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Infographic: 9 Components of a High-Performing Chatbot - BotCore


An excellent Conversational UX is key to drive adoption and helps users reach their goal in the shortest time with maximum end-user experience. It enables bots to conduct human-like conversations. Machine learning algorithms enable chatbots to learn from previous conversations, and deliver better responses in the future. NLP is a technological process that allows chatbots to understand the meaning behind users' natural language inputs and then deliver relevant responses. The technology with which chatbots can analyze users' input text or voice and understand their emotions and gauge their mood.

People in these jobs are most afraid of a robot takeover


Sometimes, it seems like robots are completely taking over the world. Every year, thousands of machines are deployed into the workforce, taking jobs that humans used to do. And, workers are rightly worried. A new survey from CNBC and Survey Monkey found that almost four in 10 workers between the ages of 18 and 24 are concerned about new technology – like robots and artificial intelligence systems, taking over their jobs. Dan Schawbel, research director of Future Workplace, told CNBC that one reason why the younger generation is more concerned about a robot takeover is that artificial intelligence has rapidly become normalized throughout our society, and the length remaining in young people's careers will likely be impacted by AI. "They are starting to see the value of [AI] and how it's impacting their personal and professional lives," he said. GmbH


We provide powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically. A scalable artificial intelligence builds the core of the blackshark platform, detecting features with incredible precision and speed. A novel machine learning approach was developed to train a neural network for new features rapidly, enabling blackshark to serve various use cases in many different industries. We can also can also fully automatically and semantically reconstruct detected features in 3D, using a patented technology for efficiently storing and streaming petabytes of data, as showcased in our work on the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our team of 50 data scientists, geospatial engineers, 3D rendering programmers and developers, self-funded and based in San Francisco, US, and Graz, Austria, Europe's computer vision hub.

3 Mathematical Laws Data Scientists Need To Know - KDnuggets


While a Data Scientist works with data as their main activity, it doesn't mean that mathematical knowledge is something we do not need. Data scientists need to learn and understand the mathematical theory behind machine learning to efficiently solving business problems. The mathematics behind machine learning is not just a random notation thrown here and there, but it consists of many theories and thoughts. This thought creates a lot of mathematical laws that contribute to the machine learning we can use right now. Although you could use the mathematics in any way you want to solve the problem, mathematical laws are not limited to machine learning after all.

Don't leave mopping out of spring cleaning. Save $50 on iRobot's robot mop instead.


Save $50: The iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop is on sale for $399.99 -- a discount that matches its lowest price ever at Amazon. Mopping should be an integral part of everyone's spring cleaning, but it's often a step that gets ignored. It's much easier to pretend like we're *not* stepping on dried bottom-of-shoe gunk with our bare feet. No one wants to mop manually, let alone get on their knees to scrub. A robot mop like iRobot's Braava Jet M6 picks up where a robot vacuum leaves off, and you can grab it for its lowest price ever at Amazon of $399.99.

Senior Fullstack Engineer: Greenfield Machine Learning Initiatives


Those in Single Engineer Groups (SEG) at GitLab work in the engineering department to initiate a planned or minimal maturity category into the GitLab project. The MLOps single engineer group has a focus on MLOps, which will be focused on enabling data teams to build, test, and deploy their machine learning models. This will be net new functionality within GitLab and will bridge the gap between DataOps teams, data scientists, and development teams to get data science workloads deployed to production.

How Tesla Uses Advanced AI to Innovate Self-Driving Cars - TechAcute


The future of self-driving cars may be nearer than you think. Vehicle manufacturers across the globe are trying to develop self-driving systems to keep human drivers safe. To make a car that can drive itself, however, you need to give it the means to "see" the road. AI systems have faster reflexes than humans, but that doesn't mean much if they can't recognize potential hazards. Different manufacturers take various approaches to this problem, but most incorporate LiDAR.

Bring AI workloads to your data with the launch of IBM Cloud Pak for Data with IBM Cloud Satellite - Journey to AI Blog


AI technologies have the power to deliver critical business insights, but maintenance and implementation can dramatically drain organizational resources. Rather than worrying about maintaining complex analytics and AI tools, business leaders are looking to take actions on the insights those technologies bring. Today, we announce the upcoming general availability of IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service with IBM Cloud Satellite. IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service provides integrated data and AI services that simplify and deliver a unified analytics experience across distributed cloud environments. Fully managed on the IBM Cloud, the solution provides data and AI governance and is scalable to your business needs.

6 Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in E-Commerce


Mostly warehouse management of such giants remains an issue in daily operations. Amazon, as of now has more than 15,000 robots active for their warehouse management. The use of mobile robots for order fulfillment is a new trend to meets the logistic expectations of customers. Logistic companies like XPO are addressing warehouse issues through robotics. The operational efficiency of any organization can be achieved by opting for RPA.

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