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Paralysed man moves all four limbs using groundbreaking exoskeleton that reads his mind


A man has been able to move all four of his paralysed limbs using a groundbreaking mind-controlled exoskeleton, scientists have said. The tetraplegic 30-year-old, known only as Thibault, said his first steps in the robotic suit felt like being "the first man on the Moon". The system, which works by recording and decoding brain signals, was trialled in a two-year study by French researchers at biomedical research centre Clinatec and the University of Grenoble. Scientists conceded the suit was an experimental treatment far from clinical application but said it had the potential to improve patients' quality of life and autonomy. Wearing the robotic limbs, Thibault was able to walk and move his arms using a ceiling-mounted harness for balance.

Turn any object into a robot using this program and a 3D printer

New Scientist

Robots will soon be everywhere – especially if ordinary objects can be turned into them. A computer program can now use 3D-printing to turn household objects into hand-activated robots. It can be used to turn on the water taps on a bathroom sink with the wave of a hand, or to give a window the ability to shut itself when the weather gets cold. Xiang'Anthony' Chen at the University of California in Los Angeles and colleagues developed the tool, known as Robiot, to automate simple physical tasks.

A List of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Industry Specific


Here's a look at industry specific companies that utilise various forms of artificial intelligence to solve some really interesting and particular problems for different markets. If you want to be included in any of the list don't forget to comment below. If you use Apple News or similar simple visit the site on a web browser to make comments. Imagia -- helps detect changes in cancer early Kuznech -- computer vision products range Lunit Inc. -- a range of medical imaging software Zebra Medical Vision -- medical imaging to help physicians and practitioners Aerial Achron -- automated UAV operations Airware -- drones for industrial purposes Developers, Studios and Consultants (only a few listed) Aitia Amplify Applied AI Blindspot Solutions Cogent Crossing Minds DSP Expert Systems Explosion

Enemies of the Autonomous Vehicle: Workers, Hackers, the Weather


Sometimes when you are on the brink of a rebellion, it's hard to see what's happening around you. Chandler, Arizona, has become a hot bed of attacks on autonomous vehicles (AVs). Over the past three years, people have assaulted self-driving cars in the city nearly two dozen times, pelting them with rocks, trying to run them off the road, challenging them to games of chicken, and slashing their tires. One man even threatened an AV with a .22-caliber But police chief Sean Duggan says Chandler is "absolutely not" at the forefront of a rebellion between humans and machines.

A robot puppet can learn to walk if it's hooked up to human legs


Being virtually hooked up to a human could help robots respond to disasters or other situations that would put human responders' lives at risks. The researchers say that a system like this could be used to help in robotic clean-up operations such as the one after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in Japan in 2011. Humans could have guided robots to navigate around the site more accurately, from a safe distance. And while there's currently no machine learning involved in the process, Ramos believes the data captured from the system could be used to help train autonomous robots.

Delivery drones could use public transport to extend their range

New Scientist

Delivery drones could get further by taking the bus. By landing on public transport, the little flying vehicles could travel four-and-a-half times as far, making them more useful for carrying packages over longer distances. Drones are agile, fast and energy-efficient, but their measly battery life means they can't fly for long – considerably less than an hour for most consumer drones. That's a problem if you want to deliver packages across a large city so researchers at Stanford University devised a computer program that plans deliveries by getting drones to piggyback on public …

'Mr. Robot' Creator Says His Own Anxiety And Hacking Helped Inspire The Show

NPR Technology

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail says portraying Elliot (Rami Malek) in a hooded sweatshirt was a deliberate choice: "That hoodie made us closer to who Elliot was." Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail says portraying Elliot (Rami Malek) in a hooded sweatshirt was a deliberate choice: "That hoodie made us closer to who Elliot was." Editor's note: This interview contains a racial slur. Sam Esmail, the creator, lead writer and director of the TV series Mr. Robot, has always identified with computer programming and hacker culture -- in part because of his experiences with social anxiety. In college, he shied away from parties and instead took refuge in the computer lab.

Rebel Robot Helps Researchers Understand Human-Machine Cooperation


University of Bristol researchrs developed a handheld robot that predicts a user's plans, then frustrates the user by rebelling against those plans. Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. have developed a handheld robot that predicts a user's plans, and then frustrates the user by rebelling against those plans, demonstrating an understanding of human intention. The robots hold knowledge about the task at hand, and can help the user through guidance, fine-tuned motion, and decisions about task sequences. While the technology helps fulfill tasks quicker and with higher accuracy, users can get irritated when the robot's decisions are not in line with their own plans. The team used a prototype that can track the user's eye gaze, along with machine learning, to derive short-term predictions about intended actions.

When Drones Fly

Communications of the ACM

Samuel Greengard is an author and journalist based in West Linn, OR, USA.

Real-World Applications for Drones

Communications of the ACM

In June, Amazon announced it was close to being able to offer for package deliveries by drone for its Prime Air service. That same month, Uber said it plans to test food delivery by aerial drone in crowded cities. And drone delivery company Flytrex already touts the ability to deliver drinks via unmanned vehicle on the golf course. Despite such announcements, drones are not crowding the skies over major cities and population centers just yet. But that may be about to change.