Artificial intelligence will be big, so prepare


It seems like artificial intelligence is taking over the world, leaving many of us non-techies feeling terrified. Yet when you stop to think about it, we all use artificial intelligence (AI) every day. When we Google something, use Siri on our smartphones or ask Alexa a question, we are using AI. Hollywood has certainly featured AI in many movies from "The Terminator" series to "Robocop" and "I, Robot." In "Minority Report," algorithms predict who is going to commit a crime, and the person is arrested before the crime can be committed.

How AI & Automation Are Changing The Workplace


Many businesses worship at the altar of efficiency in the hope it will improve productivity, streamline data processes and drive growth. It's not always so straightforward, but it appears these prayers have been answered. Thanks to recent innovations in AI and automation, efficiency has never been easier. AI's hyper-advanced algorithmic and computer processing abilities can digest mountains of complex data at lightning speed, helping businesses identify trends, solve problems and find solutions quicker than ever before. AI is changing the business landscape – here's how it's affecting firms of all sizes in all industries.

Virtual assistant spies, saving texts, burner phones, and more: Tech Q&A

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One of Google's Home smart speakers is seen above. Q: So, do YOU have an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker in your house? I am freaked out that it's always listening. A: Yes, smart speakers are handy. Yes, they can be fabulous for people with physical challenges.

The potential of empathetic AI Pega


The term artificial intelligence has been around since 1956; however many people don't truly understand what it means or how it affects their lives on a daily basis. Visions of robot overlords and sentient computers, no doubt the product of science fiction and pop culture, seem to always be attached to AI. But today, AI permeates all manner of things, from spam filters, to personalized recommendations, to voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. While AI and machine learning are extraordinarily useful for completing manual tasks faster and more efficiently than human beings, science is always pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. In the business world, large enterprises are under constant pressure to close the gap with customers, to innovate how they engage, and to act with empathy – as a means to develop deeper (and ultimately more valuable) relationships.

7 Smartest Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS And Android


With smartphones becoming an integral part of everyone's daily use, it is difficult to function without it. The smart features like checking emails, video conferencing, calls, instant messaging, etc. are all making life more comfortable. The business owners can reach out to their employees and clients within a few seconds. Below is the list of 7 significant smartest AI apps for your Android and iOS platforms that will change your lives for the better. ELSA or English Smart Speech Assistant is a popular app used by both Android and iOS users.

Smart homes are becoming more popular. Here's how to make sure yours is working

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Question: Is there a way for me to reboot my Wi-Fi network when I'm on vacation so I can reconnect to all of my smart home devices? Answer: The popularity of smart home devices has put a whole new emphasis on having a solid Internet connection at home. Web cams, motion sensing lights and your perimeter monitoring devices can't alert you if they lose their connection to your network. You've probably seen how rebooting your computer can solve lots of simple issues. The same holds true for your router and Internet modem because they're essentially small computer systems.

The hobbyists competing to make AI human


This weekend Steve Worswick will be pushing the boundaries of what it is to be human, attempting to fool a panel of judges into thinking they are chatting to another person while really they will be talking to a chatbot. But Steve isn't an engineer at Apple or Amazon, he is a designer from Leeds and the AI he is hoping will pass the test - Mitsuku - is one you have probably never heard of. The competition he is taking part in, the Loebner Prize, is one of the only real-world Turing Tests but is also relatively obscure in the highly-hyped world of artificial intelligence - and not without controversy. This year could be the last time Steve competes - the sponsor Hugh Loebner, a millionaire inventor who made his fortune from brass fittings, died in 2016 so there is no longer funding for the prize. The competition sees four judges conducting a series of conversations with both humans and bots which they then score out of 100.

7 Use Cases of Insurance Chatbots for a better Customer Experience


Technology has truly transformed the way marketing, and customer success is executed by leaps and bounds. Be it the'promotions' tab of our inbox, or the friend suggestions on Instagram and Facebook; we are likely to see an array of brands lined up, all vying for our attention. In a world full of clutter, where brands are brutally competing against each other to be a part of our lives, chatbots stand out. Because of the sole reason that they give the user exactly what they're looking for. Moreover, AI enables them to be smart enough to remember the user's past choices and accelerate the process for them.

Flawless Customer Experience with Chatbots


Unbelievably but Chatbots are the new revolution. They are into every sector and every business. The customer support is completely moving to Chatbots. When was the last time you think you might have had a conversation with a human offering customer support? I don't think you can even recall that because technology has taken that over so smoothly that you never felt the difference.

AI Chatbots for ITSM


And, better the health of a Service Desk, better is the maintenance of the infrastructure that supports an enterprise. However, owing to varied market dynamics Service Desks are further pressured to deliver 24/7 consistent services aimed towards infrastructure stability, network stability, asset management and more. Such targets create operational bottlenecks, reduces speed of support and increases costs. Know more about the other more important benefits of AI Chatbots designed for ITSM from our webinar and understand how they can take the complexity out of ITSM operations in less than 4 weeks*. His expertise stems from extensive work on messaging platforms, Enterprise systems and RPA.