Square's Head of AI Explains How Machine Learning Is Changing Commerce


Square's merchant products have become popular among small business owners. Machine learning is everywhere these days, and finance is no different. Both large banking institutions and scrappy startups are attempting to "disrupt" money with artificial intelligence (AI), collectively helping make AI an integral part of the industry's future. As the head of the commerce platform machine learning team at Square Inc., Marsal Gavalda helps lead the technical aspects of the Jack Dorsey-founded payments platform. Gavalda and his team apply machine learning and automation to Square's payment products, which in recent years have aimed to revolutionize the way merchants conduct transactions.

Outback Steakhouse Pilots Machine Learning Tech


At multiple restaurants operated by one of its franchisees, Outback Steakhouse is testing machine learning (ML) technology from Presto. The test is focused on the restaurant lobby, but could grow to the kitchen, curbside pickup and dining room areas, CNBC reported. Presto Founder and CEO Rajat Suri said the technology assists restaurants in fixing blind spots, noting that "managers can't be everywhere at all times." Cameras capture and analyze the actions of waiters, hosts and customers to bolster diner satisfaction. The technology can track cleanliness (or lack thereof) of lobbies, extended wait times and the number of diners who leave without being acknowledged or shown to a table.

Top 5 Tech Trends to be 'Ahead of All' Insights Success


The new-age technologies are changing the overall scenario of the business world and defining the true essence of'Innovation'. These technologies are changing the workspace functionalities and client engagements alongside rolling out a vast array of opportunities for the youngsters of today and tomorrow. From banking to healthcare, these technology advancements are taking the center stage and helping every sector to withstand the changing times. The way of doing business is changing and so is the career space. It is an era where tech-trends are redefining entrepreneurship to its best.

How a top 5 Bank uses machine learning to detect fictious identities


From opening a bank account to applying for a mortgage, millions of people submit applications to thousands of banks around the world every day. Processing these applications and ensuring that the people applying are legitimate customers is a daunting challenge – a challenge that is compounded by the rapid digitalization of bank services. Mobile banking has all but replaced in-branch visits, and applying for a loan now only takes a few clicks. In this era of unprecedented digital access, banks must rapidly innovate to meet the current and future demands of their customers. As such, banks have prioritized rolling out slick online experiences that outshine their competitors.

AI and machine learning could goose home security and monitoring sector--report


Do-it-yourself security systems will cause some shifts in the residential security market as more than two million broadband homes will have a self-monitored system by year's end. According to research by Parks Associates, 23% of the self-monitored systems are fee-based with an average cost this year of $9 per month while 22% also include home control. By 2024, the average monthly fees will slide down to $8.50 while 34% will have home control add-on services. Home security systems seemed cutting edge when they were first introduced, but now the market is flooded with options that are available from the likes of ADT, AT&T, Ring, Comcast, and even chain hardware stores. In order to better cash-in on home security services, Parks said the industry needs to find new drivers for the homes that currently don't have such services.

EPAM named a Diamond Global Business Partner of UiPath - European Business Association


EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that it has been named a Diamond Global Business Partner of UiPath, an enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. EPAM and UiPath's partnership will enable its joint customers to increase efficiencies and improve customer experience by leveraging intelligent automation (IA) solutions and UiPath's RPA platform. Forrester recently predicted that, in 2019, automation would become the tip of the digital transformation spear. While early automation implementations focused on cost optimization, this new wave will achieve multiple goals, including driving both customer and employee experience, changing the nature of work, and even empowering the next generation of startup companies. With more than 10 years of business process management, robotics and cognitive expertise, EPAM has over 100 certified UiPath advanced developers as part of its team of more than 700 machine learning and RPA engineers.

Leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in the Coatings Industry - American Coatings Association


Digitalization is occurring across all manufacturing industries, and the coatings sector is no exception. The quantity of data that can be leveraged to improve all business activities--from new product development to production to customer service--is increasing dramatically. The challenge is to determine where and how to apply technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) and how to make the data on hand relevant to the problem or question of interest. These questions and others were considered by members of the coatings value chain and their insights are presented below. What types of Big Data can be leveraged by the coatings industry to facilitate research, development, and innovation in general? Sapper, Cal Poly: We need to be asking three questions when it comes to data needs in our industry. What data do we have? What data do we need? And what questions are we trying to answer? A lot of valuable data already exists, but it is tied up in reports, published literature, or subject matter expertise. The data is there, but not collected in a way that allows helpful artificial intelligence and machine learning projects to be performed. Understanding what type of data is needed for a particular project is the first step in identifying where that data might already exist.

How Data Science, Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Is Boosting Online Diwali Sales - Analytics Jobs


With the festive time of the year, everyone is going crazy about the mind-blowing sales going on in Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon India Great India Festival Sale. Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana or the triumph of good over evil. However, for businesses in India, Diwali is the go-to make money festival. It is known as the big Indian Festive Season with eye-popping deals on from apparel, add-ons, shoes, consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture and also traveling. But did we ever imagined, how these e-commerce companies have prepared for these big sale days or how their courier partners are ensuring that last-mile delivery to the customers?

Inside KLM's pioneering approach to artificial intelligence and new technology


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world's oldest international airline still operating under its original name. On its 100th anniversary, FTE spoke to Daan Debie, Director Engineering & Architecture, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, who outlined how the airline has embraced innovation through its "pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit". Indeed, KLM's vigorous digital transformation strategy is largely due to recognising and leveraging the advantages of modern technology. Debie, who will speak in the Premium Conference at FTE-APEX Asia EXPO 2019 (12-13 November, Singapore), explains: "Digital transformation does not just mean replacing paper with apps. For us it means getting the right information to the right people at the right time to enable well-informed decision-making in an increasingly complex environment, supported by digital tooling. "Key to this is to be truly data-driven, working from a single-source-of-truth and applying cutting-edge technology and algorithms to make sense of the complex operations." KLM is currently investing heavily in building automated decision-making tools to improve operations. In June last year, the airline embarked on a unique partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which has the potential to "revolutionise global airline operations". The project is a result of a close collaboration between KLM Operations Decision Support and Operations frontline teams, BCG's consulting team, and members of BCG Gamma, an artificial intelligence and advanced analytics entity of data scientists, data engineers and software developers, who have developed a solution based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced optimisation that addresses all elements of the airline operations, while having a positive impact on customer experience and operating costs. With these tools, KLM and other airlines will be able to tackle the most complex decisions pertaining to fleet, crew, ground services and network, with a focus on breaking down the typical silos across these departments. Earlier this year, Brazilian low-cost carrier GOL became the first airline customer of the KLM-BCG joint venture which will help GOL deliver better on-time performance to its customers while maintaining low costs. As Director Engineering & Architecture for the Department of Operations Decision Support (ODS) at KLM, Debie is responsible for creating and maintaining a cohesive overall architecture and technological vision for the products and platforms developed at ODS, but also for other clients within the partnership between KLM and BCG. "I help teams within ODS and BCG/KLM teams at Partnership clients to build their products in accordance with the architectural vision," he explains. "Additionally, I'm responsible for ensuring that we maintain high engineering standards in our development efforts.

Sky's the limit! Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing officially begins service in Virginia

Daily Mail - Science & tech

After years of development, Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing is officially open for business. The company announced the beginning of service for residents of Christiansburg, Virginia, who will be able to order over-the-counter medication, snacks, and other small items and have them airlifted straight to their homes by a drone. Initially, Wing will deliver goods on behalf of three partner companies with FedEx, Walgreens, and Super Magnolia, a local Virginia grocery store chain. After years of preparation, Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing has officially begun operations in Christiansburg, Virginia The company made the announcement via a blog post on Medium and included a video showing how the delivery service will work. The FAA approved Alphabet's drone delivery program in March, and the company announced it's plans for'store to door' of more than 100 products in Virginia last September.