iPhones today, Alexa Wednesday and more to come this holiday

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The new iPhones are in stores now. With their release, the 2019 tech buying season has officially begun. Facebook released its fall hardware lineup on Wednesday, and Roku updated its streaming player offeringsThursday. Meanwhile, Amazon is set for this upcoming Wednesday, and Google and Microsoft have October events lined up. The e-tailer will host press next week at its Seattle headquarters, where the company is expected to introduce several new Amazon Echo speakers and other products.

Comprehensive TensorFlow.js Example


First I will walk you through the app functionality and then will dive into implementation details. This app implements a business report execution time prediction use case (this time in JavaScript), which was explained in my previous post -- Report Time Execution Prediction with Keras and TensorFlow. For the model training, I'm using 50 epochs (data is processed in batches of 10) and the learning rate is set to 0.001. Neural Network is based on two processing layers and one output layer. Model is trained to forecast the expected wait time for business report execution.

r/MachineLearning - [Discussion] Google patent "GENERATING AUDIO USING NEURAL NETWORKS"


This specification describes how a system implemented as computer programs on one or more computers in one or more locations can generate a sequence of audio data that includes a respective audio sample at each of multiple time steps . For example, the sequence of audio data can represent speech in a particular natural language or a piece of music.

Ahead of 2020, Beware the Deepfake


"We are crossing over into an era where we have to be skeptical of what we see on video," says John Villasenor, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Villasenor is talking about deepfakes--videos that are digitally manipulated in imperceptible ways, often using a machine-learning technique that superimposes existing images or audio onto source material. The technology's verisimilitude is alarming, Villasenor argues, because it undermines our perception of truth and could have disastrous consequences for the upcoming U.S. presidential election. "I do think deepfakes are going to be a feature of the 2020 elections in some way," Villasenor says. "And their shadow will be long."

13 Smart Areas AI Can Be Used For In Almost Any Business


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that most business owners have already heard of, even if they haven't researched the technology deeply. AI has the potential to change the face of business in fundamental ways. Because of its innate flexibility, AI presents a wide range of potential applications that almost any business can leverage to make itself more efficient. There are already companies that have started using AI to make their processes more productive and reduce their costs for both material sourcing and labor. Thirteen experts from Forbes Technology Council take a look at how the smartest business owners of today are employing AI and how it helps those businesses succeed at what they do.

Maria Bartiromo talks artificial intelligence, the dot-com crash and why she'll never retire


Maria Bartiromo has been covering business news for 30 years, and she's got her eye on the next big wave: artificial intelligence. The Fox Business Network anchor, who recently re-signed with the network for a multiyear deal, is releasing an hour-long investigative documentary about artificial intelligence. The segment, which has been in the works for a year now, includes interviews with chief executive officers of major companies including IBM IBM, -0.76% and Ford. Fox News parent company Fox Corp FOXA, 0.72% was previously owned by MarketWatch parent News Corp NWS, -0.21%. Artificial intelligence isn't just making demands to Siri on Apple's iPhones, AAPL, -1.46% or telling your Google GOOG, -0.71% email inbox to identify spam.

Search Engine Founder says Artificial Intelligence cannot be created


Every day, there is a new report, news item, scientific publication where some company or the other, some research team, some start up claims to have launched a product built with Artificial Intelligence, or to have achieved a breakthrough in this field, or promises a new product which will change the entire field. Unfortunately, the term Artificial Intelligence or AI for short, has to be the most over abused term by scientists, computer programmers, start up entrepreneurs and the tech media alike. It is still in close competition with the term Big Data, though. My name is Sukhbir Benipal and i am the founder and creator of the e commerce search engine benipal.com, I have been working in this field for over 5 years and tried endlessly, at various points even believing i had a breakthrough, until one day when Hurricane Sandy hit Manhattan, and with no power, heat or running hot water, finally realizing i was so wrong, on all counts.

The Mystical Side of A.I.


Let's put aside for a moment the metaphysical question of whether the divine exists or not. Blaise Pascal, the philosopher and author of the "wager" argument, says that there's evidence for both sides, but nothing that tips the scales completely for or against the existence of God. Let's approach this as Pascalian agnostics. What if Siri really did make a deeper-than-5G connection? Pascal himself once had a mystical experience he couldn't put into words, so he wrote a few words on a piece of paper.

Artificial intelligence: Machines learning means you earning


To judge from business book bestseller lists and recent popular conference topics, the question'how can artificial intelligence (AI) improve the way we work?' has become a major topic of interest in today's economy--and in the field of IP law, too. Clear trends are now emerging on how lawyers should be adopting these technologies to improve performance--and success stories abound. For example, many trademark professionals report having used AI to completely reimagine their traditional work processes, with positive effects. Today's programmers are using many different AI techniques--including expert systems, machine learning, deep learning neural networks, natural language processing, and voice and image recognition--to drive better business performance. AI is evolving very quickly and proving very valuable, across many different industries and in the field of law.

Digitization! The Next Step In Reforming The Education Industry


Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family"- Kofi Annan Education is the backbone of every society and education must be made available to everyone. To ensure this we have to modify the traditional method of learning and adopt new technologies in this field. Digitization is turning as an aid in accomplishing the same, it had made learning electronic and widen its availability to 24 7. Anybody with internet access can learn anything at any time, the boundaries to education have been destructed. Technologies in the education sector are changing the methodology for both educators and modern-day learners. People are adopting new methods other than just bookish learning and prefer a more realistic learning experience. Digitization has brought drastic changes in the education sector nationally and globally. Let us see what various personalities have viewpoints on the same. "Yes to some extent digitization can help today's industrial age education industry in reaching the unreachable population of the country, that said, reform is only possible when the education system is rebooted to focus on the needs of the 21st century and beyond.