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Verint - APAC on LinkedIn: #IVA #AI #CX


Verint is proud to announce that in recent times Opus Research, Kisaco Research and DMG Consulting LLC have all officially recognised our #IVA solution as a market leader for its innovative #AI technology, open integration, scalability and customer satisfaction. Learn more on how to transform your #CX with our Intelligent Virtual Assistant that uses #AI and #machinelearning here

Pinaki Laskar on LinkedIn: #AI #bigdata #Software


What is GLOBAL HUMAN-MACHINE SUPER INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM? Human and machine powers are most productively harnessed by designing hybrid human-machine super intelligence cyber-physical networks in which each party complements each other's strengths, counter balances each other's weaknesses.

PyTorch Tabular – A Framework for Deep Learning for Tabular Data


It is common knowledge that Gradient Boosting models, more often than not, kick the asses of every other machine learning models when it comes to Tabular Data. I have written extensively about Gradient Boosting, the theory behind and covered the different implementations like XGBoost, LightGBM, CatBoost, NGBoost etc. in detail. The unreasonable effectiveness of Deep Learning that was displayed in many other modalities – like text and image- haven not been demonstrated in tabular data. But lately, the deep learning revolution have shifted a little bit of focus to the tabular world and as a result, we are seeing new architectures and models which was designed specifically for tabular data modality. And many of them are coming up as an equivalent or even slightly better than well-tuned Gradient Boosting models.

Maxar Technologies BrandVoice: Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Solve Complex Challenges


Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized industries and our daily lives; they help video-streaming services predict which movies we'd like to watch, allow credit card companies to identify fraudulent transactions and enable navigation apps to find the fastest routes to our destinations. For geospatial applications, AI and ML can identify objects and patterns automatically and derive meaningful insights from satellite imagery in hours--a task that previously would have required teams of analysts and months of effort. With these tools, we can gain insights about any spot on the globe, identify where things are changing most quickly and find patterns that have never before been visible in data. In machine learning, a form of AI, computer programs improve through experience, accessing data and using it to learn for themselves. Algorithms with richer data will become more effective in nature.

Into the Future: Tel Aviv University Launches New Artificial Intelligence Center

#artificialintelligence – Tel Aviv University has launched its new Multidisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on Wednesday during the university's AI Week to encourage research that uses the most advanced methods of both disciples. The center's aim is to train a new generation of researchers and industrialists who will take Israel to the forefront of the "global AI revolution" in the coming years. "[AI] is expected to impact our way of life in every aspect--from drug development and data-based personalized medicine to defense and security systems, financial systems, scientific discoveries, robotics, autonomous systems and social issues," said Professor Meir Feder, who will head up the center. "It is very important to train human capital in this area, and therefore, the center will provide all TAU students with basic AI education," he added. Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said on Saturday his "initial assessment" was that Iran was responsible for an explosion on...

How AI Can Save the World, or Not - InformationWeek


Once just science fiction, the use of artificial intelligence is taking hold across industries and governments in a multitude of use cases. But these days we're not so much worried about being overthrown by our robot minions like in so many movies. Rather, there are bigger questions that impact our lives today. For instance, how and when should we share data for the greater good and when should we keep it for proprietary uses? Are particular artificial intelligence use cases, like facial recognition, ethical?

Build your own video games with this interactive Unity training bundle


TL;DR: The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle is on sale for £32.25 as of Feb. 28, saving you 98% on list price. Last year might've sucked big time, but it was actually a great year for gaming. A couple shiny new consoles came out, as well as a treasure trove of new games. Major studios had some big releases -- like Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Square Enix's FFVII Remake -- but the biggest standouts of the year were the indie gems. In fact, Among Us, a charming indie party game of teamwork and betrayal, ranked high on many lists as one of the best games of 2020.

Google Creates New SOTA Text-Image Generation Framework


Deep neural networks based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have enabled end-to-end trainable photorealistic text-to-image generation. Researchers have also developed methods designed to increase user control over the process, such as dialogue-based methods that enable inputting instructions to designate the relative positions of objects in a generated scene. However, the language that can be used in these processes is restricted, and the generated images are limited to synthetic 3D visualizations or cartoons. A team from Google Research has targeted these text-to-image shortcomings with a new system called Tag-Retrieve-Compose Synthesize (TReCS), which exploits both user text and mouse traces. The method is proposed in the recent paper Text-to-Image Generation Grounded by Fine-Grained User Attention.

Is Machine Learning The Quantum Physics Of Computer Science? - The Tech Trend


"God doesn't play dice with the universe," Albert Einstein is reported to have said about the field of Quantum Physics. He was referring to the fantastic split at the time from the physics community between general relativity and quantum physics. General relativity was a concept that beautifully explained a lot of physical phenomena in a deterministic fashion. Meanwhile, the quantum physics grew from a version which fundamentally had a probabilistic view of the world. Since Einstein made that announcement in the mid-1950s, quantum physics has proven to be quite a durable theory, and in actuality, it is employed in a variety of applications such as semiconductors.

Make predictions with AutoML ONNX Model in .NET - Azure Machine Learning


In this sample, the pipeline is defined and used within the same application. However, it is recommended that you use separate applications to define and use your pipeline to make predictions. In ML.NET your pipelines can be serialized and saved for further use in other .NET end-user applications. ML.NET supports various deployment targets such as desktop applications, web services, WebAssembly applications*, and many more. To learn more about saving pipelines, see the ML.NET save and load trained models guide.