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Apple acquires machine learning startup Inductiv Inc. to improve Siri data – 9to5Mac – IAM Network


Apple has acquired the machine learning startup Inductiv Inc., according to a new report from Bloomberg. The startup had been developing technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify and correct errors in datasets. The report explains that the engineering team from Inductiv has joined Apple "in recent weeks" to work on several different projects including Siri, machine learning, and data science. Apple issued its standard statement regarding the acquisition, saying it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." The startup was founded by professors from Stanford University, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Wisconsin.

Amazon's Echo Look fashion camera will stop working on July 24th


We hope you wren't leaning on Amazon's Echo Look for fashion advice -- you'll have to find an alternative soon. Simply put, the company no longer feels the Look is necessary given recent changes. Now that Style by Alexa features have found their way into Alexa devices and the Amazon Shopping app, "it's time to wind down" the Look, a spokesperson said. You can read the complete statement below. You aren't completely stranded if the smart camera was a mainstay of your morning routine.

Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi smart speaker review: The case of the missing midrange


My thoughts about the Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker Wireless Charging can be distilled in a single word: boring. Listening to a $300 speaker should be exciting. Belkin doesn't have a track record of building great audio equipment, but its partner on this project--the French audiophile company Devialet--most certainly does. The Devialet Phantom blew my mind when I reviewed it five years ago. So, I had high hopes when I learned Belkin had enlisted that company's expertise to develop something more mainstream.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update review: Microsoft boosts Linux and Your Phone, but Cortana slips hard


Update, 05/27/2020: Microsoft launched the May 2020 update on May 27, through manual download first, or you can just wait for Microsoft to push it to your PC. Our review of Microsoft's Windows 10 20H1 update--also known as version 2004, or the Windows 10 May 2020 Update--shows an OS focused primarily on building out existing features, rather than launching new ones. Some scaffolding is still apparent in tweaks to Your Phone, and especially Cortana. Microsoft has further polished Task Manager, Settings, and Game Bar, however, and isn't afraid to serve niche audiences with upgrades to the Windows Subsystem for Linux and the related Terminal app. As in the past, we've based our review on the Insider builds of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, beginning with the major features and working through to its minor additions.

5 Amazing Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Action - DZone AI


As scientists and researchers strive harder to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) mainstream, this ingenious technology is already making its way to our day to day lives and continues ushering across several industry verticals. From voice-powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa to autonomously-powered self-driving vehicles, AI has been rearing itself as a force to be reckoned with. Many tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have been making huge bets on the long-term growth potential of Artificial Intelligence. According to a report published by the research firm Markets and Markets, the AI market is expected to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025. More and more businesses are looking to boost their ROI by leveraging the capabilities of AI.

Adopt these 4 practices to successfully integrate AI into your organization


The integration of AI (chatbots, etc.) will only increase as businesses look for ways to boost customer experience and automate tasks. A close look at the more successful deployments found four distinct habits among them. No single habit is entirely responsible for success or failure, but the pursuit of these four significantly increases your chances of delivering business value through AI. The Gartner survey showed that leveraging a variety of workers with different skills and diverse business insights–while still centralizing their strategies–helps lay the foundation for AI success. Organizations are more likely to be advanced in their AI capabilities when they build a task force to do so–one that is made up of AI researchers, data scientists, project managers, software developers, and more.

Bulild Smart Chatbots with AI


Chatfuel provides flexibility in how you manage your bot's responses to free-form messages from users. One option is to automate these responses using the keywords rules built right in to your dashboard. Or, you can use JSON chat API to connect Dialogflow AI (artificial intelligence) to your bot. Dialogflow is conversational AI from Google used by some of the largest brands in the world. It allows your bot to "understand" and learn from the messages it receives, extract actionable data from those messages, and deliver even more accurate responses.

Apple Buys Machine-Learning Startup to Improve Data Used in Siri


Apple Inc. bought machine-learning startup Inductiv Inc., adding to more than a dozen AI-related acquisitions by the technology giant in the past few years. The engineering team from Waterloo, Ontario-based Inductiv joined Apple in recent weeks to work on Siri, machine learning and data science. Apple confirmed the deal, saying it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." Inductiv developed technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the task of identifying and correcting errors in data. Having clean data is important for machine learning, a popular and powerful type of AI that helps software improve with less human intervention.

Microsoft continues its productivity-aide push with the new Cortana app for Windows 10 2004


As Microsoft begins rolling out its Windows 10 2004/May 2020 Update, the company also will be delivering its new "Cortana experience" simultaneously. This new, separate Cortana app, available for Windows 10 starting with this feature update, is all about using natural language (voice or typing activated) to handle more productivity tasks. Microsoft revealed officially earlier this year that it would be delivering Cortana as a standalone app starting with the Windows 10 2004/May 2020 Update. This app, which will be able to be updated independently of the underlying operating system, will allow users to check their schedule, set reminders, add Microsoft ToDo tasks and more. Starting May 27, the new Cortana app will be generally available in English for those with the publicly available Windows 10 2004/May 2020 update.

Apple buys an AI startup to improve Siri's data


Apple is continuing its string of AI startup acquisitions, this time to improve Siri's performance. The company has confirmed to Bloomberg that it recently acquired Inductiv, a Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based company that uses AI to correct data -- which, in turn, improves machine learning. The company didn't elaborate on its plans and relied on its standard response that it "buys smaller technology companies from time to time," but Siri appears to be the focus. The iPhone maker appears to be focused on improving its voice assistant's understanding as of late, most recently acquiring Voysis to boost natural language comprehension. Cleaner data would go a long way toward that goal by reducing the chances that garbage information confuses Siri.