Nintendo suspends Switch game console shipments

The Japan Times

Kyoto – Japan's Nintendo Co. has suspended domestic shipments of its popular Nintendo Switch video game console due to a production delay caused by the coronavirus outbreak, company officials said Wednesday. Nintendo has yet to decide when to resume shipments. The company will continue Nintendo Switch shipments for customers who had placed orders and European and U.S. markets, where sufficient inventories are available. It has also halted domestic shipments of the Switch Lite portable game machine. Nintendo outsources production of the game consoles to plants in China and Vietnam.

NASA reveals plan to create a radio telescope on the farside of the Moon

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A lunar crater on the farside of the Moon could be turned into a new radio telescope resembling the Death Star from Star Wars, under new plans from NASA. Funding for the project has come from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Programme, designed to support potentially game changing projects. If the telescope is ever built it would be the largest open radio telescope in the solar system, according to the NASA team behind the idea. The space agency says putting a radio telescope on the Moon presents'tremendous advantages' compared to Earth-based or Earth-orbiting telescopes. In this image you can see the concept of a mesh of wire covering the inside of the crater which would be installed by robots.

Party On, Online: Virtual Beer Pong Becomes An Emotional Lifeline For Workers

NPR Technology

That's the cat using a litter box," Dunlap explains. That's where Dunlap works and parties. He dials into weekly happy hours at Blumont, an international humanitarian group where Dunlap is director of business development. In recent weeks, dirty piles of laundry, pets chasing balls, curious babies and automated Roomba vacuum cleaners have all made cameos during video happy hour. "We had another colleague who showed us her vegetable garden; she's probably best situated, as a prepper," Dunlap says.

When adopting machine learning, people are as important as technology - Cloudera Blog


A secret to adopting machine learning that has nothing to do with the actual technology. Machine learning has the potential to transform your business. To automate processes, uncover new insights, make your products and services better, and customers happier. Integrating the capability into your organization requires operational transformation and lots (and lots) of experimentation. But, you know this already.

Artificial Intelligence could help diagnose COVID-19 using X-RAYS IAM Network


Developers at the Oxford-based data-visualisation company, Zegami, have created a machine learning model that can diagnose the virus from the images. Will Artificial Intelligence replace writers? How can Artificial Intelligence learn from Experience?

Webinar: Predicting symptomatic COVID-19


ZOE and King's College data science and machine learning teams have been working around the clock to create a machine learning model that uses Symptom Tracker data to predict COVID-19 in the UK. Based on data from the COVID Symptom Tracker app and the assumptions that we lay out below, we estimate that there are a total of 1.9m people in the UK with symptomatic COVID (aged 20-69 only) as of 1st April 2020. Jonathan Wolf, CEO of ZOE explains the model in our webinar below. You can find a daily feed of maps here. We used machine learning* on this data to learn which symptoms are most predictive of a positive test.

Putting machine learning into a database -- Linear Digressions


Most data scientists bounce back and forth regularly between doing analysis in databases using SQL and building and deploying machine learning pipelines in R or python. But if we think ahead a few years, a few visionary researchers are starting to see a world in which the ML pipelines can actually be deployed inside the database. One strong advantage for databases is they have built-in features for data governance, including things like permissioning access and tracking the provenance of data. Adding machine learning as another thing you can do in a database means that, potentially, these enterprise-grade features will be available for ML models too, which will make them much more widely accepted across enterprises with tight IT policies. The papers this week articulate the gap between enterprise needs and current ML infrastructure, how ML in a database could be a way to knit the two closer together, and a proof-of-concept that ML in a database can actually work.



There are 10 videos totaling 4.5 hours, and each video has a corresponding Jupyter notebook. Here's the detailed list of topics that I cover in the series. Due to changes in the scikit-learn API, a small percentage of the code shown in the videos is out-of-date. However, the code in the Jupyter notebooks is all up-to-date. Take my online course, Machine Learning with Text in Python.

The World's Autonomous Mobile Robots Industry, 2020-2030 - Increasing Demand for Automation Solutions and Flourishing e-Commerce Industry IAM Network


The "Autonomous Mobile Robots Market Research Report: By Offering, End User – Global Industry Size, Share and Trends Analysis, Forecast to 2030" report has been added to's offering. The artist with the remote-controlled robotic body: 'I've made a career out of being a failure'