own identical-looking game. "Our AI didn't see any of [the game's] code, just pixels coming out of the game engine," Nvidia's Hector Marinez told Ars Technica. "By watching this, it learned the rules." The AI learned all about Pac-Man's speed, movement abilities, and wall mechanics, and other aspects.

Artificial Intelligence : Best Human Practices and Uses SaveDelete


Artificial Intelligence …. world's tech giants from Amazon to Alibaba, are in a race to become the world's leaders. The companies are AI trailblazers, embracing AI to next-level products and services. Here are some of the best examples of how these companies are using artificial intelligence in practice. Alphabet, Google's parent company and Waymo, self-driving technology division, started as a project at Google. Waymo wishes to bring self-driving technology to the world, today, to move people around and reduce accidents and crashes.