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Top 9 data science use cases in banking - Fintech News


Using data science in the banking industry is more than a trend, it has become a necessity to keep up with the competition. Banks have to realize that big data technologies can help them focus their resources efficiently, make smarter decisions, and improve performance. Here is a list of data science use cases in banking area which we have combined to give you an idea how can you work with your significant amounts of data and how to use it effectively. Machine learning is crucial for effective detection and prevention of fraud involving credit cards, accounting, insurance, and more. Proactive fraud detection in banking is essential for providing security to customers and employees.

How Technology is Shaping the Real Estate Industry


Advancements in technology are shaping the way real estate agents and homeowners navigate the home selling and buying process. In today's modern world, real estate professionals rely on sophisticated data to drive decisions, assess home value, and find ideal buyers. Keeping up with the times can be difficult, but the technology that's now available to agents is an exciting and convenient shift. Here are a few ways new technology is shaping the real estate industry and how agents can gain a competitive advantage by staying informed on the latest trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the real estate industry. While still a relatively new trend, AI is here to stay.

EETimes - Syntiant Raises Another $35M, Ships 1 Million Edge AI Chips


Ultra-low-power AI accelerator startup Syntiant has raised another $35 million in a series C round of funding to bring the total raised by the company to $65 million. Syntiant, whose 66 staff work out of Irvine, Calif., also announced that it has hit a shipping milestone with 1 million parts in the hands of customers. Third round Syntiant's C round was led by Microsoft's VC fund, M12, and Applied Ventures, the VC arm of Applied Materials. "[$35m] gets us pretty far into growing our sales team and ramping our revenue," Syntiant CEO Kurt Busch told EE Times. "We have the second-generation chip already back in the lab, which we expect to announce before the end of the year… this funding will also be used to fund development of third generation silicon and build out our customer base."

Machine learning: foe and friend for market surveillance


The rise of machine learning in trading is posing new challenges for market surveillance, but the technology could also be a useful tool for identifying abuse risks, according to a report from the FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB).

Top 10 Trending Technologies for future


Change is the only constant. This applies to your professional life as well. Up-skilling yourself is a need nowadays, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving very quickly. I have listed the top 10 trending technologies, which are expected to acquire a huge market in 2020. So, let's make a new year resolution to master any one of the below technologies: AI existed before the internet was born, but it's now the information processing and calculate power backbone became powerful enough to sustain an whole technologies by itself.

Top 5 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy According to Hedge Funds


What are the best robotics and artificial intelligence stocks to buy today? In this time of uncertainty characterized by volatile market movements, economic contraction, and spiraling unemployment, finding stocks to put your money into seems like an arduous task. Some investors might think that the stock market is acting irrationally and puzzled by the quick recovery of stock prices sin the end of March. Economic reality is that long-term real interest rates are negative, the Federal Reserve is flooding the market with cheap credit, and the current economic slowdown is temporary. This is the perfect environment to buy technology stocks which aren't negatively affected by the coronavirus induced lockdowns and economic slowdown.

The Newest Listed Stock in the $100B USD Digital Ad Space


Nowhere is more apparent than the massive growth within the online marketing advertising sector. The effects of lockdowns and quarantines forcing companies to operate remotely and keeping people at home shone a light on increased software use, digital reliance, and online advertising. Before the pandemic, the largest companies in the world were already tech giants. All of the big five have fought for and earned revenue from software services, but the growing advertising slice of the pie had become dominated by the duopoly of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG). Now, that media advertising market has grown to US $100 billion largely on advertising revenue and digital ad spending that are both forecasted to keep increasing.

Board Directors And CEO AI Literacy - A Change Imperative.


AI's impact in the big data landscape is unfolding in quantum leaps. IDC reported that worldwide revenues for big data and advanced business analytics will reach more than $203 billion in 2020. Research and Markets project that the US market alone will reach over $105B by 2027. The rapid growing market and interest in AI is being driven by the accelerating cloud and data traffic, much of it from: mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT) and increasingly business leader's recognition that digital transformation is an imperative to remain in business. We have already seen the explosive growth of technology giants from: Accenture, Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Intel, and Microsoft, in particular, that are lined with deep pockets, actively investing in acquiring talent and releasing open AI hardware and software as the race to stay on top marches feverishly foreword.

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency: A Great Duo?


With the advancement of technologies, the global economy has been digitized to facilitate secure and safe transactions. The cryptocurrency market has been the most exciting to watch over the last few years, considering its blistering returns and daily swings which can create panic even to the most seasoned traders or investors. Its incredible momentum along with the large number of individuals flocking to open e-wallets and exchange accounts is impressive. Despite the tremendous growth witnessed in the crypto space, the one area that many of these newly-minted traders struggle are in guarding their emotions. Humans are not as disciplined as machines when it comes to decision-making as many of our decisions are based on personal biases and emotions.

RBC Seeks to Pump Up Its AI Models With a New Platform WSJD - Technology

Royal Bank of Canada is upgrading its trove of artificial-intelligence models with advanced capabilities, as it seeks to beef up its usage of the technology to improve operations and customer experience. The Toronto-based bank, which serves more than 17 million customers in over 30 countries, has 1,000-plus AI models for jobs like fraud detection, risk analysis and marketing. Part of the goal is to take models that use simple prediction techniques, such as linear regression, and apply advanced techniques, like machine-learning,...