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To resolve the Palestinian question we need to end colonialism

Al Jazeera

Amid a global pandemic, economic recession and simmering racial tensions around the world, Israel's threat to formally annex parts of occupied Palestinian territory presents yet another international crisis in the making. This is because, with this outrageous move, the Israeli government threatens to unravel the rules-based system of international relations. Today's international law regime was established in the first half of the 20th century not only to regulate relations between states but also to assist the movements for self-determination across the world and oversee the end of colonialism. The looming Israeli annexation of Palestinian land and the global inaction on it evidence the failure of this regime to help end colonialism and put its very raison d'etre in question. Much of the narrative in international diplomatic circles around the issue of annexation has revolved around deterrence, with the rationale being the threat of tangible consequences to annexation will lead to a reconsideration of the move. Yet this narrative fails to acknowledge that we have reached a point, where Israel will annex yet another chunk of Palestinian territory precisely because deterrence has not worked.

Machine Learning with H2O Flow


Machine Learning with H2O Flow H2O is a leading open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform trusted by data scientists and machine learning practitioners. This is a hands-on, guided introduction to using H2O Flow for machine learning. By the end of this project, you will be able to train and evaluate machine learning models with H2O Flow and AutoML, without writing a single line of code! You will use the point and click, web-based interface to H2O called Flow to solve a business analytics problem with machine learning. H2O is a leading open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform trusted by data scientists and machine learning practitioners.

Nvidia brings Ampere A100 GPUs to Google Cloud


Just over a month after announcing its latest generation Ampere A100 GPU, Nvidia said this week that the powerhouse processor system is now available on Google Cloud. The A100 Accelerator Optimized VM A2 instance family is designed for enormous artificial intelligence workloads and data analytics. Nvidia says users can expect substantive improvements over previous processing models, in this instance up to a 20-fold performance boost. The Nvidia Ampere is the largest 7 nanometer chip ever constructed. It sports 54 billion transistors and offers innovative features such as multi-instance GPU, automatic mixed precision, an NVLink that doubles GPU-to-GPU direct bandwidth and faster memory reaching 1.6 terabytes per second.

Can AI Be Fairer Than a Human Judge in the Judicial System? –


Artificial intelligence has become a fundamental piece of everything from medical diagnostics technology to systems that analyze electoral candidates and provide accurate information to voters. However, you may still find many AI skeptics, and especially people who question the role of AI in the justice system. Many legal leaders and institutions are interested in the efficiency benefits AI brings to the field. But the big question is: can AI make the judicial system fairer? Many claim that the United States' judicial system is among the most robust in the world.

Deep Learning semantic Segmentation Networks


Different algorithms have been introduced to segment objects based on the criteria like uniform colors, regular shapes, and nearby shadows. Since these algorithms are whether hard-coded or learned from selected features, have some limitations in terms of generalization. Furthermore, these algorithms' accuracies are low, and results are dependent on parameter selection due to manual feature extraction and the lack of big datasets and capable computers. For these reasons, the field of automatic feature extraction has been extensively studied for a long time. In addition, by emerging the neural networks and computers, which can process a huge amount of data in per seconds, a new approach was presented which stacks each layer of neural networks on top of each other to extract features automatically.

IBM Buys RPA firm WDG Automation to Bolster AI-based Automation - EnterpriseTalk


IBM has acquired robotic process automation firm WDG Automation. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The Brazil-based company will help advance IBM's AI-backed automation efforts, including Watson AIOps and Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. WDG Automation's portfolio includes RPA, automation, interactive voice response, and chatbots. The acquisition will also help IBM to use WDG Automation's services for client digital transformation efforts and artificial intelligence workloads.

Understanding TF-IDF in NLP.


TF-IDF, short for Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency, is a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document, in a collection or Corpus(Paragraph).It is often used as a Weighing Factor in searches of information retrieval, Text Mining, and User Modelling. The TF-IDF value increases proportionally to the number of times a word appears in the document and is offset by the number of documents in the corpus that contain the word, which helps to adjust for the fact that some words appear more frequently in general. TF-IDF is much more preferred than Bag-Of-Words, in which every word, is represented as 1 or 0, every time it gets appeared in each Sentence, while, in TF-IDF, gives weightage to each Word separately, which in turn defines the importance of each word than others. Let's Consider these Three sentences: Let's assume a word "Good", in sentence 1, as we know, TF(t) (Number of times term t appears in a document) / (Total number of terms in the document). So, Number of times the word "Good" appears in Sentence 1 is, 1 Time, and the Total number of times the word "Good", appears in all three Sentences is 3 times, so the TF(Term Frequency) value of word "Good" is, TF("Good") 1/3 0.333.

Knauf Insulation promises to refine EPC measurement with new machine-learning tool – IAM Network


The new technology provides'actual' thermal fabric performance data Knauf Insulation EXCLUSIVE: System that uses machine learning to measure the'actual' fabric thermal performance of a home within three months could provide evidence base for national retrofit programme Knauf Insulation has developed a technology that uses machine learning systems to accurately measure the'actual' energy performance of individual homes, an innovation that could drastically enhance the accuracy of energy performance certificates (EPC), BusinessGreen can reveal. The new technology, which can generate an assessment of fabric performance of a home within three months, could provide the evidence base for an energy efficiency retrofit programme for the nation's homes, the company said. The "discreet, scalable and cost-efficient" measurement tool ensures the building fabric component of a building's EPC rating can be backed by real evidence, rather than "notional Standard Assessment Procedure calculations", according to Knauf Insulation. The company stressed the tool marked a major departure from other available techniques to measure'actual' fabric thermal performance, which it said were "intrusive and expensive". Steven Heath, technical and strategy director of Knauf Insulation, celebrated the launch of the product, noting that the UK's 2050 net zero emissions ambition depended on the country's housing …

After Math: With the kids away, it's time to play


Since it looks like the fall school semester is happening whether we're ready for it or not, you'll finally have dibs on "next game" on that console your kids have been bogarting for the past quarantined four months. Lucky for you, there are plenty of upcoming titles -- and some solid streaming selections -- to help you fill the day while your kids hit the books. Used to be that if you wanted to reassign the gender of your World of Warcraft's character, you'd need to shell out $15 -- that's in real cash money, not in-game currency. But with the forthcoming release of WoW's'Shadowlands' expansion, players will be able to change is as the see fit. In case Epic Games' year wasn't already going swimmingly, the team behind battle royale juggernaut Fortnite just received a quarter-billion dollar financial infusion from Sony.

DBS, Neo & Partners Global, win awards for use of financial information and technology


DBS's NLP Asset Hub houses an ever-growing storage bank of reusable artificial intelligence/machine–learning (AI/ML) assets that can be tapped into by …