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After Math: With the kids away, it's time to play


Since it looks like the fall school semester is happening whether we're ready for it or not, you'll finally have dibs on "next game" on that console your kids have been bogarting for the past quarantined four months. Lucky for you, there are plenty of upcoming titles -- and some solid streaming selections -- to help you fill the day while your kids hit the books. Used to be that if you wanted to reassign the gender of your World of Warcraft's character, you'd need to shell out $15 -- that's in real cash money, not in-game currency. But with the forthcoming release of WoW's'Shadowlands' expansion, players will be able to change is as the see fit. In case Epic Games' year wasn't already going swimmingly, the team behind battle royale juggernaut Fortnite just received a quarter-billion dollar financial infusion from Sony.

DBS, Neo & Partners Global, win awards for use of financial information and technology


DBS's NLP Asset Hub houses an ever-growing storage bank of reusable artificial intelligence/machine–learning (AI/ML) assets that can be tapped into by …

Why are Artificial Intelligence systems biased?


A machine-learned AI system used to assess recidivism risks in Broward County, Fla., often gave higher risk scores to African Americans than to …

Root case analysis using frequent pattern discovery (Machine learning usecase)


Hi everybody, Before jumping to the summer's holiday, wanted to organize another meetup, and here we are! In this meetup, we are hosting Golnaz, she is a data scientist working for Altran Italia. During this meet up she will: - Discuss practical steps to start a career in data science and opportunities in Altran. An approach used to developing a semi-supervised ML model for root cause analysis and finding correlations in data. With RSVP Yes, you will receive the link for joining to us online.

The Future of Chip Design with the Cadence iSpatial Flow - Semiwiki


A few months ago, I wrote about the announcement of a new digital full flow from Cadence. In that piece, I focused on the machine learning (ML) aspects of the new tool. I had covered a discussion with Cadence's Paul Cunningham a week before that explored ML in Cadence products, so it was timely to dive into a real-world example of the strategy Paul described. Since then, I also covered a position paper from Cadence on Intelligent System Design, which provides more details on advanced technology and ML for EDA. The new digital full flow from Cadence is called iSpatial.

Handle Missing Data in Pyspark


The objective of this article is to understand various ways to handle missing or null values present in the dataset. A null means an unknown or missing or irrelevant value, but with machine learning or a data science aspect, it becomes essential to deal with nulls efficiently, the reason being an ML engineer can't afford to get short on the dataset. Let's check out various ways to handle missing data or Nulls in Spark Dataframe. Hurray, here we have discussed several ways to deal with null values in a Spark data frame.

Artificial Intelligence in BFSI Market Size By Types, By Application, By Region, And Forecast 2020 …


While emphasizing the key driving factors for the Artificial Intelligence in BFSI market, the report also offers a full study of the future trends and …

Queenslanders breaking down language barriers and scanning X-rays with AI


Two new artificial intelligence projects designed to provide better services in hospitals are the first promising shoots out of Queensland's newly formed …

ContractPodAi and Bowmans Partner to Bring Artificial Intelligence


ContractPodAi, the award-winning provider of AI-powered contract lifecycle management solutions, today announced that it is partnering with …