Amazon is spotted testing its Prime Air delivery drones at the company's test site near Cambridge

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Amazon is continuing to'secretly' test the capability of its Air Prime delivery drones at their proving ground in the UK countryside. Engineers in high vis jackets were spotted yesterday flying drones on wires from a giant metal gantry in a field near Cambridge, England. It is unclear why the drones are being flown attached to cables -- but could perhaps help to determine the drone's positions relative to the crane as they land. Cameras and sensors have also been added to the metal frame to carry out tests on the drones and check they can navigate and land correctly. The company first began secretly flying its drones in a field near Cambridge three years ago, in July 2016, after the UK's Civil Aviation Authority lifted the previous strict drone flying restrictions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils bizarre cybertruck electric pickup but botches live demo

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been left embarrassed after the glass on his new electric'Cybertruck' was smashed just after he boasted about it being'shatterproof'. During the announcement of the truck - which looks like a armoured vehicle with angular sides - Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen tried to prove the glass was'shatterproof' by throwing a heavy metal ball at close range. Musk was heard muttering'oh my f***ing God' when the glass smashed. It is the second embarrassing mishap for Musk in as many days, after the first full-size prototype of the SpaceX Starship rocket exploded during pressure testing on Wednesday. The Tesla Cybertruck is unveiled at Tesla's design studio Thursday in Hawthorne, California.

How to use your Echo to get exclusive Black Friday deals

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Black Friday is almost here, and one of the best things about the biggest shopping event of the year is being able to score major sales right from your couch. Your Amazon Echo speaker is an easy, hassle-free way to shop Amazon's post-Thanksgiving sales. Why wake up before the sun and stand in long lines when you can shop in your pajamas with Alexa on Black Friday? This year, you can save big on your holiday purchases without having to lift a finger. Just make sure you have an Alexa-enabled speaker at the ready, like our favorite Echo, the Echo third-generation.

Using Data Analysis and Machine Learning to Identify Violence Zones in Somalia


The conflicts in Somalia have reached alarming levels, year after year many people are victimized by disputes of territory and dominance of spaces. The problem has reached intolerable levels in the international community. This report aims to inform intervention actions through insights that are placed as strategic tools for facing the presented problems. The work is part of Omdena's AI challenge in partnership with the UNHCR -- The UN Refugee Agency. The data is derived from a wide variety of local, regional and national sources and the information is collected by trained data experts around the world.

BNamericas - The underbelly of digital insurance channels


Digital channels targeting the mass consumer market are helping insurers swell their client base without the need for traditional intermediaries – but at a cost. One cost is increased risk of fraud, global insurance fraud analytics firm FRISS said during an event in Chile outlining the results of the first fraud survey of its kind covering all Latin America. As technology develops and purchasing habits change, insurers are increasingly leveraging digital channels, allowing consumers to take out policies online, directly from an insurer, in a largely frictionless manner. The trend is forecast to continue in Latin America as insurers seek to keep costs under control, tap what is still an underpenetrated market, and stand out from the crowd. One consequence of this is the sidelining of brokers, whose detailed client knowledge can help prevent fraud, said FRISS, a Dutch firm that provides an AI-powered platform to help P&C insurers combat fraud and which carried out the survey of insurance companies.

SAS Tutorial Machine Learning: A Coding Example in SAS


In this SAS How To Tutorial, Christa Cody shows how to create machine learning models using SAS Viya. First, you will be shown a coding example in SAS of supervised learning in SAS Studio which is great for those who are familiar with SAS programming. She will then create the same model using Model Studio machine learning pipelines. This approach may be more useful for someone unfamiliar or uninterested in programming the model themselves, but still want to have similar control over hyperparameters. After watching this video and see the coding examples, you will have a better understanding of how to build machine learning models in SAS.

From blue tea to avocado coffee: AI tool to help firms launch new products 'ahead of trend'


According to Kerry Vice President Marketing & Strategy APMEA Parth Patel, Trendspotter was developed in order to both launch F&B products ahead of trend as well as to reduce the lead time for innovation by up to seven months. "Imagine, if as a branded food and beverage player you are able to launch a new product ahead of its trend. Basically, you are creating a runway for yourself and most probably you are going to be the only player, hence chances of success are high," he told FoodNavigator-Asia . "We aim to reduce the lead time for innovation and the chances of failure of new product launches, while increasing the probability of success by focusing on those trends which are emerging and not yet mainstream." The need here comes from high rates of recorded failures – a recent Nielsen study found that 85% of new product launches fail within 18 to 24 months, driving high burdens in terms of cost, time, and effort for all major F&B companies.

AI & Ticket Next Best Action: Featuring Intelygenz


Sign in to report inappropriate content. In this engaging one-on-one chat, MetTel's CTO, Ed Fox, and Chris Brown, COO of Intelygenz, discuss how Artificial Intelligence is not only changing the way businesses operate but also enabling innovative solutions like Ticket Next Best Action solution, which uses AI to achieve zero human touch ticket resolution.

UK Department for Work and Pensions accelerates use of robots – Government & civil service news


The UK's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is accelerating its use of automated systems to handle claims for benefits, in a move some fear will disadvantage welfare recipients. The DWP has hired nearly 1,000 new IT staff in the last 18 months, and increased spending to about £8m (US$10.3m) This new'virtual workforce' is to take over some of the jobs of humans. According to an investigation by The Guardian, which has unearthed further detail on the DWP's plans, one recent tender document requested help to build "systems that… can automatically carry out tasks without human intervention". As well as contracts with a number of multinationals, the department is working with UiPath, a New York-based firm co-founded by Daniel Dines, the world's first "bot billionaire", whose machine learning software is being deployed by the DWP to check benefit claims and detect fraud.