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Google speaks 106 languages--or at least can understand queries in written form if not also oral form. When I watch someone interacting verbally with Google Assistant in languages other than English (my native tongue), I realize Google's language ability vastly exceeds my own. I have a modest ability to speak and understand German. I know a few phrases in Russian and French. But it suddenly strikes me that Google is usefully dealing with over 100 languages in written and oral form.

Gartner Says AI Augmentation Will Create $2.9 Trillion of Business Value in 2021


In 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation will create $2.9 trillion of business value and 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner defines augmented intelligence as a human-centered partnership model of people and AI working together to enhance cognitive performance. This includes learning, decision making and new experiences. "Augmented intelligence is all about people taking advantage of AI," said Svetlana Sicular, research vice president at Gartner. "As AI technology evolves, the combined human and AI capabilities that augmented intelligence allows will deliver the greatest benefits to enterprises." Gartner's AI business value forecast highlights decision support/augmentation as the largest type of AI by business value-add with the fewest early barriers to adoption (see Figure 1).

The Robotics Revolution - Prominence of Robotics as a Service


The margins between artificial intelligence, smart materials, biology, and robotics are diminishing. From robots which can repair and monitor the natural environment to nanorobots to track and kill cancer. Future robotics will influence every part of our society or life, and this is how robotics will affect the human race in coming future. The progress in robotics industry is happening on all fronts, and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is going to accelerate innovation thus disrupting and changing the state of business operations in many sectors globally. Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a new functional tactic and business model where robots are offered as a service rather than as a product to supervise and control the most mundane, repetitive, manual or hazardous tasks in any organization across multiple locations.

Telangana govt inks pact with Google for 'Digital Telangana' - Express Computer


Continuing to build on its vision of'Digital Telangana', Google India and the Telangana Government have signed an MoU to improve and get more local language content online using Google's digital publishing tool, Navlekha. The effort has already rolled out several initiatives aimed towards bridging the digital divide, mentoring local startups and enabling small and medium businesses to gain from the internet. As part of the MoU, Google will work with the state government to help digitise the government's content in Telugu to make it easier for the common man to get access to all the information and services on government sites in their local languages. Besides, Google will also collaborate with the government to support its digital literacy vision and aid in the overall digitization agenda of the state. "Google has been a trusted partner for Telangana who have already set up their office in Hyderabad and are in the process of setting-up their 2nd largest campus in Hyderabad. We have identified that availability of content in native language over the internet is essential for all citizens of Telangana to use internet actively," said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary ITE&C and Industries Department, Telangana government.

Better Than Us Netflix Official Site


A family on the brink of splitting up become the owners of a cutting-edge robot being sought by a corporation, homicide investigators and terrorists.

14 of the Best AI Chatbot Platforms to Increase Your Conversions in 2019


Have you ever placed an order through the Starbucks app? If you have, you might have noticed that an AI-powered chatbot takes your order. You can speak to it or type in your message. These AI chatbot platform will help you when your order is expected to be ready and the total cost. Similarly, the Pizza Hut chatbot on Facebook messenger can help you order your pizza. It can tell you all about their ongoing deals too. Smart businesses are integrating conversational chatbots into their inbound marketing strategies.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The E-Commerce Industry


Artifical Intelligence, the e-commerce industry can improve customer experience with personalization, targeting potential customers to increase sales, and recommending them products based on their purchase and browsing behavior. According to an article published by Business Insider, early 85% of all customer interactions is going to be managed without human support by 2020. Considering this advancing trend, many e-commerce businesses have begun to use different forms of artificial intelligence technology for understanding their customers better, offering them the best user experience, and generating more sales and revenues. Often it happens that the customers, after browsing the e-commerce website for a while, abandon their search and leave the website. This generally happens when the customers are not able to find enough relevant product results.

Automated machine learning or AutoML explained


The two biggest barriers to the use of machine learning (both classical machine learning and deep learning) are skills and computing resources. You can solve the second problem by throwing money at it, either for the purchase of accelerated hardware (such as computers with high-end GPUs) or for the rental of compute resources in the cloud (such as instances with attached GPUs, TPUs, and FPGAs). On the other hand, solving the skills problem is harder. Data scientists often command hefty salaries and may still be hard to recruit. Google was able to train many of its employees on its own TensorFlow framework, but most companies barely have people skilled enough to build machine learning and deep learning models themselves, much less teach others how.

Next Generation Machine Learning and Deep Learning Infrastructure


Spell is a powerful platform for building and managing machine learning projects. Spell takes care of infrastructure, making machine learning projects easier to start, faster to get results, more organized and safer than managing infrastructure on your own. Intuitive tools and simple commands allow you to quickly get started and immediately see the productivity benefits of having infinite computing capacity at your fingertips. Explore your data with Jupyter notebooks, train models on powerful GPUs, create APIs, and automate your entire workflow, Spell makes setting up ML pipelines easy. Run your experiments and models on your own AWS or Google cloud instance, automatically generate records, and keep your data in one place.

Google makes software to read aloud sign language


Google says it has made it possible for a smartphone to interpret and "read aloud" sign language. The tech firm has not made an app of its own but has published algorithms which it hopes developers will use to make their own apps. Until now, this type of software has only worked on PCs. Campaigners from the hearing-impaired community have welcomed the move, but say the tech might struggle to fully grasp some conversations. In an AI blog, Google research engineers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Zhang said the intention of the freely published technology was to serve as "the basis for sign language understanding".