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Incredible photos reveal the moment NASA's OSIRIS-Rex made historic touchdown on asteroid Bennu

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Stunning images taken from the historic OSIRIS-REx mission show the moment the spacecraft touched down on the asteroid Bennu more than 200 million miles away from Earth to collect a sample of dirt and dust Tuesday night. On Wednesday NASA unveiled videos and images showing the moment the spacecraft pulled off the six-second touch-and-go (TAG) mission where it bounced off the asteroid's surface and picked up samples along the way. The triumphant $1.16 billion mission is the first American effort to take a sample from an asteroid with the hopes to unlock secrets about the origin of life on Earth. The sample will be returned to Earth in 2023. The images show how the spacecraft descended within three feet of the target landing spot dubbed Nightingale on the asteroid while avoiding boulders the size of buildings.

Singular Value Decomposition Core Concepts


A few years ago, I decided to post my study notes for my machine learning courses on Instagram. Initially, I aimed to target the'study-note-aesthetic' enthusiasts out there. Unexpectedly, I began to receive feedback from ML students who explained that the notes were helpful for the actual content in them. Since I have a long history of educating and naturally love to be of assistance, I became more conscientious regarding the clarity of the content and tailored my posts for this new and unexpected target audience. Since I started a master's program in data science in August, I have decided to share my most recent notes -- which are now taken via Notability on the iPad -- on Medium in the case that they can be of use for more students.

Interpretability in Machine Learning


Should we always trust a model that performs well? A model could reject your application for a mortgage or diagnose you with cancer. The consequences of these decisions are serious and, even if they are correct, we would expect an explanation. A human would be able to tell you that your income is too low for a mortgage or that a specific cluster of cells is likely malignant. A model that provided similar explanations would be more useful than one that just provided predictions.

Teaching computers to read health records is helping fight COVID-19 – here's how


Medical records are a rich source of health data. When combined, the information they contain can help researchers better understand diseases and treat them more effectively. But to unlock this rich resource, researchers first need to read it. We may have moved on from the days of handwritten medical notes, but the information recorded in modern electronic health records can be just as hard to access and interpret. It's an old joke that doctors' handwriting is illegible, but it turns out their typing isn't much better.

Intel Powers First Satellite with AI on Board


As ubiquitous as artificial intelligence has become in modern life -- from boosting our understanding of the cosmos to surfacing entertaining videos on your phone -- AI hasn't yet found its way into orbit. That is until Sept. 2, when an experimental satellite about the size of a cereal box was ejected from a rocket's dispenser along with 45 other similarly small satellites. The satellite, named PhiSat-1, is now soaring at over 17,000 mph (27,500 kmh) in sun-synchronous orbit about 329 miles (530 km) overhead. PhiSat-1 contains a new hyperspectral-thermal camera and onboard AI processing thanks to an Intel Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) -- the same chip inside many smart cameras and even a $99 selfie drone here on Earth. PhiSat-1 is actually one of a pair of satellites on a mission to monitor polar ice and soil moisture, while also testing intersatellite communication systems in order to create a future network of federated satellites.

Council Post: Nine Software Development Trends In 2021 To Watch For Now


As a very unique year slowly comes to an end, experts are here again to predict the most promising trends in the app development industry. In this article, we will discuss the cutting-edge software technologies, programming languages and other areas that I believe are going to gain more power in the software industry battle next year. It's no surprise that this approach will gain momentum, especially in the banking/fintech industry, multimedia products and other areas with increased demand for flawless performance on mobile devices, reliability, quality and security. Native development provides enhanced user experience and outstanding performance when these parameters are a priority. The rise of IoT is not going to stop in 2021.



"This is the product of my interest and passion in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Body Language." Version 1.0 features detection of genuine happiness and forced smile. This app is a continuous research project so expect smarter AI and more emotions to detect on upcoming updates. Either you snap a picture, or get one from your photo library. The AI will do the rest.

The First Rule About AI Club: You Don't Talk About AI


Internet is the best place in the world to turn your suspicions into nightmares: suspecting your partner is cheating on you? Every Facebook Like will confirm it; Feeling a little dizzy? Dr. Google will immediately diagnose how many days you have left to live; Wondering if the Earth really might be flat? Your initial enthusiasm for researching AI will soon be bogged down and paralyzed by concepts such as clustering, deep learning, random forests, SVM, LIME, SHAPS and other strange acronyms. As you wade into the waters of AI frameworks, you'll inadvertently find you're out of your depth, trying to figure out why your AI searches produce results on Machine Learning (ML).

Fujifilm works with Shanghai firm to get Avigan approved in China

The Japan Times

Fujifilm Holdings Corp. said on Thursday it has partnered with Shanghai-based Carelink Pharmaceutical Co. to seek approval in China for Avigan to treat COVID-19 and influenza. Carelink will use Fujifilm's data on Avigan's treatment of novel coronavirus infections and influenza to seek imported drug approval in China, Fujifilm said in a statement. The two companies also plan to develop an injectable form of the drug. Fujifilm said last week it was seeking approval for Avigan as a treatment for COVID-19 in Japan. That followed results from a late-stage study in Japan that showed the antiviral drug reduced recovery time for patients with nonsevere symptoms.