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The cartoon gorilla that taught a generation to not click 'download'


In the early 2000s, a purple, talking gorilla named BonziBuddy was billed as a free virtual assistant, ready for all your internet needs. It could talk, search for you, sing, send emails -- and anyone with a computer could download it for free. Turns out, that was the big problem. Bonzi wasn't your friend; it was malware, and it was released at the perfect time. Following the burst of the dot com bubble, investors pulled their money from the web and online companies needed a new way to profit.

UserWay Releases AI-Powered Accessibility Widget for Shopify Stores


UserWay, the leading web accessibility company, announced today the release of its AI-Powered Accessibility Widget in the Shopify app store. UserWay's widget automatically solves accessibility issues on websites to create a more inclusive and accessible user experience. By embedding the UserWay widget in their sites, Shopify store owners ensure that their shops are inclusive of the more than one billion people living with disabilities. Creating websites that are fully accessible is challenging, requiring a high level of effort and expertise to cover hundreds of accessibility guidelines. A recent analysis of the top one million websites detected failures to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in more than 97% of home pages.

Global Integration of Software with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Aiding Market …


Global Integration of Software with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Aiding Market Analysis Report 2021 and Forecast to 2029 with different …

Predicting car accidents in my neighborhood: A data-driven approach.


I was born and raised in a calm and mostly residential district of the northern suburbs of Athens called "Vrilissia". However, this calmness is often interrupted by car crashes in the streets. And when I say often, I mean that as a kid, I remember periods of time that car accidents were happening on a daily basis. So I tried to collect data about car accidents in Vrilissia, analyze them, try to interpret them and if possible try to predict the severity of a car accident that may happen in future time. I collected data about car crashes in Vrilissia through the local news site,

Investor behind Moderna raises $3.4bn biotech-focused fund


Flagship's scientists were particularly interested in advancing machine learning tools which can understand the human body at a more complex and …

Albuquerque biotech startup to boost the use of its technology in Africa with NIH grant


… Bruhnke and Stefany Goradia, worked with RS21 to develop a platform using AI and machine learning to identify trends in health care data.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Media & Communications


New media can be defined as a highly interactive digital technology which allows people to interact anywhere anytime. This has evolved as a non-tangible channel for communication on the preset of growth in Information Technology. The ability to transform content to a digitized format allowed new-age media to take shape within the internet. Accessibility through hand-held devices like mobile platforms, personal computers, digital devices, and virtual computing machines has aided the growth of new-age media. The medium of new media is not just restricted to social networking platforms, blogs, online newspapers, digital games and virtual reality, but any aspect of communication that can be communicated real-time, processed, stored and delivered in formats of data instantaneously.