Live coverage of #ICRA2019


The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is being held this week in Montreal, Canada. It's one of the top venues for roboticists and attracts over 4000 conference goers. Andra, Audrow, Lauren, and Lilly are on the ground so expect lots of great podcasts, videos with best-paper nominees, and coverage in the weeks and months ahead. For a taste of who is presenting, here is the schedule of keynotes. It also looks like you can navigate the program, read abstracts, and watch spotlight presentations by following these instructions.

Learning R: The Ultimate Introduction (incl. Machine Learning!)


There are a million reasons to learn R (see e.g. Why R for data science – and not Python?), but where to start? I present to you the ultimate introduction to bring you up to speed! I call it ultimate because it is the essence of many years of teaching R… or put differently: it is the kind of introduction I would have liked to have when I started out with R back in the days! A word of warning though: this is a introduction to R and not to statistics, so I won't explain the statistics terms used here.

A Futuristic Reality: Harnessing The Power Of The Three Layers Of Machine Learning


Google Assistant can draw on voice command, as seen here at the Google I/O conference in 2018, with the help of machine learning techniques. Artificial intelligence systems powered by machine learning have been creating headlines with applications as varied as making restaurant reservations by phone, sorting cucumbers, and distinguishing chihuahuas from muffins. Media buzz aside, many fast-growing startups are taking advantage of machine learning (ML) techniques like neural networks and support vector machines to learn from data, make predictions, improve products, and enhance business decisions. Unfortunately "machine learning theater" – companies pretending to use the technology to make theirs seem more sophisticated for a higher valuation – is also on the rise. Undeniably, ML is transforming businesses and industries, with some more likely to benefit than others.

The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning Lionbridge AI


This article is also available in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Lionbridge AI has assembled a wealth of resources for machine learning and natural language processing activities. In our previous articles, we explained why datasets are such an integral part of machine learning and natural language processing. Without training datasets, machine-learning algorithms would have no way of learning how to do text mining, text classification, or categorize products. This article is the ultimate list of open datasets for machine learning.

Why the Future of Work is on the Blockchain


The impressive promise that smart contracts hold for the future of business will only grow more impressive in the near-future as blockchain services that make such clever agreements possible in the first place become more advanced. Businesses will rely on smart contracts for a wide number of reasons, but nowhere will they be more important than when it comes to negotiating complex agreements with other businesses. These companies will cut the costs of working together by removing third parties from the equation, as smart contracts will be able to manage and adjust themselves with minimal to no human oversight.

Q&A: Travel startup paves way for industry consolidation (Includes interview)


In May 2019 Google announced the consolidation of all its travel features. Google Maps, Trips, Hotels and Flights will combine to make one Google Travel, easing the process for vacation planning. Travel startup VacationRenter, which launched last year, pioneered this model for vacation rentals, based on an artificial intelligence driven platform. According to VacationRenter's newly appointed COO, ex-Googler Marco del Rosario, both Google Travel and VacationRenter are early adopters of a pivotal strategy for today's travel technology: consolidation. Digital Journal: How has the world of travel changed in recent years?

How Big Data And Machine Learning Can Predict, Prevent Isolated Cases Of Disease


Measles, once thought to have been eliminated in the U.S., is popping up in isolated outbreaks as a result of skipped well-child visits and parents' fears that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is linked to autism. Though some 350 measles cases occurred in 15 states in the first three months of 2019, more than half were in Brooklyn, N.Y., and nearby Rockland County, N.Y., where large religious communities have adopted anti-vaccine positions. Rockland County responded by pulling 6,000 unvaccinated children out of schools and barring them from public places. The county's actions were effective; in just a few months, 17,500 doses of MMR were administered to area children. Yet, wouldn't it have been better to contain the outbreak before it got started?

How AI Is Making the Employee Experience Better Than Ever - TalentCulture


If you're in HR, you've undoubtedly heard two buzzwords as much or more than any others in the past few years: AI and employee experience. They're topics we often link to automation -- after all, the employee experience is a lot better when you're freed from tedious, repetitive processes. But AI is actually improving the employee experience in other ways that are often overlooked. We spoke with two leading AI experts about a few ways AI is making the employee experience better than ever. Let's consider employee experience for a moment.

How can Machine Intelligence transform your business? - ANDtr


AND Technology Research are excited to be participating in a round table event later this month to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how Machine Learning (ML) techniques are transforming business. Nicola Thorn, Director at AND, is joining academics and industry experts to speak about the fundamentals of Machine Intelligence and how data is utilised to improve business processes and much more. Nicola will be speaking about the fundamentals of data capture and how this effects business driven IoT. Her talk will focus on the three key aspects for capturing meaningful and valuable data, both of which are paramount to the work AND undertakes regularly for their customers. Her talk will draw upon working examples of novel machine learning techniques, which AND have created and developed for digital applications.

Python Machine Learning Blueprints - Programmer Books


Machine Learning is transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us. But how much do you really understand it? How confident are you interacting with the tools and models that drive it? Python Machine Learning Blueprints puts your skills and knowledge to the test, guiding you through the development of some awesome machine learning applications and algorithms with real-world examples that demonstrate how to put concepts into practice. You'll learn how to use cluster techniques to discover bargain air fares, and apply linear regression to find yourself a cheap apartment – and much more.