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The Future of AI Is Decentralized


Artificial intelligence is a commodity. Consequently, it has pushed computational costs up by 300x and increased the amount of researchers in the field 10x in the last 10 years³. Researchers make incremental changes to create more powerful and generalizable models by building on previous ones. However, the intelligence produced by these models is always lost, as users have to re-train these models on their own systems to replicate them. Additionally, any value found by a combination of models working on the same modality (for example: text data, image data, etc.) is also lost.



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Concerning fake videos of Tom Cruise pop up on TikTok


However, the latest videos of the movie star are not actually of him. The 58-year-old actor is seen in the videos doing simple things like magic tricks, telling jokes and playing golf, but account user @deeptomcruise is actually using "deepfakes" to get Tom Cruise's face in the video. A TikTok account of Tom Cruise has popped up … but there's a twist. The user is using "deepfakes", manipulated AI technology. Deepfakes are manipulated AI technology that can mimic people's faces in videos.

[P] Talk with AI! (Easy to use, DialoGPT)


I'm bored with nothing to do on the weekend, so I developed a package that makes it easy to access the DialoGPT-based open domain chatbot and wrote. As shown in the picture, three lines of code allow you to communicate with artificial intelligence and provide various options changes and automatic history management. If you want to talk to artificial intelligence, install it and use it!

Deep Learning to Quantify Pulmonary Edema in Chest Radiographs


"Just Accepted" papers have undergone full peer review and have been accepted for publication in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. This article will undergo copyediting, layout, and proof review before it is published in its final version. Please note that during production of the final copyedited article, errors may be discovered which could affect the content. To develop a machine learning model to classify the severity grades of pulmonary edema on chest radiographs. In this retrospective study, 369,071 chest radiographs and associated radiology reports from 64,581 (mean age, 51.71; 54.51% women) patients from the MIMIC-CXR chest radiograph dataset were included.

Verint - APAC on LinkedIn: #IVA #AI #CX


Verint is proud to announce that in recent times Opus Research, Kisaco Research and DMG Consulting LLC have all officially recognised our #IVA solution as a market leader for its innovative #AI technology, open integration, scalability and customer satisfaction. Learn more on how to transform your #CX with our Intelligent Virtual Assistant that uses #AI and #machinelearning here

Pinaki Laskar on LinkedIn: #AI #bigdata #Software


What is GLOBAL HUMAN-MACHINE SUPER INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM? Human and machine powers are most productively harnessed by designing hybrid human-machine super intelligence cyber-physical networks in which each party complements each other's strengths, counter balances each other's weaknesses.

PyTorch Tabular – A Framework for Deep Learning for Tabular Data


It is common knowledge that Gradient Boosting models, more often than not, kick the asses of every other machine learning models when it comes to Tabular Data. I have written extensively about Gradient Boosting, the theory behind and covered the different implementations like XGBoost, LightGBM, CatBoost, NGBoost etc. in detail. The unreasonable effectiveness of Deep Learning that was displayed in many other modalities – like text and image- haven not been demonstrated in tabular data. But lately, the deep learning revolution have shifted a little bit of focus to the tabular world and as a result, we are seeing new architectures and models which was designed specifically for tabular data modality. And many of them are coming up as an equivalent or even slightly better than well-tuned Gradient Boosting models.

Maxar Technologies BrandVoice: Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Solve Complex Challenges


Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized industries and our daily lives; they help video-streaming services predict which movies we'd like to watch, allow credit card companies to identify fraudulent transactions and enable navigation apps to find the fastest routes to our destinations. For geospatial applications, AI and ML can identify objects and patterns automatically and derive meaningful insights from satellite imagery in hours--a task that previously would have required teams of analysts and months of effort. With these tools, we can gain insights about any spot on the globe, identify where things are changing most quickly and find patterns that have never before been visible in data. In machine learning, a form of AI, computer programs improve through experience, accessing data and using it to learn for themselves. Algorithms with richer data will become more effective in nature.

Into the Future: Tel Aviv University Launches New Artificial Intelligence Center

#artificialintelligence – Tel Aviv University has launched its new Multidisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on Wednesday during the university's AI Week to encourage research that uses the most advanced methods of both disciples. The center's aim is to train a new generation of researchers and industrialists who will take Israel to the forefront of the "global AI revolution" in the coming years. "[AI] is expected to impact our way of life in every aspect--from drug development and data-based personalized medicine to defense and security systems, financial systems, scientific discoveries, robotics, autonomous systems and social issues," said Professor Meir Feder, who will head up the center. "It is very important to train human capital in this area, and therefore, the center will provide all TAU students with basic AI education," he added. Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz said on Saturday his "initial assessment" was that Iran was responsible for an explosion on...