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Smart cradle gives waking babies the bounce


Getting a good night's sleep is not normally listed among the joys of parenting, and anything that could help your baby and yourself catch some extra rest is worth a look. The Cradlewise cradle is designed to do just that, by automatically bouncing waking babies back to sleep. Utilizing a built-in night-vision camera and microphone, Cradlewise monitors baby and, over time, its artificial intelligence-based software develops a sleep profile for the child, establishing its typical bedtime and waking-up time(s). If the baby shows signs of waking prematurely – such as opening its eyes, or moving around more – Cradlewise responds by gently bouncing its bed up and down, in the same manner that a parent might bounce the infant in their arms. At the same time, the cradle emits white noise from an integrated speaker.

MindfuL� technology to provide transparency and build user trust in machine learning systems


BAE Systems recently delivered software to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of a contract under the agency--s Competency-Aware Machine Learning (CAML) program. The delivery of the MindfuL----software is the first milestone in the program to improve the transparency of machine learning systems. Transitioning artificial intelligence-based systems from decision-making tools into true partners requires users to trust in their machine counterpart. While machine learning technology has matured, these systems are unable to communicate context and confidence in their decisions -- including task strategies, the completeness of their training relative to a given task, factors that may influence their actions, or the likelihood to succeed under specific conditions. To meet these challenges, BAE Systems provided its MindfuL solution, a system which will independently --audit-- a machine learning-based system and provide the end user with insights to build trust in the technology.

Machine Learning as a Service - what is it and how can it help your business


Machine learning is all the rage right now. It claims to revolutionize the way computers will work. Top tech companies are hiring washed-up statisticians for millions of dollars specifically to build the machine learning programs. Universities offer machine learning classes, machine learning majors, and machine learning departments. Governments and militaries are crafting labyrinth plans to adjust to the threat of machine learning and use the new technology to gain tactical advantages.

Elon Musk's brain chip could 're-train' area linked to depression

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Elon Musk is slowly releasing details about his secret brain chip startup Neuralink, but he recently shared the technology could help cure addiction and depression. The billionaire shared the news on Twitter following a user asking if the implant could're-train part of the brain' linked to the ailments. This is both great & terrifying,' Musk wrote in the response. Musk has kept a tight lid about the startup, but said he will reveal more about plans next month. Elon Musk is slowly releasing details about his secret brain chip startup Neuralink, but he recently shared the technology could help cure addiction and depression.

Big backing to pair doctors with AI-assist technology


Back in May, I asked whether AI should assist in surgical decision-making. Following a recent venture round, investors seem to be voting yes as a company called Activ Surgical announces a $15 million raise. Activ rolled out an AI/ML platform called ActivEdge, which is designed to provide real-time intelligence and visualization to surgeons. The platform and its associated products will be initially available in the U.S. market, with plans to commercialize globally in 2021. The goal of integrating AI decision making with human surgical capabilities is to reduce medical errors.

OpenAI's fiction-spewing AI is learning to generate images


At its core, GPT-2 is a powerful prediction engine. It learned to grasp the structure of the English language by looking at billions of examples of words, sentences, and paragraphs, scraped from the corners of the internet. With that structure, it could then manipulate words into new sentences by statistically predicting the order in which they should appear. So researchers at OpenAI decided to swap the words for pixels and train the same algorithm on images in ImageNet, the most popular image bank for deep learning. Because the algorithm was designed to work with one-dimensional data (i.e., strings of text), they unfurled the images into a single sequence of pixels.

Artificial Intelligence: 3 benefits for the insurance industry


As the insurance sector competes to win market share, Henry Jinman at EBI.AI discusses three ways companies can benefit from the power of Artificial Intelligence The UK general insurance market continues to be fiercely competitive. While the battle for repeat business keeps downward pressure on pricing, a constantly changing regulatory agenda increases costs. Whatever the industry, successful companies know that building a business based on price alone is not sustainable. Customer service is what matters most. It's a sentiment that is reflected in the latest findings of multinational professional services company Ernst & Young (EY).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery Market to Raise at 40.5% CAGR till 2027


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How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing the Drone Industry For Improved Performance


PALM BEACH, Florida, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The global Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based Drone Software market size is expected to continue …