NUWC Division Newport engineer achieves work-life balance by helping others during emergencies


In 2012, when artificial intelligence and its subset machine learning became successful, companies began basing their products on machine learning.

Lucd Partners with AI Satellitez to improve customer experience for model creation in the Enterprise


Lucd, an Enterprise AI platform and solution services company, today announced it has partnered with AI Satellitez, whose mission is to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning models to businesses to optimize their operations. Lucd's Enterprise Artificial Intelligence platform provides digital transformation through the responsible use of data. Utilizing intellectual property combined with leading technologies and tools to form a complete open platform, Lucd enables all businesses to take advantage of the fast-moving AI market to gain a competitive advantage. "At Lucd, we are excited about our partnership with AI Satellitez as they provide best in class model creation capabilities that enhance the customer experience, driving business transformation with unique use cases for our customers," said John Leschorn, COO and Co-Founder at Lucd. "AI Satellitez is excited to partner with Lucd as they offer the best in class platform to run custom Machine Learning and Data Analytics models that we build for our clients. Their unique offer of a secure and compliant platform for our customers to store data and run models is a competitive advantage for us all," said Sam Reagin, VP of Sales for AI Satellitez.

Software Engineer, Machine Learning in Tokyo - Mercari, Inc.


Mercari is a marketplace app that makes it easy for people to safely sell and ship their things. Launched in 2013, the Mercari app has been downloaded over 100M times in Japan and the US. From fashion to toys, shoes to electronics and beyond, Mercari's mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell. Though we have over 1,800 employees, we still have a startup culture, where we encourage people to come up with big, crazy ideas, and to not be afraid of failure. Because the company is rapidly growing, you can set your own path, and there is enough transparency to allow our members to do so.

Teaching Vehicles to Anticipate: A Systematic Study on Probabilistic Behavior Prediction using Large Data Sets


Observations of traffic participants and their environment enable humans to drive road vehicles safely. However, when being driven, there is a notable difference between having a non-experienced vs. an experienced driver. One may get the feeling, that the latter one anticipates what may happen in the next few moments and considers these foresights in his driving behavior. To make the driving style of automated vehicles comparable to a human driver in the sense of comfort and perceived safety, the aforementioned anticipation skills need to become a built-in feature of self-driving vehicles. This article provides a systematic comparison of methods and strategies to generate this intention for self-driving cars using machine learning techniques.

How Deep Learning and AI is Changing the Sports Industry? -


Deep learning technology has impacted almost every other industry. Deep Learning is helping businesses associated with sports to expand. From NHL to MLB, NBA, NFL, and NASCAR, almost every major sports league in U.S.A is now incorporating AI to expand its business. According to Statista, the North American sports market is predicted to reach $80.3 billion in 2022. The revenue may come from merchandising, gate revenue, media rights, and sponsorships.

Sky's the limit! Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing officially begins service in Virginia

Daily Mail - Science & tech

After years of development, Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing is officially open for business. The company announced the beginning of service for residents of Christiansburg, Virginia, who will be able to order over-the-counter medication, snacks, and other small items and have them airlifted straight to their homes by a drone. Initially, Wing will deliver goods on behalf of three partner companies with FedEx, Walgreens, and Super Magnolia, a local Virginia grocery store chain. After years of preparation, Alphabet's drone delivery service Wing has officially begun operations in Christiansburg, Virginia The company made the announcement via a blog post on Medium and included a video showing how the delivery service will work. The FAA approved Alphabet's drone delivery program in March, and the company announced it's plans for'store to door' of more than 100 products in Virginia last September.

The symbiosis of RPA and machine learning


Software bots can successfully automate routine and repetitive tasks to increase business productivity, but on their own, are unable to provide depth or insight into what tasks are actually being performed. Using the latest in machine learning, robotic process automation is breathing new life into bot capabilities and opening up new doors for enhanced business productivity. Across the enterprise, robotic process automation (RPA) is increasingly handling routine and time-consuming tasks and challenging how businesses operate. This form of digital transformation is already showing a significant return on investment for early adopters, and the switch from legacy business systems to the integration of RPA technology allows enterprises to become more competitive, efficient and flexible. In the past, RPA tools were successful at executing specifically defined tasks, but limited in the sense that they could not adjust to changing conditions or learn from experience.