Microsoft opens artificial intelligence lab at top university in Bucharest


Microsoft launched on Tuesday, February 18, the first artificial intelligence laboratory at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), one of the largest economic higher education institutes in Romania. In the new lab, which required an investment of EUR 50,000, the students can find more about machine learning, create and test AI algorithms, store and manage huge volumes of data, or develop applications and platforms themselves, local As of March 3, 11 cloud engineers from Microsoft Romania will hold courses aimed at helping students develop both technical and business innovation skills. The first course to be held in the new cloud lab will focus on the latest innovations in information technology using Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. The next courses will focus on artificial intelligence, and the ASE students will be encouraged to develop their own projects.

Hive - Machine Learning Engineer


Hive is a full-stack deep learning platform helping to bring companies into the AI era. We take complex visual challenges and build custom machine learning models to solve them. For AI to work, companies need large volumes of high quality training data. We generate this data through Hive Data, our proprietary data labeling platform with over 1,000,000 globally distributed workers, generating millions of high quality pieces of data per day. We then use this training data to build machine learning models for verticals such as Media, Autonomous Driving, Security, and Retail.

Free Japanese-language medical app offers advice about coronavirus

The Japan Times

A Japanese medical advice app provider is making a limited time offer of a free app that allows users to seek advice from doctors about the coronavirus. The free service, in Japanese only, is provided by Agree, a company based in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. It also operates a medical advice app called Leber. Users are asked to send information such as whether they have traveled to any places where COVID-19 has been confirmed or whether they have developed a fever. With about 120 doctors registered for the service, users receive advice in about 30 minutes about the urgency of their condition, such as if they are suspected of having pneumonia and if they should seek advice from a public health center.

See the logos AI generates for Apple, Google, and Uber


That's at least based upon a new Logo-Maker tool just launched in beta by Israel-based freelance marketplace Fiverr. The tool claims to be able to "make a professional logo in just a few clicks," using artificial intelligence, so we put it to the test and used the tool to create some alternate logos for today's biggest brands, including Apple, Google, McDonald's, Uber, and even our own Fast Company logo, just for good measure. The designs are every bit as generic as you might expect. To craft a logo, the user chooses up to three industry keywords from a list to clue the AI into the industry your business is in. There was no "technology" industry option, so let's just say it was a bit difficult to properly describe Apple or Google.

Digital India rolling - Is the Indian workforce ready for transformation?


The bouquet of AI, pushed by machine learning, computer vision and the Internet of Things (IoT), is speedily evolving as a significant universal purpose technology. Besides technology companies, it is currently being pursued across sectors ranging from manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, retail, financial services, banking, national defence, and security to public utilities. "We encourage our engineers in India to constantly push the boundaries of AI and machine learning capabilities, with applications from risk, marketing, customer service to autonomous infrastructure...," said Jayanthi Vaidyanathan – Senior Director Human Resources, PayPal India. "We have formulated several Leadership programs to build mid and senior leadership; programs that focus on soft skills of the individuals be it in influencing, brand building, communication, to name a few and also a structured job rotation program to continuously create opportunities for the top talent to diversify and equip themselves with newer skills," she said. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry constituted a task force in 2018 to study'How AI is reshaping jobs in India'.

Oliver Letwin, the unlikely merchant of technological doom

The Guardian

Oliver Letwin's strange and somewhat alarming new book begins at midnight on Thursday 31 December 2037. In Swindon – stay with me! – a man called Aameen Patel is working the graveyard shift at Highways England's traffic HQ when his computer screen goes blank, and the room is plunged into darkness. He tries to report these things to his superiors, but can get no signal on his mobile. Looking at the motorway from the viewing window by his desk, he observes, not an orderly stream of traffic, but a dramatic pile-up of crashed cars and lorries – at which point he realises something is seriously amiss. In the Britain of 2037, everything, or almost everything, is controlled by 7G wireless technology, from the national grid to the traffic (not only are cars driverless; a vehicle cannot even join a motorway without logging into an "on-route guidance system"). There is, then, only one possible explanation: the entire 7G network must have gone down. It sounds like I'm describing a novel – and it's true that Aameen Patel will soon be joined by another fictional creation in the form of Bill Donoghue, who works at the Bank of England, and whose job it will be to tell the prime minister that the country is about to pay a heavy price for its cashless economy, given that even essential purchases will not be possible until the network is back up (Bill's mother-in-law is also one of thousands of vulnerable people whose carers will soon be unable to get to them, the batteries in their electric cars having gone flat).

8 Best Edureka Online Masters Programs JA Directives


Are you looking for the best online masters programs? Here is the list of the Best Edureka Online Masters Programs will make you proficient in tools, systems, and skills required to build specific professional expertise like Data Scientist, DevOps Engineers, Big Data Architect, Could Architect, Full Stack Web Development, Business Intelligence, Data Analyst or as a Machine Learning expert. According to Edureka, they stand by you all the way to ensure that you achieve your learning goals. Edureka provides instructor-led Live Online Classes as per your convenience. You will have a Personal Learning Manager with Lifetime Access in your enrolled courses.

Startups Weekly: What the E-Trade deal says about Robinhood – TechCrunch


How well do Robinhood's financials stack up against incumbent online brokerages? While we wait for the seven-year-old company's long-planned IPO, Alex Wilhelm examined Morgan Stanley's big $13 billion purchase of E-Trade for fresh data comparison points. Robinhood has 10 million accounts -- twice what E-Trade has -- but it also appears to make much less money per user and has far fewer assets under management, as he covered for Extra Crunch. So while its fee-free approach has destroyed a key revenue stream for competitors, it still has to grow its own "order-flow" business into its private-market valuation. One solution is to make the platform stickier via social features.

Prepare for a Long Battle against Deepfakes - KDnuggets


When Stephen Hawking warned of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence in 2015, his concerns were about the Superhuman AI that would pose an existential risk to humanity. But in recent years, much more imminent danger of AI has emerged that even a genius like Hawking could not have predicted. Deepfakes depict people in videos they never appeared in, saying things they never said and doing things they never really did. Some of the harmless ones have the actor Nicolas Cage's face superimposed on his Hollywood's peers while the more serious and dangerous ones target politicians like the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Deeptrace, a cybersecurity startup based in Amsterdam found 14,698 deepfakes in June and July, an 84% increase since December of 2018 when the number of AI-manipulated videos was 7,964.

Costa Group turns to AI 'maths robot' to improve berry yield predictions ZDNet


Costa Group, one of Australia's largest horticulturist companies, has begun rolling out an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help the company better understand and manage the quantity and quality of its berry crops. The Sensing system, developed by Sydney-based company, The Yield, has been designed to measure 14 variables of a typical agriculture model such as rain, light, wind, temperature, and soil moisture in real time. The information is then ingested into an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and combined with existing data sets shared by Costa before AI is applied to create a localised prediction of each berry crop. "We literally describe the system like a maths robot because it's effectively crunching through data and selecting the most important feature sets, creating models, putting them into production, measuring the accuracy, feeding that back in, and continually adjusting," The Yield founder and managing director Ros Harvey told ZDNet. The system was recently installed within the polytunnels of Costa's eight berry farms in New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania.