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Sony to unveil PlayStation 5 launch video game titles, first look at games at June 4 event

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Video game devotees eager for more information on the upcoming PlayStation 5 – and the games coming for the next generation console – will soon have more details. Sony, which has said the PS5 will hit the market this holiday season, is planning a presentation for Thursday, June 4 at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on the PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels, according to Jim Ryan, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. "I'm excited to share that we will soon give you a first look at the games you'll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday," he said in a blog post Friday. "The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe. Studios, both larger and smaller, those newer and those more established, all have been hard at work developing games that will showcase the potential of the hardware."

The Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity.


Created by Penny de Byl, Penny English, Portuguese [Auto-generated], 1 more Students also bought A Beginner's Guide To Machine Learning with Unity Build A Multiplayer Kart Racing Game In Unity V.2019 Introduction To Unity For Absolute Beginners 2018 ready Learn Unity's Entity Component System to Optimise Your Games Git Smart: Enjoy Git in Unity, SourceTree & GitHub Preview this course GET COUPON CODE Description Do your non-player characters lack drive and ambition? Are they slow, stupid and constantly banging their heads against the wall? Then this course is for you. Join Penny as she explains, demonstrates and assists you in creating your very own NPCs in Unity with C#.

Glasses that can monitor your health and let you play video games with your eyes are developed

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Multifunction glasses that can monitor your health, let you play video games with your eyes and still work as sunglasses are developed by South Korean scientists. The groundbreaking new wearable tech built at Korea University, Seoul, can provide more advanced personal health data than devices like Fitbits or smart watches. Devices that measure electrical signals from the brain or eyes can help to diagnose conditions like epilepsy and sleep disorders -- as well as in controlling computers. A long-running challenge in measuring these electronic signals, however, has been in developing devices that can maintain the needed steady physical contact between the wearable's sensors and the user's skin. The researchers overcame this issue by integrating soft, conductive electrodes into their glasses that can wirelessly monitor the electrical signals.

It's hard to make real money selling virtual goods


There's plenty of news right now about how people are trying to make real money through video games, and not just by trying to get a taste of that Ninja game-streaming fortune. Most recently, people are selling items for hard cash inside the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As the coronavirus takes a hammer to the economy and a number of people are at risk of penury, selling goods inside the game seems like a good idea. But while there's plenty of hype about the potential for virtual economies to thrive as the real-world ones collapse, the truth is a little different. If you're unfamiliar, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a sim game for the Nintendo Switch in which you build a life for yourself in a community of adorable, anthropomorphic animals.

Video Games Don't Have To Be Educational To Spark Learning

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Columnist Kaity Kline says a serious Assassin's Creed: Black Flag habit helped her ace a surprise quiz on the Caribbean. Columnist Kaity Kline says a serious Assassin's Creed: Black Flag habit helped her ace a surprise quiz on the Caribbean. When I was in high school, the best way I could describe myself was as a parent's worst nightmare: I didn't care about my education, didn't do homework, and was known to sleep in class. My SAT score was so bad that I still don't know how I did! My very frustrated mom threw that letter in the trash.

Xbox Series X will be 'most compatible console ever', says Microsoft, as next-gen battle against PS5 continues

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The Xbox Series X will be the most compatible console ever, Microsoft has claimed, as its battle with the PlayStation 5 continues. The new Xbox console will be able to play games from the original Xbox and will bring players' progression in these games to the latest generation, Microsoft said in a new update. Those older games should even look better on the new hardware, even if they were made for previous generations, the company has said. The new updates come after Microsoft said that as well as allowing games from the original Xbox to work on the new one, it will also allow all accessories that currently work with the Xbox One to work with the new console too. They are in keeping with the suggestion from Microsoft that the Xbox Series X is more of an iterative update than an entirely new generation, with the name intended to suggest that it is part of a range of Xboxes that include the current generation and any more that come in the future.

Apple Mac update changes how MacBooks charge to make them live longer

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Apple has rolled out a new Mac update that changes the way its computers charge. The company says the new technology will allow those batteries – and therefore the computers they are in – to last longer. As they do, the amount of charge they can hold drops, until they eventually become so short their life is over. The new feature aims to slow down the rate at which that ageing process happens. It does so by watching how hot it gets and when it tends to be charged.

From Street Fighter to Sonic the Hedgehog: 10 of the best retro games

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In difficult times, nostalgia can be a balm, and sometimes you want your games to be totally uncomplicated. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the original iteration of Pac-Man still rules. It is a simple game – gobble the dots, avoid the ghosts – but the genius is in the details: did you know that each ghost behaves slightly differently according to their personality? A landmark game for storytelling with big swords and bigger hair, Final Fantasy VII might look a bit rough these days but the tale it tells is still rich and absorbing. There is a fancy, beautiful-looking remake available now, but the original version is much cheaper, still pretty great, and hits that 90s nostalgia spot.

'Minecraft Dungeons' Makes Dungeon Crawlers Accessible to All


In the 1990s, before hitting at infinitely repeatable success with the action-adventure formula of the Lego Star Wars games, Lego used to put out a lot of videogames. Under the Lego Interactive banner, the company released a diverse slate of PC and console titles, in a variety of genres. If you were a kid with a PC in the late '90s, your first introduction to real-time strategy might not have been Starcraft but Lego Rock Raiders. These games were all aimed at kids, and at their best they made hardcore gaming more legible to kids by--and this is a terrible phrase, apologies in advance--leveraging the Lego brand. Lego aesthetics met fun, straightforward takes on interesting corners of the videogame universe.

Video Game Look? Spanish League Considering Virtual Crowds

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Tebas said the Spanish league will also want to be at the forefront when real fans will be allowed back in the stadiums, which local government officials believe will be possible beginning next season with some restrictions that will include reduced attendance, distancing guidelines and the use of protective materials such as gloves and masks.