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The best video game story of the year is about 'Lost Judgment's' middle-aged, skateboarding attorney

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One more important note: "Lost Judgment" also breaks down walls of the previous RGG Studio titles by highlighting a variety of characters outside of the seedy underbelly of Japan. Yes, gang members and sex workers still populate the story, but the Judgment cast is largely made up of public servants, particularly Saori Shirosaki, Yagami's defense attorney colleague. Saori owns several moments in the game. While the Yakuza series was born to attract an audience of Japanese men, RGG Studio games would do well to highlight its women. And yes, they should all fight too.

Salesforce adds new RPA capabilities to Einstein Automate


Salesforce on Thursday announced new robotic process automation (RPA) tools for Einstein Automate, the portfolio of tools that help organizations automate processes, build workflows and connect data. The new tools include MuleSoft RPA, Einstein Document Reader and Digital Process Automation. Salesforce introduced Einstein Automate last year as part of its Customer 360 strategy to serve as more of a process engine for companies. Einstein Automate comprises low-code tools that customers can use regardless of their technical background. In addition to offering low-code tools to help users build their own workflows, it offers hundreds of pre-built, industry-specific workflows.

Republicans may abandon infrastructure bill because Pelosi 'linked' it with reconciliation: GOP Rep. Johnson

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on As Democrats charge ahead with writing their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, which they aim to pass on a party-line vote through budget reconciliation, at least one moderate Republican is warning the bipartisan infrastructure bill may lose GOP votes because it's too intertwined with the reconciliation bill. "I think Nancy Pelosi did this whole process a real disservice by linking them together so strongly and she continues to do that. And that makes it very difficult to bring Republicans to the party," Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus (PSC), told Fox News Wednesday.

AI Avant-Garde: 3 Pioneering Works That Revolutionised The Field


Modern-day AI is a culmination of weird ideas of stalwarts spread over centuries. The year 2021 especially is special in this regard as it also happens to be the 375th birth anniversary of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the 90th anniversary of Kurt Goedel's 1931 groundbreaking paper, and the 80th anniversary of Konrad Zuse's seminal work. These works laid the foundations for modern-day AI and its algorithms. The significance of this year was first brought to light by Prof. Juergen Schmidhuber, who himself has been responsible for many groundbreaking works in the field of AI. Also known as the world's first computer scientist, Leibniz's work had a great impact on the field of computing.

Human-centricity and the limits of AI


Our last article covered Talent Ranking and in this article I'm going to cover Human Centric. This is a fair question to ask. Why do we believe human-centricity is important? Well firstly we need to understand a little about the alternative, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (referred to as AI in the rest of the article). Where do we already have AI in the world of talent acquisition?

UN calls for moratorium of AI that threatens human rights


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday called for a moratorium on the sale and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that threaten human rights until adequate safeguards are in place to ensure the technology will not be abused. "We cannot afford to continue playing catch-up regarding AI – allowing its use with limited or no boundaries or oversight, and dealing with the almost inevitable human rights consequences after the fact," Bachelet said in a press release. The UN human rights office released a report on Wednesday warning of the risks of AI technologies, and emphasising that while AI can serve as a force for good, it can also cause catastrophic effects if used irresponsibly. "The complexity of the data environment, algorithms and models underlying the development and operation of AI systems, as well as intentional secrecy of government and private actors are factors undermining meaningful ways for the public to understand the effects of AI systems on human rights and society," the report states. Bachelet, who is the UN's human rights chief, stressed that AI applications that do not comply with international human rights law must be banned.

How Companies Are Using Artificial Intelligence? - AWPLife Blog


Take a look at how AI companies are implementing AI. By automating procedures and operations that formerly required human intervention, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing company efficiency and production. AI is also capable of comprehending data at a level that no human has ever achieved. This skill has the potential to be extremely useful in the workplace. AI has the potential to enhance every function, business, and industry.

How does Quora use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?


Quora is an attractive website that appears like a duet of a program that uses artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. It's a simple concept where you can answer the questions asked by others on your favorite topic and vice versa. Lately, the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Quora has grown a lot. It has not only gone deeper with bigger and better models for existing AI and machine learning applications but also has expanded the set of areas where AI and machine learning get used. So how does Quora use artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Relationship between Trust and Law is counterintuitive and paradox


The European Commission's AI regulation proposal is a proposal for a regulation of the European parliament and of the Council laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Act and amending certain union legislative acts (published in April 2021). Its explanatory memorandum explicitly aims to implement, among others, an ecosystem of trust by proposing a legal framework for trustworthy AI and the word trust is mentioned several times (14 trust, 1 trusted, 2 trustful, 21 trustworthy, 3 trustworthiness, 6 entrusted, 1 entrusting). This is somewhat surprising from a Swiss legal point of view. Indeed, under Swiss law, trust (German: Vertrauen / Italian: Fiducia / French: Confiance) is never mentioned, for example, in the Swiss Civil Code, in the Code of Obligations, nor in the Federal Product Liability Act, which constitute fundamental legal bases. However, we start seeing this trend also in Switzerland: The second key objective of the Digital Switzerland Strategy is guaranteeing security, trust and transparency.