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Who will win the self-driving race? Here are eight possibilities


The self-driving technology industry is in a strange state right now. A number of companies have been pouring millions of dollars into self-driving technology for years, and many of them have prototype self-driving vehicles that seem to work. Yet I know of only one company--Waymo--that has launched a fully driverless commercial taxi service. And I only know of one company--Nuro--that's running a driverless commercial delivery service on public roads. You'd expect these companies to be capitalizing on their early leads by expanding rapidly, but neither seems to be doing that.

How cyber criminals use artificial intelligence to manipulate human behavior


Artificial intelligence is within everyone's reach, once again, one might say. Service providers of all kinds are integrating the appropriate technologies into their security solutions. But how much are cyber criminals and how far are they, especially when it comes to phishing? Cyber criminals have been using all technical means for years to automate their actions as much as possible, including avoiding being followed by law enforcement. One of the most effective and easiest way to infect an IT system is phishing email.

AI Market Forces, Data Strategy and Data Governance


Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, changing our lives and pushing boundaries. AI is indeed now smarter and embedded in more and more devices, such as toothbrushes, refrigerators, and thermostats, than ever before. How about a smart toilet that provides a rapid, daily health check and screening readout! Now, this may sound like an extreme example of TMI (too much information) but consider the positive implications. In a way, it makes total sense, as using the toilet daily is something that we humans all have in common.

Advancing Machine Learning With DevOps


Allowing failure is one of the most basic prerequisites for innovation. If you are not prepared to fail, you will not be able to create anything new. As the German CTO of a Japanese IT service provider with a strong culture focused on innovation, I myself am deeply convinced of this. However, if only one of ten machine learning projects ever go live, something is definitely wrong. After all, machine learning is one of the central applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and the basis of numerous future technologies such as autonomous driving, smart cities, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

These Fitbit trackers are on sale for up to 31% off amid rumors of a new model


Apple isn't the only brand rumored to be working on a new wearable this spring, apparently: The German tech site WinFuture (via 9to5Google) just published images of the so-called Fitbit Luxe, which looks to be a high-end fitness tracker with a stainless steel case and an upgraded OLED screen. Fitbit itself has yet to speak on this goss, much less announce a release date for the Luxe, but "the depth of the leak suggests it's coming soon," says Engadget. Fitbit came out with four new fitness trackers last year, so we have high hopes for its 2021 lineup. Speaking of: If you don't feel like waiting around for "soon," now's not a bad time to grab one of Fitbit's (still very good) 2019 or 2020 releases. Walmart had a few of them on sale at the time of writing, saving you as much as 31% off their retail prices.

Tesla crash: investigators '100% sure' no one driving car in fatal Texas incident

The Guardian

Federal safety regulators have sent a team to investigate the fatal crash of a Tesla electric car in a Houston suburb in which no one was behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Monday it had sent a special crash investigation team to Spring, Texas. Investigators are "100% sure" no one was driving the 2019 Tesla Model S on Saturday night when it ran off a road, hit a tree and burst into flames, killing two men inside, Constable Mark Herman of Harris county precinct four said. One man was found in the front passenger seat and the other was in the back seat. KHOU-TV reported that the car was a 2019 Tesla Model S, and the men were aged 59 and 69.

Global Big Data Conference


A new course offered by AWS offers business leaders a foundational understanding of machine learning and its use cases without the need for a deep understanding of Python and coding. On one hand, organizations recognize the potential value of machine learning to scale operations, gain faster and deeper insights, respond to quickly changing conditions, and more. On the other hand, it's hard to get started on something that is novel to your organization. You may not have the talent in-house, and you don't have any experience. What's more, even for those organizations that have run successful pilots, many have struggled to move those pilots into production for a variety of reasons.

Winning The AI-Enabled War-at-Sea


DARPA's Ocean of Things (OoT) program aims to achieve maritime situational awareness over large ocean areas through deploying thousands of small, low-cost floats that form a distributed sensor network. Each smart float will have a suite of commercially available sensors to collect environmental and activity data; the later function involves automatically detecting, tracking and identifying nearby ships and – potentially – close aircraft traffic. The floats use edge processing with detection algorithms and then transmit the semi-processed data periodically via the Iridium satellite constellation to a cloud network for on-shore storage. AI machine learning then combs through this sparse data in real time to uncover hidden insights. The floats are environmentally friendly, have a life of around a year and in buys of 50,000 have a unit cost of about US$500 each.

Deep Learning Tutorial for Beginners: A [Step-by-Step] Guide


Deep Learning is a subdivision of machine learning that imitates the working of a human brain with the help of artificial neural networks. It is useful in processing Big Data and can create important patterns that provide valuable insight into important decision making. The manual labeling of unsupervised data is time-consuming and expensive. DeepLearning tutorials help to overcome this with the help of highly sophisticated algorithms that provide essential insights by analyzing and cumulating the data. Deep Learning leverages the different layers of neural networks that enable learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Tomorrow's Smart Cities - Data Aided Design


You are sitting alone in a moving vehicle crossing the main square, it is a warm day, and the vehicle is silent. It speeds quickly on the wide street. An automated voice speaks: – According to the average data, your pulse has an irregular rate. Your body temperature is higher than normal; it is advised you book a doctor's appointment. I will remind you 30 minutes before. Imagine a city built for people to live more connected, where AI can help us in our daily life and check our health status.