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My Dead Best Friend Is Now a Chatbot


Last year Eugenia Kuyda lost her friend Roman in an accident. But she was determined not to lose his memory. She gathered all the texts Roman sent over his short life and made a chatbot – a program that responds automatically to text messages. Now whenever she is missing Roman, Eugenia sends the chatbot a message and Roman's words respond. And subscribe to Bloomberg Politics for the latest political news: Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more:

Financial Evolution: AI, Machine Learning & Sentiment Analysis – 29 October 2019, Zurich


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) and Sentiment Analysis are said to "predict the future through analysing the past" – the Holy Grail of the finance sector. They can replicate cognitive decisions made by humans yet avoid the behavioural biases inherent in humans. Processing news data and social media data and classifying (market) sentiment and how it impacts Financial Markets is a growing area of research. The field has recently progressed further with many new "alternative" data sources, such as email receipts, credit/debit card transactions, weather, geo-location, satellite data, Twitter, Micro-blogs and search engine results. AI & ML are gaining adoption in the financial services industry especially in the context of compliance, investment decisions and risk management.

Jio AI Video Call Assistant Launched, Aimed to Enhance Customer Support


Reliance Jio has announced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Video Call Assistant (Bot) at the ongoing India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019. The new service aims to transform customer support and customer communication systems. According to the company, the assistant can be accessed via a 4G phone call, and customers don't need to install any app. The customer engagement video assistant solution has been developed by Jio in partnership with US-based company Radisys, a Reliance Industries Ltd subsidiary that provides open telecom solutions to service providers worldwide. The company says that with this new launch it will addressing the current customer pain points like endless call-hold music or seemingly never-ending IVR wait times.

15 examples of machine learning making established industries smarter


After winning 74 consecutive games and earning $3.3 million in prize money, he finally lost to his fiercest opponent -- a newcomer, no less, that went by a single name: Watson. Really, though, it was no contest. With four years of training and a huge research budget, Watson had been born for this moment. If a computer can be born, that is. Created by IBM to answer questions posed in natural language, Watson was initially designed to excel at Jeopardy! but after its win it began tackling other projects: assisting in the treatment of lung cancer patients at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; conversing with kids via smart toys; teaming up with education company Pearson to tutor college students; even helping H&R Block customers file their taxes.

Artificial intelligence: The key to unlocking business success


According to Accenture, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to help increase labour productivity by up to 40% and potentially double annual economic growth rates by 2035. But for organisations to capitalise on these and other benefits, decision-makers must ensure AI effectively integrates into existing operations. AI must be treated like any other hyped technology; the focus must be on addressing specific business challenges that provide a return on the investment needed. Adding impetus to the rush towards implementing AI and its related technologies is the perception that the majority of early adopters have already achieved economic benefits, as outlined in the 2017 Deloitte State of Cognitive Survey. Even so, AI hasn't always enjoyed positive reviews.

Big data and AI will probably keep you alive longer


A good number of health care stats fall into the shocking category. For example, each year 270,000-plus women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer -- more than 45,000 die from the debilitating illness annually. Some 85% of breast cancers occur with no family history of it, making preventing its occurrence through diet and positive lifestyle habits impossible. Meanwhile, the U.S. obesity rate is at a historic high -- about 100 million people in the U.S. are considered obese. Alarmingly, 26% of 2 to 5 year olds are viewed as overweight, according to a recent Duke University study.

World Summit AI: 5 early-stage startups show AI's potential across industries


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rarely out of the headlines these days, due in large part to a steady stream of controversies from many of the major tech players. Facial recognition software is increasingly permeating society without much regard for ethics or accuracy. And crashes and near-misses blighted the recent launch of Tesla's new Smart Summon feature, which allows drivers -- in theory -- to remotely beckon their vehicle in parking lots. There is a strong case for the suggestion that AI, in its current form at least, is more artificial stupidity than anything else. Nonetheless, AI is here and here to stay.

L1ght Saves Kids From Online Toxicity, Using Data Science And AI


With increased connectivity comes increased concerns - especially for parents with children that are active online. Parents obviously want to shield their children from the horrific experiences we all hear, see, and read about. However, it takes more than just telling children to not share personal information to protect them from toxic online behavior such as bullying, hate speech, and sexual predators. It's a frightening new world online, especially for kids and the stats are eye-opening. The need for a better all-encompassing solution becomes magnified when you consider the fact that oftentimes, it's the children who are so tech-savvy their parents are unaware of their actions, much less the new online behavioral norms of gameplay or slang and worse yet many of those actions are difficult to trace.

How AI is changing your job search


When it comes to recruiting, many people focus on the problems technology can create. Even in this newsletter, we've talked about the headaches caused by applicant tracking systems (ATS), for example. Yet, a slew of companies are working to introduce more tech in the hiring process, and they say it will be a net benefit. "It's not like technology is not being used, but it's being used in such a janky way," said Frida Polli, who is CEO and co-founder of Pymetrics, which uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence to match applicants to the right positions. Like an ATS, their system can serve as a tool for companies to comb through the initial onslaught of applicants.

Giant robots powered by AI are being trained to 3-D print rockets to take humans to space

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A new company founded by two former USC students wants to change the way rockets are made by using enormous 3-D printers. The company's initial project is called Terran-1, a 100-foot tall rocket that initially will carry satellites of up to 2,800 pounds into orbit around the earth. The current plan is to radically simplify manufacturing, using 100 times fewer parts to create a rocket that's so easy to manufacture, an AI can handle it. Relativity Space is based in Los Angeles, where its working on building a rocket that could launch as early as 2021. Relativity's founders see 3-D printing as the key to the company's success.