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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can truly relieve some of the hiring and evaluation burdens of Human Resources (HR). But, there are several areas where it's just not ready to take the place of actual humans…

"A look at where AI stands in the retail realm" - Erling.A. Sjokvist's Nuzzel Newsletter on Mon, Apr 26 2021


Artificial intelligence technology is on the cusp of huge adoption with global retail spend increasing to $7.3 billion annually by 2022 -- quite a spike from the $2 billion spent in 2018, according to a Juniper Research study.

"Can AI be hypnotized?" - Erling.A. Sjokvist's Nuzzel Newsletter on Sun, Mar 28 2021


It's no longer considered science fiction fodder to imagine a human-level machine intelligence in our lifetimes. Year after year we see the status quo in AI research shattered as yesterday's algorithms bear way to today's systems.