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Online dating platforms are set to offer 'digital health passports' to UK singletons

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Online dating giants are set to offer digital health passports to millions of UK singletons to prove they are free of coronavirus. Manchester-based cyber firm VST Enterprises (VSTE), is pioneering technology which it says can be used to safeguard daters when coronavirus restrictions are eased. The company says it has been approached for its digital health passports by several leading dating app companies. Tinder and Grindr are believed to be two of the dating apps that are waiting to launch them. The technology, called'VCode', would enable a doctor or nurse to upload the results of a government-approved Covid-19 test to the digital health passport.

Tinder may let you match with users anywhere in the world for free


If you can't meet a date in person, then where they live doesn't really matter. That's what Tinder seems to think, anyway. The company is reportedly planning to test a new Global Mode, which will allow profiles to show up around the world, The Verge reports. Users will be able to match with people in other cities, states and even countries. Tinder says it will begin rolling out the "first steps" of Global Mode in late May but that it will take some time before it is available to all members.

Tinder set to add video chatting next month so users can date virtually under coronavirus lockdown

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Tinder is set to make online dating amid coronavirus lockdowns more personal. The dating site is adding a video-chatting feature to its popular app by the end of June, allowing those in isolation to virtually meet one-on-one. The feature was announced during the Match Group's, Tinder's parent company, first quarter earnings call and this is the largest addition to the platform since launching in 2012. Along with the video chatting service, Tinder also shared that it has seen a surge in usage during the pandemic - with women users swiping 37 percent more each day than before. Tinder is set to make online dating amid coronavirus lockdowns more personal.

Tinder alerting users to take safety precautions amid coronavirus outbreak

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Coronavirus concerns have now spread to dating apps. Tinder is urging its users to stay safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak with pop-up alerts. The notification randomly appears when swiping for matches with the headline, "your wellbeing is our #1 priority." The popular dating app also features a series of safety tips within the alert before linking users back to the World Health Organization (WHO) to learn more. The safety tips, aligned with WHO's recommendations, include avoiding touching your face and carrying hand sanitizer.

Hinge will PAY 2,500 users $100 to stop swiping and meet one of their matches in real life

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Deciding who picks up the bill on a first date may be a cinch for some lucky users of the dating app, Hinge. According to the company, it will award up to 2,500 of its users a $100 Visa gift card that can be used to pay for a date in a bid to help them'unplug' from their phones and meet someone in-person. To activate the promotion, users must pause their profiles from 4 pm on Friday March 6th until Saturday March 7th, during which time they're expected to go on a date. After the two parties go on their date, they're then asked to go into the Hinge app and confirm that they actually attended the meetup up by clicking on their date's profile and selecting'met'. The daters are then asked to say whether they would go on another date with each other and are then are allowed to file for the Visa card on

Tinder tells users coronavirus safety is 'more important' than dating

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Tinder has posted a warning for its users telling them that coronavirus safety is'more important' than dating and urging them to wash their hands frequently. The dating app also encourages its singletons to carry hand sanitiser, avoid touching their face and'maintain social distance' when out in public. The warning says: 'Tinder is a great place to meet new people. While we want you to continue to have fun, protecting yourself from the coronavirus is more important'. It appears as a pop up while users are flipping between potential matches to warn of the dangers of the potentially deadly virus now called COVID-19. The pop-up warning also includes a link to the latest advice and information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) website.

What Happens When Tinder and AI 'Hook Up'?


The developers of the dating app Tinder recently announced that new safety features would be added to its app throughout 2020. These updates include a means to connect users with emergency services when they feel unsafe and more safety information provided through the app. Given that many users, especially women, experience harassment, sexism and threatening behaviour on Tinder, these appear to be positive steps to addressing such issues. Tinder also mentioned app updates will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) to validate profile photos. "The [AI] feature allows members to self-authenticate through a series of real-time posed selfies, which are compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted AI technology." rolls out safety feature that relays details of your next date to three emergency contacts

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Online dating going mainstream hasn't made the potential dangers of meeting up with an internet stranger any less alarming. That's why is rolling out a check-in feature that lets users shoot over their date details to trusted confidantes, including the name of the person they're meeting up with, the location of the date and the time. Once check-in is turned on, users will receive an automated text message during their date asking them if everything is going alright and if they'd like to notify their previously listed emergency contacts if it's not. is letting users notify emergency contacts if their date is showing any red flags. Check-in sends users a text that users can reply to and send trusted contacts their date's name, the location of the date and the time The user can then reply'yes' to the text message and all three contacts will be notified.

Tinder Swipes Right on AI to Help Stop Harassment


On Tinder, an opening line can go south pretty quickly. And while there are plenty of Instagram accounts dedicated to exposing these "Tinder nightmares," when the company looked at its numbers, it found that users reported only a fraction of behavior that violated its community standards. Now, Tinder is turning to artificial intelligence to help people dealing with grossness in the DMs. The popular online dating app will use machine learning to automatically screen for potentially offensive messages. If a message gets flagged in the system, Tinder will ask its recipient: "Does this bother you?"

People who are successful on dating app are more likely to cheat

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As Valentine's Day approaches and the aroma of love turns even devout singletons into frenzied love-seekers, many will invariably turn to dating apps for help. But caving in and venturing into the murky world of Hinge, Tinder and Bumble is a poisoned chalice, doomed to fail even if it works, a new study reveals. Academics have found people who have success in the fickle world of virtual swiping perceive themselves to be desirable as a result of their conquests. This sense of self-desirability, it has been proved, makes a person more likely to cheat when they eventually settle down into a serious relationship. Dr Cassandra Alexopoulos of the University of Massachusetts led the research and quizzed 395 participants on their dating app use.